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  1. Sorry for missing this week, I am fine! Bloody lockdown playing havoc with my routine, no work means I need to fit in quizzing around something else and having to deal with a 2 year old for a full day means that time is at a premium! God knows how women do it! Roll on me getting back to work! Anyway I will try improve my attendance next week! Oh and Div messing up the bloody mobile app isnt helping! Every time I log into the mobile browser I find myself buying another bloody russian bride! My wife is going to question things when all these beautiful Europeans turn up at my door.......
  2. My humble apologies @alang1993 Also apologies to everyone for my slacking in quizzing this week. @Div needs to get the app back on the store. Wednesday 8 Thursday 6 Friday 7
  3. But late to the party this week, been a bit snowed under, apologies! Monday - 8 Cup - done and submitted Tuesday -10
  4. Decided to sort out a classic game for potential self isolation. Hoping to win the champions league with this team 👍
  5. 8 for thursday bloody rugby and hollywood. @Eednud you seem to not have my wednesday score in the tables, I did post it (I think) it was another 8
  6. Decent 8 for tuesday. What's happening with the bottom league? We having reconstruction or what? It's a sham. Bring back @Cardinal Richelieu this would never have happened on his watch!
  7. I agree but I guarantee there will be a small number looking for a refund.
  8. It was reported in the daily record that the SPFL would not be helping any clubs financially if the situation worsened and we ended up behind closed doors. Another question is, not only loss of income if it happens, but what about those who bought season tickets and potentially miss out on 2/3 games, do they just take a loss or does the club refund for missed games? If so that would be financially painful I assume.
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