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  1. I don't envy the club trying to flog season tickets on the back of an 8-0 hounding that left everyone scunnered at the end of the season. Will be surprised if we sell as many as last year but if we can sign one or two marquee type players you never know.
  2. No offense taken for the red dot mate, all good. I said agenda as there are some folk here who look for the negative in everything Bullen does which is OTT I've been totally underwhelmed by his football style and team selections but I think the only way he's leaving the role is through his own choosing. Next season will be the defining one in the Smith/Mathie/Bullen era so far; do we build on a drastically improved league finish from last season or do an Arbroath? Time will tell.
  3. I can't understand how folk are wetting their knickers at this video. Fans in the hub drowning their sorrows after the game and start a bit of a drunken sing song in which the manager joins in actually makes me respect the guy more. Fair play to him for connecting with the fans in that way. Someone filmed it and uploaded it out of context and now some P&B fans with an agenda get all worked up. There's no story here, Bullen hasn't committed some heinous atrocity (well, apart from the last 2 games and Christmas onwards arguably) and folk need to relax about this daft wee vid.
  4. I hope people aren't serious about wanting McCall back. The guy walked away from the "job for life" at Ayr to take on his dream job at Partick. Then proceeded to weaken us by tapping up our best players to go with him. He should be persona non grata at Somerset.
  5. I think there seems to be quite a few folk who think the North Terrace is becoming an all seated stand. It's the best of both worlds, there will be a roof, hospitality seats, and plenty of standing space too. So don't worry, you can still stand on the NT for many years to come
  6. You know we've put in a stinker of a performance when not even WATTOO or Finlay have been on to say something positive. I agree with the earlier poster who said switch the strategy if we win the coin toss and shoot into the SRE first half. If we can get an early goal or go in at the break 2 up then it's game on. This of course is reliant on Dipo playing and the team defending from the front backwards. Go hard out and leave everything on the park next Friday. COYA
  7. I love Fraser Bryden's reaction at the winning goal, instead of joining in with teammates he makes a beeline at full pelt to embrace the fans behind the goal. As a fan himself we know how much it meant to him too. Beautiful moment
  8. Thought the ref could quite easily have blown for a foul on Musonda in the build up to our winner. Fair play to him for playing advantage. Could have been a sliding doors moment!
  9. Next Saturday Inverness and Falkirk will take the field in the Scottish Cup semi final at Hampden. The contrast between ICT and Ayr is worth highlighting. ICT were outplayed at home in the cup by Queens Park but got a remarkable reprieve through a technicality and a passage into the next round. Boy, did they grab that opportunity with both hands and fair play to them for doing so . Ayr United, on the other hand, got a remarkable reprieve in the form of the easiest Scottish cup draw of all time and still managed to stuff it up. Like a few posters earlier on I've been supporting Ayr for many years and will continue to do so. It's just that this season has somehow just depressed me in a way that few others have. The Falkirk game just being the icing on the cake.
  10. I think O'Connor has been underutilised this season and much prefer him to JML, who is too lightweight and likes a dive which totally puts me off the guy.
  11. I can totally relate to Trogdor being in two minds about renewing a season ticket. And like AUFC 10 I'm not over the Falkirk result either! The fluffed cup run this season has made me me feel like we are destined never to win anything. It makes you feel like what's the point in following them year after year. Eventually the feeling of hope runs out. It's gonna take the club achieving the much talked about "something historic" before I'll start believing again.
  12. Yeah, this is my problem with Bullen too. His interviews come across as if he's the co-commentator or TV anaylser on the game just played - not the actual first team coach responsible for results. You can tell he is in the safest job in Scottish football and knows it. I'm not sure if he has the ambition to drive the players towards the title, or perhaps more likely, realises this squad are nowhere near good enough to win it. Plus we are ahead of schedule in Smith's master plan so there is no pressure on him to get the club promoted this season with the building work happening next year. PS I'm still not over the Falkirk result either! The easiest cup run any club will get, ever, in the history of easy cup runs and we still couldn't make it to Hampden. Results and performances like that make you want to just give up following this club. But not quite, I keep dragging myself back.
  13. Completely agree. Add in the almost too-good-to-be-true cup run that we failed to capitalise on and this season should have been one of the best in our history. Massive wasted opportunity.
  14. He really doesn't understand why fans are so deflated after Monday. Any league one side would be gutted going out in the quarter finals if they had the piss easy run we did. To lose on Monday night with so much at stake was criminal. Completely self inflicted as well.
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