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  1. What's the best site for all live junior scores
  2. I've heard there's a amateur football app that you can get information about your opponents does anyone know what its called
  3. Hi Guys Looking for advice on how to get sponsorship for the coming season thanks
  4. Is there any news on the transfer front at shettleston this season
  5. Whats the shettleston squad for the season
  6. Paul85


    the truth will eventually come out one way or another #very odd
  7. Paul85


    Heard that the players haven't been paid that's why management have walked
  8. Paul85


    Heard it was a good win for the town yesterday and how did the new signings get on
  9. Paul85


    Any news yet of signings heard trying to sign the keeper from shotts. also heard Parker has been transfer listed n France's has signed for the vale
  10. Are you still looking for a keeper
  11. Paul85


    Any news Cmon the Town
  12. Any rumours on Shettleston signings
  13. Paul85


    when would we find out what names they have signed
  14. Any news on any shettleston comings and goings
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