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  1. I use this forum for what it is. It can be amusing and is often informative. I have refrained from making comments on some previous posts as this can often be taken out of context. To set the record straight once and for all can I just clarify the following. Newmains results are there for all to see in recent years. What the results do not always reflect is some of the performances we have put in. Under Kevin there were so many good performances which the final score did not always reflect. Kevin and his backroom team always gave 100% in their training and game preparations. As for the players who have left us to join Muirkirk they left with our best wishes for the future and our gratitude for their efforts while playing for Newmains. There was nothing underhand in them signing for Muirkirk The simple fact is that the players he had too work with - while always giving 100%- were short of the qualities required to win games. We as a club do not have any money to invest in the playing squad and as a consequence of this it is difficult to attract the players required . Gary and Craig have come to the club with a clear understanding of the task in hand and we are delighted to have them at the helm. Both lads agree with me that local recruitment is key as this in turn can increase footfall and perhaps stimulate some local interest. This in turn could increase revenue and as such eventually enhance the budget for players. As ever we work as a team at Newmains both on and off the park. Club's such as ours are run by guys who love the game and it's my privilege to meet many like minded guys on our travels. I think of the armchair warriors who come on here spouting rubbish would be taken more seriously if they actually got behind their local teams- whoever that may be. The journey continues for Newmains and while these things take time it's an honour to be involved in the juniors. Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the season and beyond. Bill Carrigan Chairman Newmains United
  2. There will be a donation from Newmains too. Least we can do for one of the games good guys. Hope he gets well soon.
  3. All at Perthshire deserve their day.Hope the sun shines and sell loads. Well done to all concerned. Best wishes from all at Newmains United CFC
  4. As Chairman at Newmains im absolutely delighted for the lads and probably most pleased for Kevin. The amount of effort he puts in has to be seen to be believed. Along with Ginge and big Mark he leaves no stone unturned to keep improving the squad. It has never been about the results this season. Kevin and his team share my long term vision for the club. In fact we are already working on next season on and off the park. The work effort and cameraderie in our team is second to none and all involved should feel very proud. I know I am. There will be setbacks but overall we are moving in the right direction. A few people questioned me about appointing a manager with no juniors experience but I just got the right vibes from Kevin. Shame the season is coming to an end in some respects but starting with our pre season tournament some people may just look at Newmains in a new light come next season. I am myself fairly new to the juniors but the networking ,advice and goodwill generated from our peers at every club I have spoken with in the past 3 seasons is second to none. Roll on next season
  5. Best of luck to both teams. You are both doing our division proud. My guess is Garcairn 3 Carluke 2 but its a close one to call....
  6. For logistical reasons the sectional games are 30 minutes each way . All we need now is for the rain to keep away. Then again it cant rain in July.....can it?
  7. Newwains 10th Anniversary tournament at Victoria Park. Teams involved are. Newmains Unitef Newmains Amateurs Wishaw Juniors Carluke Juniors Cambusnethan Ams & Queen of the South -under 20/under 17s combo. Fixtures announced very soon. This tournament will also help to raise funds for Epilepsy Scotland as a mark of respect for our goalie coach Davy Lyons young son Kieron who died tragically very recently at the age of 19. A great tourney with a great fundraising cause. We will played 3 / 4 games on each day. Watch our twitter and facebook pages for updates. Sponsorship options are available too. Thanks for reading this.
  8. I remember at the West agm last year when the point was raised hearing the reply" if I let one of you play a game before the 3rd Sat in July , next year there will be 40 of you wanting to play earlier" Ive not quoted verbatim as I dont often swear, but surely that is exactly what would happen in a democratic manner? Am I missing the point here? Surely if 40 member clubs wanted it to happen then it would indeed do so? Im relatively new to the juniors and may be wrong but in a free world that would would be the natural sequence of events? This is purely a persobal opinion and is not representative of any clubs stance on this matter.
  9. Contact kevin muirhead at newmains. Training starts on 20th. [email protected]
  10. Newmains have been greatly impressed with both the volume of applicants and the skill sets they present. Applications will close tomorrow and the interviews will take place this coming weekend. We are indeed privileged to have such interest as wr continue to work to improve every aspect of our club. The actual process of working through the applications has in itself been an education and we have had some great advice and help from others in the game -at every level. Taking this with tbe fact that our newly formed amateur team is now officially up and running then its full speed ahead . Onwards and hopefully upwards & a big thanks to all of you for your help & advice.
  11. On the ball as ever Craig. All the best for next season.
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