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  1. I know most of the European team have been poor but I think, reluctantly, credit has to be given to the Americans. They have been absolutely brilliant and their pairings have been spot on.
  2. Fair enough. I might have made an arse of that. Still - here we go again. Can only get better
  3. Far too much sentiment when it came to picking the team. No way Poulter and Westwood should be there. Surprised Monty wasn't asked
  4. Exactly what I thought! A c**t of the highest order
  5. Thats fuckin outstanding. Total shivers
  6. Fantastic atmosphere on the first tee just as the sun comes up. I fuckin love The Ryder Cup
  7. Griffiths is a fuckin moron. He could have easily caused a serious injury to someone doing that.
  8. Big night for Jack Hendry. Only up against Messi, Neymar and Mbappe. Good luck
  9. Doubt it - OP hasnt been on for 5 years [emoji1787]
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