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  1. A lot of the smaller clubs have managed to run for years with no supporters. Im sure if teams asked players to not take any wages or risk not playing any football for a year most would do it. Yes facilities need paid for but im sure all teams would manage that. It all comes down to do players want to play or not!
  2. Still need to wait on the sfa saying its ok to do so. The meeting is tomorrow at some point. Hopefully some news late afternoon
  3. No trialists allowed at present. Was on the email sent out to clubs from the league
  4. Think there has been a few teams training. But never heard about anyone being caught. It clear teams are just ignoring guidelines
  5. What about all the teams thats players don’t take wages every week! These are the players that play for the love of the game.
  6. There was hot food for sale in the pavilion. The pie hut had an electrical problem so moved it inside. I also used the toilet just inside the pavilion which was open before the game and during it. On a day like today the committee decided to let people in for free as a thanks for turning out in horrible weather. I enjoyed my hot pie and coffee during the game. As for the game i agree that Tweedmouth should have won the game and Ormiston played poor especially after last weeks performance. Hopefully if you return to take in a match you will find the facilities next time.
  7. Ormiston v Livingston Juniors Sat 22nd 1pm ko @Foresters Astro Tranent.
  8. The fence is up 3/4 of the way round and will be completed early next year.
  9. Ormistons pie hut opened yesterday and toilets are not too far away from being installed
  10. What about the raising of your players hands that the linesman said should have been a straight red card for your full back.
  11. I was standing just down from the dugouts and never heard any of the mentioned indiscipline. Tough game for Ormiston but you only have to look at the budgets of both teams to see why the scoreline was so hefty. Tough one for the young lads to take but im sure they will bounce back. Thought the ref was a bit card happy with the Ormiston lads. Young lad will feel a bit silly about his red card as it cost his team.
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