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  1. Yeh 18 mins to go, Joe Beckley and others basically ran into park 5 mins before game, couple of stretches and runs then straight into game. Played well that night could've been more albeit we had a scare at the end. [emoji1417]
  2. That's correct and we won one nil that night....[emoji4]
  3. I've been an advocate for years of season running from March till November, as many have said players go on holiday throughout the year, playing Saturday, Wednesday during the better(Warmer) weather might re-engage alot of players back.
  4. Vale of Clyde v Johnstone Burgh Game OFF
  5. I don't think not having corner flags ever lost a team a game.....on an astro pitch in conditions like yesterday, no chance of remaining upright....
  6. Good luck today to big Raymond, spoke to him recently at our game v Lugar, top man. [emoji1474]
  7. FT: Ardeer 0 Vale of Clyde 3 Scorers: Christie, Turner and Currie.
  8. Vale of Clyde 4 St Anthony's 1 Goals: Currie, Nicky Fraser, McGillveray, Turner [emoji838][emoji836][emoji1474]
  9. Can any admin on here advise if the unread posts remaining will be resolved as it's not offering a good user experience!
  10. Injuries to key players early on meant changes to personnel and shape, this didn't help our chances, Goalkeeper also struggling to kick from 15 mins into the game. Clydebank deserved winners. [emoji1474]
  11. I'm I'm also on Android.
  12. I'm the same, I've ticked remove read and even when marking a full forum read it's still not greying out and pretty much making it frustrating to use, can this be fixed on the new update ASAP. Cheers
  13. Bellshill 3 Vale of Clyde 4 FT 4 nil up and then comeback from Bellshill late on in game. Vale of Clyde scorers: Kerr Christie (2) Little
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