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  1. i dont understand the team selection. not very attacking but very defensive. are we playing for a draw
  2. is a striker to sign today7???? i hope so then we are hopefully complete to compete this term
  3. i think every one must respect his decision. hes given his reasons so no need for idle conjecture. its been a pleaseure having you as part of our team. good luck for the future christof.
  4. i suggest poplatnik will be back with us by the end of this week. also look out for 2 scaninavions coming in too.
  5. the point tx is do wales Northern ireland or england suffer the same problems ir is it maybe scottish incompetence causingb the issue
  6. ànd why not. you dont live in the uk tx but in a very racist country. those who blame brexit for everything are utter cretins.
  7. i have heard we are in for 2 Scandinavians. but only a rumour mind you
  8. we appear to be giving a lot of free kicks away plus the penalty. not good
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