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  1. To be fair, the Clunge seems to have lived through a 'tomultous' experience. That might explain some of the grammar-related nonsense. Nothing, however, explains 'eightyix' . Is it Latin?
  2. Just like Elixir I'm keen to avoid sounding patronising. That said, I want to praise the vast majority of opposing fans I've come across this season. Hearts had been in the top league for so long that a lot of us had forgotten that the 'wee' teams exist. I'd certainly forgotten that a Cowdenbeath or Queens fan's enjoyment of supporting their team is just as important and valid as an Aberdeen fan's or a Dundee United fan's. The difference is that fans of the bigger clubs could learn quite a bit from the wee team fans. We could learn how to win and lose with good humour. We could learn how to warmly welcome visitors to their town/city ( a special bow here to the QoS guys). The highlights of this season for me are not restricted to what happened on the pitch. They include two wonderful trips to Dumfries, the Beer festival in Kirkcaldy, and seeing Hearts fans applaud 100 Cowden fans at full time yesterday. Other great memories are the night-time kick-off at Falkirk (great hospitality all day in the boozer near the station), meeting the Raith guys on Remembrance week-end, the cancelled game at Cowden and the resulting piss-up in the Goth, and singing all those daft songs with the young yins up in Section G corner. I've immensely enjoyed this season. The results have been great, but the genuine friendliness and good humour of our new found friends will be the lasting memory. I know a few Hearts fans (myself included) who will have mixed feelings about leaving this league to go back to the eye-watering drudgery of away games at St Mirren, Dundee and Motherwell. Thanks.
  3. It was an Airfix-type model shop. The owner was friendly and knowledgeable. As for Cowdenbeath as a whole, I was made to feel very welcome wherever I went and I had a whale of a time. I'm warming to this league. Maybe we should look at some areas of Gorgie and Dalry before we slag off the wee towns we are getting to visit this season. Just a thought.
  4. I had an absolutely magnificent day. We ended up in the sound-proofed pool room thing in the Old Goth. Three pints for considerably les than £8.00. At one point I popped out for a hair cut. Best cut I've had in months. Popped into a model shop across the road from the Goth and had a friendly and interesting chat with the owner(next time I'm def. putting money in his till). Very friendly locals in the pubs. Good chat. Great sing-songs. What a feckin great day out. Got home completely bladdered. Well done the good people of Beath. I'll certainly be back.
  5. A wee tune we've been singing for a week or two: Don't sack McCoist // Alistair McCoist / You just don't have 900 grand / But if you sack McCoist / Alistair McCoist, you'll have another admin on your hands Repeat ad naus..
  6. Every derby you prove yourselves to be stunts. Or something similar.
  7. Looking forward to welcoming friendly (but competitive and proud) away fans to Gorgie. What a relief after the last couple of weeks of bile and shite.
  8. It was great to meet you guys on Saturday Morning. My sons and I would love to meet you in Kirkaldy before the next game. Anyway, good luck this season boys, you certainly deserved something from yesterday. That was the hardest game we have had so far,
  9. A few days ago some RR fans said that they would be laying a wreath at Haymarket at 11.00 on Saturday morning. There are a few Hearts fans (certainly me and me sons at least) who would want to meet you and lend our moral support. So my question is....is this still going ahead?
  10. Well done to the twelve or so lads at the top of the stand who comfortably outsung the Hearts fans. A word of praise too for your #6. He had a great game, especially in the second half when you were under a bit of pressure. Good luck for the coming season.
  11. The entire rotting edifice that is the SFA. One way or another, Hearts fans give it to them tight every week.
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