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  1. he was not selected today ! so apparently not newcy
  2. Agreed , but they thought 1st of July that the contract from LAST season was expired but Lothian have them signed to 31st July ,,,,,,,,,,,,and are holding the lads and WW to ransom either very clever and sneaky or just juvenile and a disgrace
  3. last season Civil were at best average in the EOS ,,1 cup run to a final yes but that was it if entry to Lowland they would need a new team stillsdoes not explain why they did not gain entry as they have upgraded everything,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I know nothing of Cumbernauld but going by the league they play in they will prob need lots players as well
  4. at least 2 more from lothian have signed
  5. Lothian have a good keeper ,,,,,,,,,,,,, only 1 Lothian player John Williams has signed for WW ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so far
  6. that's the 2 both on their day seem decent players 1 from lthv seemingly signed to WW
  7. heard Spartans clear out as well 2 from Spartans to WW 1 tynecastle to WW ( not sure how good Tyne castle are to be honest so unsure if 3 would be of the standard for WW ) LTHV mostly all re-signed but a couple may be off to WW but will wait for official updates as the Chinese whispers are rife
  8. strange ? I thought they had all resigned for lthv apart from maybe 1
  9. lothian were by far the better team on the day ,,, as for team selections i thought the team manager picked the teams not other team managers ,,,,,,, as for leith fielding a weak team their choice as they have a cup final next week ,,,,,,,,lothian were missing their first choice centre mid and left back so does that mean they fixed it aswell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, easthouses are going to the juniors ,,,,,good riddance,,good bye , your team and lack of class on and off the pitch wont be missed
  10. I have taken in numerous games at the u20 level and there are very few lads that I have seen of Lowland League level especially , I very much doubt 5 from WW would be involved in the 1st team
  11. rap baget ,,,,,,,,,,,,what do you mean ?
  12. they did ,,,and although not breaking THE RULES ,,,,its cheating in my opinion !
  13. well did both teams move players down then ?
  14. mantis ,,,,,,,,,,,,,if they dont play they dont get experience ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but if their good enough then no probs if their not then ive no doubt those that are not under 20s next season will be gone
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