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  1. My guess is Allan has been carrying an injury (thigh strapping visible) and wasn’t risked by Lennon to avoid losing him long term. He took a couple of pills in the second half yesterday so looks like he’s still playing through pain. If Cunningham hadn’t been injured, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Allan was rested again next week.
  2. Is there a non-digital season pass this year?
  3. Somebody make this happen https://mjm-sports.co.uk/product/umbro-tempest-jersey-ss-white-vermillion-umtm0322-2m1/
  4. That’s astonishing (assuming it’s for real, though it looks genuine). Wrong war and wrong side or is it just being “inclusive”?
  5. The problem is that they will believe anyone that disagrees with their view is not a true Clyde fan - so much so that they cannot conceive of the potential for damage by taking the stance they took. The whole “kicking the club when it’s down” (where have we heard that before?) attitude reeks of unjustified hubris (just as it did elsewhere a decade ago). It appears that the, now-absent, posters were likely an attempt at a P&B media campaign to sway opinion. Had I known there was an influential group pushing for this catastrophic decision, I would likely have tried to contact the club to put my opposing view across (for what it’s worth). In trying to save my club, the GB would view me as not being a true fan. It doesn’t matter what Clyde fans think of DG - the response from outside our bubble was always going to dictate how this played out. Events in Kirkcaldy made that all too clear and inevitable.
  6. In this seemingly alternative universe, how long before Raith offer to pay Clyde to share at Starks?
  7. Don’t have one. Was asking HH to confirm my suspicion but without necessarily naming names.
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