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  1. Pleslie999 beats pnbmathematics by checkmate This one should be 1st up on MOTD. 75 moves, an absolute slog, I thought I was miles ahead then allowed my opponent back in, got a bit scrappy with not much happening. My opponent offered a draw when things weren't looking too good for either of us but I had a rook v Knight and soldiered on. My opponents 2 knights danced around casing me all sorts of issues and constantly had to be on the lookout for forks. Had to be careful not to draw by repetition which led to me giving up 2 pawns. Managed to force 1 hardy wee pawn up the board to promote which was enough to see it out. Thanks for the game.
  2. Good game, thanks. Wasn't keen on the early queen trade but felt I had no option. Always felt I was slightly ahead thanks to a fairly solid position and the rook for Bishop trade kept me in good shape. Once the simplification started it was always likely 1 of my pawns would get through. Currently in a proper 60 move slog with @mathematics. It's close to the end. I can't lose the match but a win is very much up in the air. Could be a lot of chess left even though there's only 5 pieces on the board
  3. Well considering last nights was for 2 yellows, regardless of how harsh the bookings may have been, the outcome would've been the same. VAR won't intervene for yellow cards
  4. Yeah seems a bit harsh but took 2 viewings of the challenge so see it was harsh so can see why the ref, at 1st viewing in real time deemed it to be reckless.
  5. I may be wrong and someone like @Skyline Drifter will be along shortly to confirm, but i dont think its as simple as "we dont want to play cause we have a player missing" when the dates are rearranged.
  6. I was going to say the same thing. League 2 is a lower level than league 1 so naturally the opponents lack the quality we saw last year. That being said you can only beat what's in front of you and we clearly have a game plan to soak up pressure. It's up to the opposition to figure out and provide enough quality to do that.
  7. The furthest iv ever been its a pwoud moment, a very pwoud moment Got it mate, will accept later on, just finished work and got an ammy game this afternoon
  8. The Stranraer match thread is already there. I'm not starting one for the Forfar match in a fortnight just yet. That would be silly. I'll do it on Tuesday if we beat Stranraer. Brave call. Should start another Stranraer one just to be safe. If u don't and we drop points, we'll......some would say we know who to blame
  9. 2 results in division B Pleslie999 beats the_kid1433 by resignation Felt I was always in a strong position and after forking my opponents final rook the resignation came. Well played. Markf268 beats pleslie999 by checkmate Close game, felt I was doing OK and had a good plan until I allowed my opponents queen to infiltrate. Instead of trading queen's I thought I could counter attack, woops! Well played sir.
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