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  1. No, because you're OP and opinion that everyone should vote is fucking ludicrous. No surprise that you've thrown such a bitch-fit upon being pulled up. Lunatic.
  2. You're an absolute nutter, btw. The biggest mental case on Pie and Bovril. Because the OP is forcing people to get out and vote like an absolute fucking nutcase. And f**k up with the rest of your utter pish, btw. Is Scotland ever going to be perfect? Is any country absolutely perfect? Can you absolutely 100% guarantee Scotland will benefit immensely from independence? I'm certainly not one to go about forcing the no vote down peoples throats, with all their unionist pish, but as it stands Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It's a fantastic place to live, and I'm not interested in living elsewhere - unlike all these campaigning arseholes going on about how they're retiring to Italy, France, Spain or whatever. Perfectly happy with the way this country is.
  3. Right, I think it's about time you just calmed down. If you said that to someone's face you'd get an absolute hiding. Just because you don't agree with his political opinions, it doesn't give you the right to behave like a lout, so just pack it in. Does this mean I have to vote? Will my solitary vote make a big difference? If I choose not to vote then it's my business, and I'm doing nothing wrong. Stop behaving like a complete simpleton.
  4. I'm going a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night. Info on the best clubs to visit? And is the Amsterdam Arena worth a visit?
  5. You bloody idiot. You don't have to vote if you don't want to, so spin on that ya fucking weirdos.
  6. I'm 21 in a fortnight. Please explain yourself.
  7. They cause inconvenience on the road, and far more often than not are very dangerous (undertaking, red lights, swaying, distance from the centre of the road, lighting & helmets etc etc). I'm sure they're smashing people the majority of them, but pretty much 100% of the time are an inconvenience.
  8. I have absolutely no intention on voting whatsoever. Scotland will certainly vote no, but the entire fiasco has bored me to tears, can't wait 'til it's done with.
  9. You often see cyclists go through traffic lights at crossroads junctions. Bloody idiots.
  10. Cyclists are absolute fucking dickheads. They're not so common where I live, although this morning I passed 4 in the space of 1.8 miles (my house to the football stadium). 1 of them was fine (as far as cyclists go), 2 of them were too far off the kerb, with one practically being in the centre of the road, and the final one wasn't even wearing a helmet and was riding at around 3MPH - he was also far too close to the centre of the road, and spraying about like a drunken streak of piss. There's a cycle lane in my neighbouring town centre, and because of this I nearly failed my driving test - there's never any c***s in the b*****d thing - just a complete waste of road space, and the cost of paint is a complete waste of tax payers money. Cyclists should be made to use the pavement, and politely ring their little bell if pedestrians are in the way.
  11. Would be an absolutely fantastic signing, £20 Million is the agreed fee is it not? Surely this would mean Wenger punting Wilshere to some mugs like Liverpool, and more than likely for a larger sum than £20M. Absolutely fantastic business by the Arse. Shaping up to be a cracking transfer window from them.
  12. The God of love and omnipotence.
  13. I don't support Celtic.
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