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  1. Ended up not taking the boy to this due to the weather, by the sounds of things I'm glad I didn't!
  2. Both Dumbarton teams falling today. Draw has been kind to some and really unkind to others, some big teams going out due to meeting each other and some so called "smaller" teams getting through, suppose that's the way the cookie crumbles in cup football. I saw Castlemilk Dynamo earlier in the season in a west tie and thought they were excellent, not many teams will go to Barlia and beat them, tie of the round v shortlees for sure.
  3. 9 to end the week, just the capital letting me down. Kick up the arse worked midweek to the boys but too little too late I think
  4. Think I'm gonna take my boy along to this tomorrow, hopefully get the hook in as he is starting to get into following Celtic. Fingers crossed it's a decent game.
  5. 9 for thursday, just the song I didn't know. Happy with that but unfortunately reckon there will be an abundance of 10s
  6. The boys have shat the bed on the return to the big league, 5/10 for tuesday, miracle needed to avoid relegation. The call to Big Sam has been made.......
  7. It wasnt on their twitter feed. It was a someone who tweeted it and one of the amateur pages RT it
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