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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Things not good boss?
  2. The New MILF Thread

    Think the OP had a mini meltdown on another thread. Reckon he deleted it in a rage before deleting his account or being booted.
  3. SWPL cup final

    Indeed but who put them out of both cups in 2018? What was the score in the league cup final 2018 again? Against the supposed "best of the rest"? Here's another one seeing as you wish to bring up history. Tell me the last time hibs/city lost to anyone in the Scottish cup other than themselves?.......I'll wait. As I said the only teams capable of beating them is each other.
  4. SWPL cup final

    Yet again the Big 2 qualify for the final with very comfortable semi final victories. When will their dominance be put to the test? Celtic going full time should make a difference but how long will it take? Rangers have been making noises but still seem miles behind. Gartcairn coming on the scene with their paying players may shoot up the leagues and make things interesting if all goes to plan for them but realistically the only team that can beat Hibs and City is each other.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    I'm pretty confident we will be fine. No idea where that comes from but iv not been unduly worried for a good number of weeks now. 3 games to go, I don't think the teams below us will pick up more points than us between now and the end. Shoot me if I'm wrong tho......
  6. Sons' sorrow

    Do we think loy will actually kick another ball for us? Being that he was signed on a 2 year deal he will likely be around next season unless he retires. Can we afford to keep paying him a full season to do nothing?
  7. 7 for Thursday. Question 3 about the football is dodgy. I knew the answer but the question is all wrong seeing as 3 if them don't play in the premiership plus it's not even called the premiership anymore.....
  8. Refs

    Take it up then see how u go?