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  1. I find myself musing that, over most of your contributions Jupe, such an angry wee gnome. Imagine the flip side, a guy from Burnley living in Falkirk posting similar on a regular basis. You don’t think he’d get short shrift on here? Hmmmm
  2. And what if a vote for No, can Britain still go f*ck itself? You’re playing to the gallery on here it’s clear, nothing else. You moan like f*ck on P&B constantly about where you live in England and continually disparage your townsfolk. You contribute nothing but complaints about where you currently reside, reckon they’ll be f*ckin glad to see you leave, I know I would.
  3. Congrats and good luck in the final Ballinamallard, hope the whole club and fans have a great day out and a result!
  4. Mon Leeds keep it going, would fuckin love to see the mighty Whites go up!
  5. Some decent stuff across the park tonight against a poor Hearts side. Scant consolation for points we’ve dropped recently including what should have been a hard earned point last Sunday. FF.
  6. Yep, just that one single photo, a very simple but complete depiction of C*ltic Football Club. Thanks for sharing.
  7. The rules on deliberately fouling a player off the ball, with the intention of provoking a reaction seem pretty clear to me, Brown doesn’t play within them. You don’t see that, but call ME stupid. Aye right.![emoji849] Jeez, I’m oot.
  8. Yeah seriously. Morelos reaction is unforgivable but Browns cynical intention was clear. He fouls his opponent and is rewarded for his actions. If Morelos ignores him and runs back into position, Brown follows him and continues to niggle until he gets the bite he’s after. It’s only a matter of time, and would be with most players, never mind someone as temperamental as the targeted Morelos. Is that really an acceptable part of the game? I can’t think of any other sport where it’s so casually tolerated.
  9. Just going back to the ‘Football’ for a minute, the Liner sees Morelos lash out and is rightly sent off. Scott Brown initiates the incident (however wrong the idiotic retaliation is) deliberately clipping Morelos with a sly dig from behind, nowhere near play, but stays on the park. A fair and impartial decision would have been to send them both packing. Brown knows exactly what he’s doing, it isn’t within the laws of the game, but he goes unpunished and his team rewarded. How can that be right?
  10. Leckie sums up Browns actions pretty well, and people seriously question why there’s disorder at Old Firm games when you’ve got this clown determined to pour petrol on the flames of an already volatile fixture for 90 mins. Many will say he did his job getting Morelos dismissed, fair enough if that’s what you want from your club captain, including the rest of his mindless antics, but surely he has to accept some responsibility for the unwanted trouble that follows. I won’t excuse Morelos, but it seems Brown is not only condoned in his behaviour as a player but positively encouraged, especially when it comes to winding up the h** b*stards. Jeez.
  11. How could any of us be happy with how this season has turned out, another loss to that mob and getting nowhere near in competing for honours across the board. I’ll stick with SG in the hope that he really DOES want to turn things around at our Club. I’m sure he knows that second best won’t cut it.
  12. You’re right pal, we attract the best, including the national side.
  13. You think any other decent, aspiring Manager up here has any other intention? Why the f*ck would you want to manage a club in Scotland?
  14. Yep I do, the worse thing for the Club right now would be for SG to throw in the towel and admit this gig isn’t for him. He accepted a huge job in terms of its expectations, I hope he picks up the gauntlet and shows that his managerial abilities can stretch beyond Neil Lennon. The views of the rest of the desperate band waggon on here don’t really matter do they. It’s us Vs them.
  15. Gutted, deserved a point this afternoon only to waste all that hard work so carelessly late on. Morales can GTF now for me, if someone will have him. 5 reds this term ffs, it takes a special kind of stupid to be outsmarted by Scott fuckin Broon. The League was over before today though, to take something from the game would have been a small consolation. Hope SG can dust himself down now, see that he’s still only just starting out, pick the team up and start his preparation plans for the Summer. We’ve a f*ckin long way to go.
  16. This. One of the real beauties of working away from home occasionally, a quiet teatime pint with the evening paper. And yep, not a busy bar, just a quiet dusty old boozer, to while away an hour, just smashing.
  17. Better programme tonight, not as ‘shouty’ and some improved audience contributions on recent editions.
  18. Sorry, but given the lack of concrete evidence to bring about charges and a trial after 12 years, a random abduction remains a distinct probability.
  19. How do medical researchers calculate the prevalence of any other psychiatric disorder?
  20. I’m not suggesting that someone was purposefully on the prowl that evening Serge, rather that she unfortunately presented herself as an opportunity to someone, who made a snap decision to do her harm, instead of returning her to safety. It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility nowadays sadly.
  21. Research conducted by the NCA back in 2015 reported that 1 in 35 men in the UK have paedophilic tendencies. Would it be hugely different in Portugal and therefore not such an uncommon occurrence?
  22. Watched the Netflix series, interesting stuff but haven’t changed my mind. Think she woke up, perhaps distressed, wandered out of an unlocked door, disorientated looking for her parents and was snatched by an opportunist with wrongful intentions, never to be seen again. Wrong place, wrong time. Don’t think the McCanns had anything directly to do with her disappearance, other than their obvious neglect and downright carelessness.
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