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  1. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Indeed. Would be good to see them play each other, in the final obviously lol Accies were not tested at all today and could've won a lot more comfortably. Third Lanark got a very fortunate goal after a collision between Accies keeper and the striker. Third Lanark got a boy sent off in the final minute and he lost his head completely. Heard the ref say he was on his 4th red as he walked off, imagine a lengthy ban coming his way. Must say I thought the ref was excellent today, not often they get praise so credit where it's due
  2. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Accies 3 Third Lanark 1 Accies dominated start to finish
  3. Think your doing ok, maybe on course for a 1st ever 10 then the fly p***ks chuck in a female Aussie sport question at the end! Got an 8
  4. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Yeah I will prob take this in also. Watched the Accies a few times this season and although in my opinion they are not the force of last season but still a very good side who will cause anyone they play problems.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    Excellent statement from a guy that has seemed 100% genuine since he came in.
  6. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    You really are a bit of a helmet aren't you? Sitting in front of your computer on P&B being disrespectful to everyone thinking your some sort of cool guy. Guys want to talk about amateur football so let them, you have an opinion? Voice it in a respectful manner and stop being a wee fud. No one really cares about your wee digs, jibes and personal insults so either offer something constructive or jog on.You literally have made an account to come on and troll people, it's pretty sad to be honest.
  7. I keep telling you......... The cup column looks good just as it is, I'm sure Eednund will now agree!
  8. Sons' sorrow

    Defending has been our issue all season and I think the main problem is the GK. We havnt really had one all season. Adam has been crap, Smith very meh, McGowan Crap even as back up now we have Brennan sitting on the bench. A settled GK that was half decent would've solved half our problems
  9. Scottish Women's Premier League 2019

    https://scotwomensfootball.com/entry-criteria-introduced-at-the-top-level-of-scottish-womens-football Find all details here
  10. Scottish Women's Premier League 2019

    Hibs dropping points has been coming, losing their best players was always going to hurt and with a 3rd team (Celtic going FT) to compete with to sign the best players from elsewhere, this season was not going to be as straight forward as the past few. Last year was their biggest chance to win the league.