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  1. Can any admin on here advise if the unread posts remaining will be resolved as it's not offering a good user experience!
  2. Injuries to key players early on meant changes to personnel and shape, this didn't help our chances, Goalkeeper also struggling to kick from 15 mins into the game. Clydebank deserved winners. [emoji1474]
  3. I'm I'm also on Android.
  4. I'm the same, I've ticked remove read and even when marking a full forum read it's still not greying out and pretty much making it frustrating to use, can this be fixed on the new update ASAP. Cheers
  5. Bellshill 3 Vale of Clyde 4 FT 4 nil up and then comeback from Bellshill late on in game. Vale of Clyde scorers: Kerr Christie (2) Little
  6. Great post JustaGoalie [emoji57][emoji1433][emoji1433][emoji1433]
  7. It always was today, we were always looking for a favour from Annbank, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out.
  8. Surely you can say its a tough one to take in the case where you lose by one goal to get promoted, there's fine lines in football and this is certainly one for us this season. We've wished promoted teams including Carluke all the best.
  9. Brilliant stuff from the players and the gaffer Mackay14 [emoji1433][emoji1433][emoji1433]
  10. FT Vale of Clyde 2 Ashfield 0
  11. Ref today was very poor, out of his depth in fact.
  12. We went one nil up in 4 mins with a goal from Nicky Fraser, Forth equalised on 13 minutes, 2nd goal for Forth in the 37th minute, 2-1 to them at HT,we had a strong wind behind us in the first half but didn't make use of it and it pretty much spoiled the game, the wind seemed to die down in the 2nd half when the rain came on, we were better team in 2nd half and the 3 subs on in last 25 minutes worked and we got equaliser in 85th minute through Lee Martin and winner in 87th minute through Sam Donald. We should've got a 4th when Sam Donald was right through in the 89th minute but hit the goalie with it. Good win, good character from team in 2nd half.
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