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  1. Watching the goals back, I loved Otoo’s reaction to both of them. I’m not a fan of filling the squad out with loan players but look at him and tell me that didn’t mean anything to him. Good football in the lead up to both goals (not shown in the Twitter clips). Who let the dog into the commentary position?
  2. Don’t think it’s an age thing. You typed “huge overall” but meant overhaul (and I agree with your point). The image depicts a giant man wearing huge dungarees (a form of overall - though only partial, rather than full overall, but all I could find at short notice before the thread moved on and my hilarious visual gag would have lost its impact. Or so I thought.
  3. Agreed. It just adds to the disconnect that the restrictions cause. That Omar elbow looks a bit more than accidental. There’s protecting yourself and there’s making sure the other guy comes off worse from a collision. It looked like the latter. Hope to see Howie in a Clyde shirt next season (and not through a distant, foggy lens).
  4. This sounds far more feasible, given the short time it took took to, seemingly, make a decision. I wondered if Doc MacLean would feature in this. It may have been the only way to make some sort of referral to the relevant authority in the time available, though. None of this is ideal.
  5. Are we now wearing white socks for luck in the same way we kept wearing black ones when our luck changed in the promotion season? I like to ask the important questions.
  6. “With” being the operative word. We’re not shown the true picture of how bad it is due to the false positive (and increasing) testing contaminating the data. Consequently, we don’t know how bad it really is. Also, how many are dying and will do so for years because of the consequences of restrictions on everyone’s lives including the denial of healthcare and the inevitable NHS cuts due to the damage to the economy? Why won’t the government give us that comparison? What convinced them stopping or delaying cancer treatment was an acceptable risk? Aren’t we entitled to know?
  7. Indeed. The government(s) refuse to listen to common sense from numerous medical and legal professionals and are going against previous pandemic planning. It seems children and healthy adults with no symptoms don’t transmit the virus but we keep testing healthy people with a flawed process that generates false positives at an alarming rate and these are presented to us as “cases”. More ICU and general ward beds free than normal for December and a London Nightingale hospital dismantled, suggesting a lack of demand, not an NHS under more pressure than normal. No evidence presented to show that the dictatorial measures work or that the many negative and fatal impacts of them can be justified. Protest about it and you could be arrested by police now instructed to ignore their declaration to respect people’s fundamental human rights (ironically, if you want to protest about the government’s lack of transparent risk assessment, you need to provide a protest risk assessment). Not enjoying the unnecessary absence from Broadwood nor the many other completely avoidable restrictions. The reparations from China should be huge.
  8. Agree we absolutely need to aim to keep a clean sheet and be difficult to beat. Once that starts happening the rest usually follows but we can’t keep doing to what we’re doing. DG is as likely to score on the break than when we’re on top.
  9. Clyde were playing into the wind - not sure which way is advantageous.
  10. We don’t know that they are infected, though. Hopefully not.
  11. Unless people have clinically diagnosed symptoms this madness needs to end. https://off-guardian.org/2020/11/20/portuguese-court-rules-pcr-tests-unreliable-quarantines-unlawful/ Best wishes to anyone who is suffering from symptoms.
  12. Nothing appearing on Falkirk TV for me. Anyone got it working?
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