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  1. Agree with this wholeheartedly, in many games this season , Saturday included , we have resorted to playing hoof ball from the back , partly I believe because we don’t have anyone in midfield who is prepared to take the ball from our centre halves , McCord is the option required , anyway congratulations to all players and staff for giving us another great season , and a wee message for DC , please please please next season do away with ZONEAL marking [emoji846]
  2. So just coincidence Swankie misses 3rd game of 3 against Forfar? Who the f**k ye kidding if he’s not available for all games what’s the point in having him ? it’s a bloody joke there are so many players in the team that are more reliable and consistent than him ,I know it’s not his fault Dick payed the fee he did for him ,but what a waste of dough and it seems at times because of the fee paid he has to play him when available ,we’re a better team without him , nothing personal Gavin [emoji846]
  3. Would really like to see us go to 4 at the back with Little and Hamilton as our centre backs a great partnership last season and play O’Brien in front of them we’d be much more secure and still be strong offensively
  4. No way Gold should be dropped Hammy has been push since moving to full back should be him
  5. I don't get the big wahoo about Smyth granted the boy played well enough last week ,but it's one game ,he was brought in as cover for Little and Hamilton and thats what he did last week ,those two have been terrific together and why anyone would want to split them up is baffling , along with Doris they would be the first names on the team sheet every week for me , I get how some feel we have a problem at left back ,but we still have the best defense in the league and thats mainly down to our centre halves .
  6. Fed up reading this pish about needing a ''big'' CB, why? Little and Hamilton have played 12 league games together at centre half this season and we have now kept 5 clean sheets , they have been excellent, I don't think there's a comparison in the lower leagues and before anyone mentions Clyde on Tuesday night let's all accept that game for what it was.. freakish!
  7. The fuckin game is finished after they score their first, Dick prolongs it unnecessary by making his 3rd sub trying to waste time which backfires on him
  8. Ricky was stupid for the second yellow but that didn't cost us the three points Dick dicking around with subs on ninety minutes is what cost us, the ten men on the pitch at that time had the game won, but not for the first time this season he doesn't know how to see a game out when in front, shambolic
  9. Agree about Crawford he would be a very good signing as for a 6 foot plus centre half, Dunlop Brown and Sukar are all over 6 feet and they haven't been great I think an experienced centre half to play along side Little is what is needed
  10. I'm not criticising them they seem decent enough players I just think we should have experience in the centre of defence. . my feelings are that the team should be built around our best players playing in their best positions
  11. Being vocal doesn't mean your organising. . against Clyde in particular the defence were all over the place there is no way the two young boys should be our first choice at centre half
  12. impossible for any right back to organise a defense
  13. the third goal lost to Clyde was because Brown who lacks experience got on the wrong side of McDonald that would not have happened if Ricky was at centre half also the defence is better organised with him there he's continually talking to the guys either side of him and in midfield therefore as a team I think we defend better
  14. this is without doubt our best back four but I feel Dick thinks he has to play at least one of the loan boys which so far is not working out too well for us
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