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  1. Anyone sitting idle waiting for next weeks fixtures and want a friendly, my games this week are over so Im happy to play? Pleslie999 is my chess.com user name. Happy to play from any league.
  2. I thought u had me too, I always seemed 1 move away from being mated. Then when you moved your f pawn to expose your king my eyes lit up and knew I could force a draw seeing as all our other pieces were defending each other. I'll try not make so many blunders in the next game 🙈
  3. RBwatson draws with pleslie999 I dodged a bullet big time. Too many mistakes in the opening left me in all sorts of trouble. Pounced on the 1 mistake my opponent made to force a draw by being able to repeatedly check his King . eventually it would've been draw by repetition if we hadn't agreed. tbf a draw was the best I could've got so feel pretty bad after my horrific opening. Unbeaten in 3 now, things are looking a lot more rosy now. GG
  4. It was discussed on here at the time of his 1st signing for us, many of us voiced our displeasure at the signing at the time.
  5. Its agrekko expanding their site so I believe.
  6. Pleslie999 beats DieHardDoonhamer by resignation. Was quite a cagey game and not much in it until I forked your King and rook when I think u wanted me to trade Queens, enjoyable game and 2nd win out of 2 this week!
  7. Pleslie999 beats cols407 by resignation. Good game and pretty close. I was up against it when I blundered my Queen fairly early and was close to being mated at one point. Delighted to get my 1st win under my belt. Look forward to the return match.
  8. @mathematics cheers for the friendly, well played. Thought I had you,was always 1 move away from mate then you stung me out of the blue,didn't even see it coming! Sent you an invite for a rematch.
  9. What an absolute shit show of a season. Duffy should be gone long ago, biggest game of the season and we go down with a whimper. 11 goals in 21 matches? That's ridiculously bad, embarrassingly bad and JD needs to take full blame for that. Then we have a sneaky silent takeover. Strange we never had an inkling before it happened, usually potential takeovers are well documented before they happen. I suppose if it was Brabco being taken over and not actually DFC it may be slightly different, but I just take that as confirmation we are an inconvenient pawn in a much bigger picture. Outsiders looking in maybe think this 'takeover' is good news, I fear the worst if I'm honest. Next season can't be so bad can it? Relegation fight in league 2? Surely we might at least score some goals.......
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