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  1. I think most teams in the lowland league if not all of them would be over the moon to sign a player like Gary O Connor, on a purely football basis the guy was/is a great player and would score plenty of goals
  2. I disagree, the lowland league is a new league trying to get off the ground, someone like Gary O Connor signing for one of the teams would be great publicity not just at local level but national. It would also be fantastic for the club aswell, money is thin on the ground at most clubs and Gary O Connor would generate income from fans coming to see him both at home and away. Not to mention the most important thing, he would score plenty of goals
  3. He would be a great signing for Preston Athletic, I don't know any of the players they have at the moment but could you imagine the experience and knowledge that he could pass on as well as the fact he was/is a great player and would get goals. Not to mention the fact that he is from Preston Pans ( I think), the fans would love it. It would get plenty of publicity for the club and the league.
  4. He was and still is a great player and would bang in the goals if he were to go there.
  5. A bit of training might get him in to shape, he will never lose his ability
  6. A guy at work said he heard that Gary O Connor might be going to train/sign with Preston Athletic. If this were true it would be fantastic for the club and the supporters, he is a local lad after all and he would certainly draw the crowds.
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