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  1. Definitely losing patience with Goodwin. He has absolutely no idea what our best starting XI and formation should be. Now I don’t know this for a fact and can’t be arsed checking it tbh but I very much doubt we’ve played the same starting line up and formation two games running. We have absolutely zero creative midfield players. If this is Kyle McAllister the fittest he’s ever been then just get him to f**k. He’s either not good enough or not interested enough. Or both. Obika is shite. Barring one fortunate overhead kick every goal he’s scored has hit off a different part of his body. I’m still not convinced Morias is actually a football player. Maybe he took a wrong turning going for a trial for Paisley Rugby Club. Our decent players from last season (McCarthy, McPherson, Durmas and the skipper) have regressed so much since the restart. Maybe because of the constant change in formation. Something has to change. If we carry on like this we’ll be down by Christmas.
  2. Bottom of the league. Think we better get used to it...
  3. Whit? Absolutely strolling through the game. Looks like he's played in that Liverpool midfield for years [emoji1787]
  4. Having now seen both, rangers look a much better team than celtic. Celtic looked lethargic last night. No energy or penetration. A season to far for them and a manager with no real clue how to change things.
  5. Anyone remind me of the username/password set up for logging in? Trying to get game on my phone for first time
  6. He’s not biased - none of our referees are. Anyone who says otherwise obviously has some sort of hidden agenda. Collum is just a shite referee. As soon as you see his name against your match you just know there is going to be at least one horrendous decision in the game. You just have to hope it favours your team.
  7. Particular favourite from Michael Webb [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. That’s fucking disgusting. On a par with OF levels of scumness
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