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  1. Pleslie999 beats markf268 by checkmate. I was in all sorts of trouble after blundering a Bishop early on only way I was going to win was to go all out attack on the king. I was actually surprised when checkmate came, I didn't see it when I played the move . Good game. Pleslie999 draws with arabjoe by agreement. Not a lot in it whole game, traded some pieces and we were at a bit of an impasse. Couldn't really see how I was going to win but also how I was going to lose. Offered a draw and it was accepted! Cheers for the game.
  2. Does a 0 not put you bottom of the league by default? That means under @SlipperyPrules the wooden spoon should go to @Cardinal Richelieu
  3. Gkneil beats pleslie999 by resignation Got stumped by the opening, blundered a rook which I somehow missed I'd left hanging for 5 full moves! Thought I'd done well to recover and get back into it but every potential attack I started my opponent thwarted straight away. When I rushed a move thinking I had him I blundered my queen and it was all over! Well played. Look forward to the return.
  4. @Bigmouth Strikes Again are you Strachanovski? I sent u an invite for our game if so. No rush if your busy with other games etc.
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