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  1. In the guid auld days it was the bees knees but has went tae seed nowadays. By far the best show was when Scotland played Italy (2005?) at Hampden and Amaruso was the guest on OTB. Funny as fcuk.
  2. That cnut should have spent time in jail.
  3. You are up in space in a space ship and you are far enough away that you can see the whole of Earth as a globe. You have a very powerful telescope and you can see me in Perth, Scotland, waving. You also have another very powerful telescope and you can see a guy in Perth, Australia, waving. Is he standing on his head? If no, why no?
  4. Ballz. It's no the nation bestowing an award, it's the establishment maintaining the 'them and us' divide. Instead of being wan o' us the c*** is now wan o' them.
  5. It's a pity he's no a Scot. He could start off the conversation with, "Hullo Hen, how's it gaun?"
  6. I can remember on the TV John Major saying that whenever he met Mrs Windsor, if she suggested something then he incorporated it in government policy.
  7. Well done Dan Lee & your missus. Take a bow.
  8. I voted for Pete Wishart, can I take a bow
  9. 17.15 North Church hall. Just me and 4 officials. I put a lovely big X next to my avatar. Fingers crossed.
  10. now that's funny - have a greenie
  11. http://thefirstrowuk.eu/watch/546800/1/watch-indonesia-vs-scotland,-u20.html
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