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  1. I see only sport have tweeted their response to the kit/commercial news item on the website. Interesting times ahead...
  2. I see David Douglas is the new chief executive at Albion Rovers
  3. Midfield. Was in on trial with us last season then signed for Annan
  4. Next season we will end up as 'the invincibles' played 36 lost 0
  5. Our last season in the dung heap that is league 2. Hopefully you enjoy the Clyde FC promotion tour next season when we roll into your crap wee dilapidated grounds. League 1 and above HERE WE COME!!!!
  6. Between chapman and Lauchlan for the job apparently
  7. How do you think chapman would do as our manager? ...............
  8. And apparently, one of the highest paid at the club is............ Wait for it......... John Gibson!
  9. If he was paying some of their wages, the near future is looking grim. I'd imagine Easton, Linton, macdonald etc would be amongst the highest earners in the league
  10. There is only one man for the job. Step forward Jim Chapman!
  11. you could play any of the post match interviews and you'd struggle to work out which game its from!
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