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  1. Went in the shop on Saturday to renew mines and the two kids seasons tickets (u12) was told I couldn’t renew the kids season tickets unless I had the kids passports? Anyone else been told this. I’ve renewed season tickets for years and never been asked this.
  2. See cammy Kerr been busyif anyone wants to see just look at Jane park’s instagram
  3. The game against ayr on the 11th March will be postponed due to them still being in the cup.
  4. Happy new year fella’s. Hopefully another 3 points tomorrow. has anyone been able to read the paper regarding Dundee boss Gary Bowyer on January signings, Niall McGinn’s future and player contracts. Without having to give that paper anymoney!!!!!
  5. I really thought mcginn would have been a big player this season but he’s definitely not the same player that was at Aberdeen a few seasons ago. Waste of a wage.
  6. Players I’d like to see kept are the young boys, out the rest that are out of contact I’d be looking to keep McMullan, the rest I’m not to fussed about sweeney this year has been hit or miss.
  7. I’ve not posted in here for years but anyone else abit worried that it’s getting closed to January and a number of players are out of contact in the summer meaning they can sign pre contracts with other clubs.
  8. @Tesco what you playing at no @krispykremeUK doughnuts in Montrose....where am I going to get them now #unhappycustomer #doughnuts

  9. Only player I hope is here next season is @62ckerr true Dee gives 100% everytime he puts on the shirt #thedee

  10. RT @LewisCapaldi: been a mad 24 hours with so many of these selling out in seconds after they went on sale yesterday! ???????????? yellow square me…

  11. @CadburyUK went in five shops today to get a creme egg and every shop they were all open ????????????????#nothappy

  12. When your in the overgate and your misses says that’s @RorySpeed the guy out hollyoaks and your like Na it’s no so… https://t.co/VgaupcpwH1

  13. Check out this iPhone game I'm playing called Soccer Tycoon https://t.co/PYvrixKPht

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