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  1. Was the trial games for the youth teams today...... anyone go down for a watch?
  2. Did our social media guy not get fucked off with the club and chuck it a while back? since then the updates on twitter (only social media I use) are sporadic at best.
  3. I dont have a problem with them promoting nights at the club if it brings in a few quid. As far as I understand its not putting the club out much as its organised by our hospitality contractor. Therefore its kind of a win win for us. Tbf we need all the help we can get in raising a few quid so if it's a comedy night, stripper show, 80s tribute night or anything else then so be it. The negativity around the board is correct and totally justified.
  4. Battering about is a bit harsh. 1st game was a bit 1 sided but other 2 were tight. Will be a tight league div B
  5. Playoff result. Beef beats pleslie999 by checkmate I was doing quite well before blundering mate in 1! [emoji85]
  6. Yeah got it. I'm pished so will move in morning.......or later when I get home [emoji1787]
  7. Me and Beef @detective jimmy mcnulty have a game on the go for the play off, he has 6 hours to move. I really don't want to go up so Don't want to win on time......anyone able to give him a nudge? Can't seem to tag on this tapatalk app.
  8. Fully agree about Carswell. I reckon he's a big part of the problem, stinking the place out is a good way of putting it. I said it before but he's a piss poor captain and hides when it gets tough!
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