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  1. Tierney is training today so fingers crossed
  2. Absolutely no reason not to play Gilmour from the start. When he came on as a sub in last friendly game he showed us exactly what we are missing. Someone to come and get the ball from our defence, drive forward and pick a decent pass. No one did this yesterday and our whole team was completely unlinked. His age isn't an issue - England brought on a 17 year old in their game. Come on Steve Clark - show some balls.
  3. Well that was that. I actually thought we were a wee bit unlucky - just didn't get the break of the ball on a good few occasions. SOD was shit. Patterson in for Friday. Christie was shit. Gilmour in for him please. Thought the centre backs were pretty decent apart from first goal which should've been defended better.
  4. Yep - made a rip roaring c**t of it. Was hoping I deleted it in time [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. Absolutely. Not helping by constantly watching YouTube vids. I honestly think my first memory is of the tickertape falling at the 78 world Cup final. Unfortunately don't remember wee archie but I do remember just thinking that this looked amazing. Through Spain 82 - that toepoke from big Narey and us scoring 5 in a game at the World Cup finals! Mexico 86 - not great. Italia 90 - big Pavarotti, the disaster of Costa Rica, Stuart McCall and fans kissing policewomen Euros 96 - missed penalty, some eejit claiming he'd moved the ball and gazza breaking our hearts. France 98 - being the centre of the world and kicking the whole thing off against Ronaldo and co and the humping from Morocco. I, like everyone else, just assumed we always qualified. Never did I imagine we'd have to wait this long to see it. Will I be emotional? Absolutely- this feeling where ridiculous rivalries are put aside and the WHOLE country comes together to cheer on the lads is like nothing else. If this is your first time experiencing this then make it count - watch with your nearest and dearest. Cheer like never before. And maybe, just maybe, this is our time.
  6. Spent the morning watching old YouTube vids and listening to Scotland sings. Now almost at fuckin fever pitch. I need to calm down
  7. Yas - that's the fuckin spirit. Come on Scotland!!
  8. What a wonderful afternoon he's had. Ffs [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. We need to get after pickford. Pressure every kick. He looks so indecisive
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