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  1. I've not been able to keep up with all the comments. I'm not a Raith supporter so wanted to express my sympathies for those Raith supporters who have been associated with a despicable human being due to the actions of a board that lost all sense of reality. We've all had our share of idoiotic boards and owners decisions however the Raith's board decision may be the worst in living memory. I believe the victim in Goodwillie's civil case is still owed money. Would it be possible for Raith to divert any monies owed to her from what they will now owe Goodwillie? Also I would hope that some journalist or other is asking Clyde's management why they thought it was ok to have him in their team for so long. Partly to avoid Clyde or any other club getting any ideas of re-signing him and partly to ensure they don't get off without scrutiny for their decisions.
  2. This was a particularly rich period for crazy decision making at Firhill. In the previous season we had finally managed to bin Benny Rooney (who arguably put out even worse teams than Johnstone) brought back Bertie Auld who was set what looked like an impossible challenge of keeping us in the league with only 7 games remaining Auld won 3 and drew 3 of the 7 which kept us up with a bit to spare and had the Thistle support looking forward to season 86/87 with Auld in charge of what would surely be a team chasing promotion. However Ken Bates then bought the club in June, discarded Auld, decided to appoint Johnstone even though Johnstone wasn't really wanting to be a manager and the rest is a horrific nightmare that didn't really start to turn around until Lambie was appointed in 1988. Even then we still had some hilarity left in us by appointing Sandy Clark and the board issuing statements via the matchday programme such as the infamous "letter to the Boo Boys" - https://partickthistleahistory.wikifoundry.com/club-directory/boardroom/1990-letter-to-the-boo-boys/
  3. I thought we were ok last night. Seemed more a pre-season friendly pace to the game but the result never really looked in doubt. Midfield and up front looks good. Having 2 regular goalscorers in the championship will be more than most other teams have. Tuner, Bannigan and Dochetry are a midfield 3 most other championship clubs would bite your arm off for. However back 4 and wide areas need work. Tiffoney doesn't look 100% fit but he is at least able to operate in wide areas. Murray is as he has always been - better as a sub and only really shows in in flashes what he is capable of. MacIver setup the first goal and did ok but he's really not a winger. McKenna still looks akward at right back. Niang looked a bit clunky on the ball and could probably do with being loaned out to a league 1 team who will play him as a regular centrehalf so he gets a bit more comfortable on the ball. Sneddon was ok last night but still not convincing. Foster, Holt and Bell did decent jobs apart from Fosters brainfart at the end. Every game without Brownlie just shows how big a loss he is. Need at least one centre half, possibly two. We also need a winger and another midfielder as cover. Anyone know whats happened to O'Ware? Surely if he he is fit and not playing his time at firhill is coming to an end and if he's injured again surely its also time up?
  4. Anyone started a book on Murphy's replacement yet? I See Stephen Purcell is in the Scottish Sunday Times trying to get himself noticed
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