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  1. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    Retired - he’s only mid twenties !!!!
  2. Kilsyth Rangers 2017 / 2018

    What happened to Micheal McGee?
  3. Tucker

    Thats the funniest things I've seen for a long time. If Talbot get rid of him well hell mend them - If they've any sense there is no chance unless he has indicated he'd like a change and then he would not be short of takers. Doesn't matter if the football is great or not he wins things and makes history end of. I've seen them play a few times and yes they are direct but some of their play even if it is long or direct is a joy to watch. Never left one of their games without being impressed.
  4. Opportunities

    Who do you play for Chrissy dodds?
  5. Opportunities

    Hi Wellman, If your serious I would certainly suggest get talking now. For others info he plays in the top division where there are a few ex juniors playing for Greenbank one is David Merriman CB so I would think he would be able to tell him if he's good enough. Pm if you want a contact or two? I'd start nearer the bottom than Clydebank/Pollok etc.
  6. Paul Doyle - Kilsyth Rangers

    Great player watched him a few times over the years and never put a foot wrong.
  7. Replica tops

    Went in a few weeks ago to enquire about a top to send to santa for my 5 year old daughter. To my horror they were trying to charge £30 for a 5 year olds top when it is a rubbishy team wear product costing £14 plus the badge and sponsor which would be under £20 on this web site http://www.3qsports.co.uk/Adidas-Shirts/Adidas-Striped-15-Jersey-Short-Sleeve Wouldn't mind if it was a bespoke top like Gartcairn or Kirkintiloch Rob Roy but any tom dick or harry can get it on the internet. Disappointing to say the least!
  8. Tonites sores scorers

    Agree that it is not the thing to say about a guy who may or may not be earning money to play a sport which he is obviously very talented at regarding wishing an injury on a player but I have no idea the relevance of the statement, "did you play the game" - What does it matter? Seekfedup.
  9. Shettleston

    Come on spit it out we're waiting with baited breathe here!
  10. Watched Pollok a few times including Scottish Cup final and they have had an excellent season. With a few good signings they will definitely be challenging for the title next year and again challenging for the main cups. Brilliant progress made.
  11. Rowan came on later (Midfielder) , Williamson came on later (first choice midfielder) and McLennan came on to play Centre back when Gallager went off in the semi-final. Only player that was a real miss was Longmuir - what injury did he have? Also having 14 players doesn't necessarily mean that there are only 14 fit ones, they could be on holiday, contract ended or work at this level - it is part - time football work comes first. My point is you had first choice guys on the bench including Monti . . . . .
  12. Craig Napier

    Watched twice in the space of 3 days at Shettleston v Kilwinning and it was one of the worst performances I've seen for a long time and I play sat morning football and Talbot v Renfrew at Pollok. Some of the referee performances I've seen are unbelievable - I've done my referees course and then refereed a u16 Queen of the South friendly game many years ago so I know how difficult it is but this guy Napier really takes it to a new level. Hopefully he is found out but unfortunately that may mean we see him again.
  13. Today's scores and updates 16/04/16

    Superb! Well done Beith. Thats what its all about a good bit of harmless banter. How did you like it? - you never said. . . . . . . . . . . Only kidding!!
  14. goal and no goal? v shettleston

    Was it not the game where it all kicked off with Pollok getting a few guys sent off and got beat. There was other incidents also after the game I'm sure it was that game at Newlandsfield. I was at the game and if memory serves me right I was looking for the game. Stand corrected if wrong right enough but we Pollok fans are usually right!!!
  15. Pre season friendlies

    Can anyone list the Thornliewood pre-season friendlies, please. Know about the Newmains on wed 29th July but are there any others arranged before the sectional starts.