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  1. A disastrous 4 for monday. I blame the damn papa johns advert that is currently taking up 75% of my screen and making me hungry for pizza. @Div sort it please 🤣
  2. Correct, it is, im sure I speak for all dumbarton fans in saying we are all mightily offended. Tell your mum thanks, sons crying now......... Mind u, not as much as the clyde fans today by the looks of things
  3. Wow, did you get your mum to come up with that one for you?
  4. But but but we have injuries, we are amateurs, we have a grass pitch and not a plastic one in a lowland league clubs stadium......... I really wish we were a big club like clyde. Maybe santa will sort that for us
  5. U should maybe invest in your own ground then rather than piggy back off some lowland league team.
  6. Clyde fans taking the postponement well i see. Few heads gone on twitter as well as on here. Nice to see the fans are as classy as the club.......
  7. I'm not convinced just changing to a back 3 would work. Players need weeks of training and games to bed in a new system, for PT teams this is extra difficult. It may work long term but we could easily go thru a good number of weeks looking disjointed. We would also need the 2 wing backs to do a hell of a lot of work, they need to be the fittest 2 guys in the team, if one or both is injured who replaces them?
  8. Joining the masses with a 10 for Friday, not the toughest but still enough to give a wee flutter downstairs when the full house is revealed... Obviously this is because I keep a herd of butterflies in my basement and I startled them with my shriek of delight.
  9. 8 for thursday. I was put off by the last question as there is a pub near me called chandlers and beer was not one of the answers.......
  10. Looking at the other scores coming in I was quite pleased with my 7, then the scoreboard popped up and my opponent @101 got a 8 (insert expletive here) Just as disappointing 6 for tuesday. Doubt I'll be avoiding the drop this week. Fingers are crossed for a couple of no shows to save me!
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