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  1. It's a shame for Harthill and I would expect them to be hit with a fine from the SJFA now.
  2. You're right HibeeJibee. Bit of a poor show when the premier knockout competition in Junior football hasn't got a sponsor.
  3. As far as I'm aware Harthill are away at Crossgates on Saturday. A bad situation possibly made worse by having to travel away from home.
  4. The official Twitter account is always bang up-to-date with the latest developments :/
  5. The official Twitter account seems to have died a very quick death. Any news on that?
  6. I apologise if this has already been discussed but does anybody know why their match was postponed today? I have heard a few rumours and I'm wondering if anyone can clarify the reason for this. Thanks.
  7. Livingston United F.C. 1-2 Royal Albert FC. A great performance in the second half after being two down at the interval. Unfortunately, the equaliser didn't arrive but another good workout for the team.
  8. Livingston United F.C. vs. Royal Albert FC. (Station Park - 14:30). Admission for the match is £2 (Adults) and £1 (Senior Citizens). Children gain access free of charge.
  9. Livingston United F.C. 1-0 Glenrothes Junior F.C. An excellent performance from the home side this evening.
  10. An excellent workout. Carluke look like a good team. They played some very good football at times and had a good mixture of youth and experience. A good test for our boys and hopefully we can learn from today's match.
  11. Livingston United F.C. vs. Carluke Rovers FC - 14:00.
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