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  1. On a slow news day, a piece of news somewhat related to us - it would appear our chances of receiving that elusive sell on from Dom Thomas at Killie continue to diminish with him now being papped out on loan to Dunfermline. Interestingly, opinions of him at Killie seem to be similar to what we had of him, that he got better and better in fan estimation with each game he didn't play.
  2. Didn't catch the Longer Listen podcast, apologies Andy, and had completely forgotten about Ferguson/that Killie game being a Robinson game. Definitely makes sense! My basis for Livingstone was the Celtic game he came on as a sub for last season IIRC? Where he'd played reserve football a day or two before, and got sub-subbed. Wasn't seen much after that.
  3. Pretty much everything covered that I can think of from last night, as Swello says - the 89% of turnover query seemed to drag on forever! One interesting thing that Robinson noted - out with enjoying his trip to see the Lion King in the capital on Friday ... - on the "some youngsters being ready for inclusion" was using an example of a player which he put in too soon, and it ended up ruining him (or words that that effect). He never referenced a name, but I took it to be Adam Livingstone? When you consider the young players that Robinson has brought into the team and made successes out of - Campbell, Turnbull etc, as well as the Scott's, Maguire's that are very much still being integrated into first team football, the only one I could think of that hasn't worked out was Livingstone..
  4. Not overly sentimental towards what happens with our stadium, perhaps its the business head thinking but I'd rather see us playing somewhere that doesn't end up costing us ridiculous amounts of money every year to keep playing at. Last years AGM hinted that it's still a good few years away yet that we'll be in a situation where it would make sense to build a new stadium than pay whatever it would take to maintain Fir Park. Also got to factor in property markets and such for when the land Fir Park is on will be at its best value to sell - an issue right now for Aberdeen it seems in selling the land Pittodrie is on for their new stadium plans. On Robbo, can't begrudge him the opportunity to earn a larger salary with a bigger club (budget, stadium size etc). I come and go on whether I can see it happening, as I do subscribe to the argument that he's a "good fit" at Motherwell and has built something exciting this season that he wouldn't want to leave this early into a project. Perhaps that's naivety though as it is a hard one to say no when the chance to increase your salary comes along from a big name in football. Time will tell at the end of the day.
  5. No interest in actually going to the game. Been a fantastic week from us, with 2 wins from the games against Killie and Livi, which set up both Rangers away, and this one away being effectively "free hits" as others have stated. As much as it is a free hit, I don't see any sense for long term morale if we go and match Celtic up 4-3-3, go for it and end up coming away with a bit of a pasting. Can't imagine Robbo - assuming he's still in charge - deviating from the back 3 formation that worked well against Rangers last week. Tbh similarly to the Rangers game, if you offered nothing worse than a 2 goal defeat I'd probably take it right now, when you compare our usual 4+ goal defeats at Parkhead over the recent years.
  6. No reason to be pessimistic with how we've been playing of late - and how we dispatched of both Edinburgh sides already this season. Add on to the fact that Aberdeen this season don't seem to have clicked yet and have a mountain of injuries - particularly in midfield - you'd be putting your money on a home win. As noted though, you don't have to look too far back to find instances of Aberdeen turning up to FP and "shitfesting" a result against us. So a definitely understandable cautious view of things on this game from Motherwell fans. Fancy us to get a result though, and maybe even see Polworth get on the scoresheet this time round. 2-0 Motherwell.
  7. A few days on and I'm still wondering which is Maguire's stronger foot! Especially in the first half before the game became a bit more end to end, I thought Maguire was every bit as good as Polworth in his play on the ball. Would be harsh on Allan Campbell, but if Maguire is Busquets then I look forward to the game we have Polworth and Turnbull in front of him as our Xavi/Iniesta!
  8. Right now my priority with whatever budget we have left would be a centre forward suited to the lone striker role that Robinson is trying to play with - whether it's Lafferty, or someone else that appears. I don't think Hendry is as bad as he's made out to be in fairness to him, but I think we're well enough stocked with Gallacher, Dunne, Hartley and then Maguire and Donnelly who can fill in there if needed.
