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  1. Aberdeen [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  2. Fuckin morons. 50,000 unemployed Celtic fans - who would've thought it?
  3. It won't stop until we can fill it ourselves. And neither it should. What's the point in empty seats when we can get extra cash?
  4. Fantastic- well played Scotland
  5. Need Munsey to hang about for most of the innings I think
  6. Bit of a mismatch. Think that guy just took a wrong turn when he left the pub and ended up in the ring.
  7. Eubank Jr always worth a watch - looks excellent any time I've seen him Edited to add: not a patch on his old man right enough
  8. Quite a lively game! No idea why mcpake got sent off tho [emoji1787]
  9. So someone not good enough to make our bench is now your best player [emoji1787]
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