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  1. I thought the rent free in your head patter went out of date about 5 years ago?
  2. Iv heard this too and if so then it's a joke. ok he's had a decent career especially in junior football and scored a few goals but come on! Surely there's a young loanee we can bring in rather than a guy currently playing over 35 amateur football. I mean some of the teams there are decent but it is what it says, over 35 AMATEUR football. Robbie and Davie Winters were tearing it up last year at that level but I don't see many senior teams fighting to sign them up.
  3. I would assume its not publicised because what happens when someone signs up to pay by DD, the team loses a few games and they say "I'm not paying" and cancel their DD. The club loses out on money they probably have budgeted for. Then lets not get into the logistics of said persons season ticket having to be cancelled, their name on a blacklist etc. I agree its a good option but can see why it's not advertised.
  4. Anyone fancies a post season friendly feel free to send me an invite on chess.com pleslie999 is my username. Would be good to keep the boys legs ticking over
  5. My best score in a long time, and it's only good enough for the relegation play off. That's why I should be nowhere near the top league
  6. The CM was a guy called Jack Jones from down south. And the other was a young lad from Hamilton. Neither are signing so I hear.
  7. Wasn't at the gane but heard from a very reliable source who was, that our LB put some very dangerous crosses in and looked our standout player. He was wearing number 3 so can only assume this was Greg Wylde. I was pretty shocked to hear this but promising, for what is a definite weak area, if true.
  8. Good game mate cheers. You played really well, punished my mistakes well
  9. Pleslie999 draws with AH13STU by agreement. Seems only fair result. Thoughts with @Leicesterlichtie at this time
  10. Hope all is well mate. Take care. Iv offered a draw in our game, happy for that to be the outcome. Feels unfair for u to concede in the circumstances
  11. A rare foray into the top league thanks to Mt golfers 7 birdies on Friday. I have a severe nose bleed. 8 to start what will be a relegation week
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