  9. Hopefully a little more prominent/prolific than our previous number 44 ...
  10. How do you fail a medical? With the 15 goals Turnbull scored last season, I’d express my doubts he’s been playing with some mysterious injury! In all seriousness out with football manager land, it's not something I've ever heard of despite it being something that players have to get before signing. From recent memory, even Arsenal managed to sign Kim Kallstrom on loan and it turned out he had a 2 month injury to run. Last I heard along with others was that Turnbull, along with Aribo (sp?) that Rangers are signing have had to get their medicals done in Manchester because Scottish facilities aren't available. Nothing would surprise any more mind you in this transfer saga!
  11. Part of me thinks a part of this is actually the agents influence that’s rejected whatever Celtic have offered - as funny as it is to say that Div has turned down Celtic! Thinking back to the prolonged wait we had trying to sort out a new contract for DT, IIRC there was a snide comment or two from Stephen Robinson at the agm about his agent being a dick around the several offers we’d made. So that wouldn’t surprise if something similar was played here. If there’s not been any acceptable bids already from England, or further afield, then I’m not sure if they’ll come in a hurry. Either way, hopefully Div is enjoying his holiday and would more than happily wire him a beer for this bit of patter today!
  12. Obviously not the most ideal news to come home to in terms of losing your best player, and one of the big draws to actually wanting to go watch Motherwell play over the last 6 months. Might be a slightly different viewpoint, but I’m not massively fussed on it being Celtic we lost DT to - in terms of direct competitors, it’s making sure we improve on the Killie’s and St Johnstone’s while not regressing to the levels of Accies, St Mirren etc that I’m focused on and none of them can afford Turnbull. That said, it will still hurt seeing DT rasper in a 30 yarder at Fir Park while playing for an old firm side! However, bigger picture is that that 30 yarder will hopefully go on to see a Bournemouth or whomever come and pay the fee’s we’ve seen Celtic sell players for in recent memory - a 21 year old Moussa Dembélé made them £20 million, and while that’s maybe a stretch, that’s Celtic’s model as well and hopefully in a couple of years time helps us out financially again. A point that’s been raised over the last wee while on here that I fully agree with would be preferring it to be a Championship side taking Div off us - the consensus seems to be the Premier League teams are happy to pay more to other English teams than they are up here = larger chunk of money from whatever sell on fee we insert in this transfer. Obvious other point to go along with that is that we don’t have to worry about seeing DT score against us for Celtic! So I’ll most certainly not be making any toys out the pram statements on wishing a young boys career down the drain, both from the point of view I’m not a roaster, and that ultimately if David Turnbull does move to Celtic, I hope he goes on and gets a big move down south while fulfilling his undoubted potential, and in turn, helping us out financially in turning an initial £3m transfer into a net ~5-6m transfer!
  13. The first game I went to that I was aware enough to actually know I was at a football game to support Motherwell was against St Johnstone. I would've been about 6, so a quick Google to throw up the few it could've been, I'm leaning to thinking it would've been us beating St Johnstone 1-0 on the 30th October 1999, where Kevin Twaddle scored on the 9th minute. On top of that, my earliest memories are multiple attempts to play a cup replay against Arbroath in round about the same time. I'm sure I've seen it talked about before for how many times the replay was attempted. On the season tickets, I stopped mine a couple of seasons ago on the basis that I don't go to the home old firm games either, and often miss a couple more home games through other commitments etc, so no point from that viewpoint.
  14. Didn't Gillespie join with a question mark around him after some reviews from his previous team? I want to say it was Luton but it was a while ago now. Safe to say any of those doubts have been well and truly dispelled nonetheless anyway. Hard to disagree with Turnbull scooping up both awards - as loathe as I am at seeing the same player win both. Aldred definitely in with a shout, more so because he was one of the few stand outs from the first half of the season as opposed to a few who really only got going from January onwards.
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