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  1. Next UK Labour Leader

    I've kinda got a wee bit of sympathy for the UK's thick people who read that shit and lap it up because they don't know any better. The press are in part to blame for the neo liberalist mess the UK finds itself in.
  2. Next UK Labour Leader

    At least you've got a sense oh humour ???? Anyway I see the press have started as they no doubt mean to go on. The UK press are an out and out fucking disgrace.
  3. Next UK Labour Leader

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Get back on topic.
  4. Next UK Labour Leader

    I think the dust has to settle first and see how Corbyn starts with his first monumental task of uniting the party. With his deputy already saying his views on how to run the party are opposite to Corbyn, plus what looks like a whole reinvention of Labour, out with the Blairites, plus the fight he'll have on his hands with Cameron and the tories, along with their cronies in the press and big business, you could well be right on all counts.
  5. Next UK Labour Leader

    f**k you. Walloper.
  6. Next UK Labour Leader

    A holding company is still in the process of liquidation. Rangers Football Club have an uninterrupted history of 143 years. What did happen to Rangers though was, from a fan's point of view, devastating. And I and many others went through a helluva lot in the process. So to see frivolous comments about how funny it all was provokes a reaction and I reacted.All of this also had absolutely f**k all to do with the Labour leadership. Can we get back to that now?
  7. Next UK Labour Leader

    I tried to get the thread back on topic actually, but whatever.
  8. Next UK Labour Leader

    What is that supposed to mean?
  9. Next UK Labour Leader

    Wit in the name o f**k? Firhill road says 'Rangers died' I said ' your team have hardly lived' Are you havin a laugh or what?
  10. Next UK Labour Leader

    I came onto this thread, as you did, to get an update on thoughts of Corbyn's leadership win. Not a Sevco debate. Anyway. My views on Corbyn are that he'll be up against it. Even his own deputy is saying that his view of the party is completely different to Corbyn's. David Cameron already saying Corbyn is a threat to national security. Mandelsohn and Blunkett saying Corbyn will make the party unelectable. Seven shadow cabinet members stepping down. All in the first 24 hours. I'm sure things will settle down but Corbyn's anti trident, anti austerity and anti NATO line will really shake up the whole of the UK's politics. And about time too.
  11. Next UK Labour Leader

    I'd prefer to get away from all the tit for tat pish if you don't mind.
  12. Next UK Labour Leader

    If you care to read back just a few posts you will find that I was trying to get things back on topic. It was the off topic tedium that annoyed me in the first place.
  13. Next UK Labour Leader

    Very happy to brighten your day 😂 I suppose I can only expect hostility after all the wee diddies have been remorselessly pumped rotten for over a century and will continue ad nauseum. As you were 😁
  14. Next UK Labour Leader

    What a fucktard.
  15. Next UK Labour Leader

    Oh dear. Your team were never really alive were they?