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  1. Is there some sort of political statement being made in these prediction threads? [emoji23][emoji23] In every thread I’ve seen so far games have been left out by a few people, this week it’s Cove’s turn and I think Stenny were missed out in a previous week. [emoji848] Also BYOS those predictions sound like me on a golf course.... a lot of saying/shouting Fore!!! [emoji85][emoji23]
  2. Still not convinced it was Smith that got the touch to be honest, and he clearly then dives across East’s legs so it’s still a penalty for me. As for at the other end, both players were at it and McGuigan had a hold of Fagan’s shirt first, correct decision for me. The fact that no other player even appealed says everything you need to know about that one.
  3. Will Graham also ex Kilmarnock has signed for Albion Rovers
  4. Well we will have to agree to disagree, the keepers arm comes across the strikers legs, makes no contact with the ball and trips him. It is a penalty all day long. It’s not the East’s job to avoid Smiths arm if it comes across his path, if Smith is lunging for it it is 100% his job to get the ball before (or better - instead of) the man. He did neither so it has to be a penalty.
  5. Spot on, Smith tripped East with his arm as he rounded him. 2 yards out and an open goal, nobody and I mean nobody is diving there.
  6. Don’t know, no complaints about my view of things though [emoji1360]
  7. The half that Albion Rovers we’re defending in the first half, so the side with 5 a side parks behind the goal. Why? What difference do you think that makes?
  8. I’d argue that both were as bad as each other to be honest. But I didn’t see who it was that stuck his knee into Chris after he had caught the ball. Can’t believe neither of those deserved a card but some of the bookings we got were very soft, including the ridiculous simulation booking for Euan East who was clearly fouled by Smith.
  9. Really disappointed in McGuigan yesterday. Deliberating kneeing a player in the back of the head when he was on the ground is a real shitebag move. Shame really because he is a decent striker that will score a number of goals this season, but that left a bad taste in the mouth.
  10. Daniel Scally a midfielder formerly at Kilmarnock has signed for Albion Rovers.
  11. Ryan got home last night, thankfully it was *only* a concussion. A wee bit of a shiner under his right eye, but he’ll be fine. Huge thanks to the Dunfermline physio and doctor for their swift assistance [emoji1360]
  12. Euan East, formerly of Queens Park has signed as well. [emoji1360]
  13. Euan East has signed for Albion Rovers
  14. Scott Roberts, Ex-Elgin has signed with the Wee Rovers [emoji1360]
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