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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Vast swathes of their core vote aren’t though. Corbyn could never win Middle England either now. A Labour/SNP pact isn’t even a remote possibility. A general election won’t solve anything on Brexit but a further frustrating delay to most punters.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

  3. Don’t recall any celebrations whatsoever visiting family and friends in Belfast/Antrim as a youngster, but times have changed. It was always seen as ‘their day out’. Had a cracking day out today in Ballyclare with some great food, music and a few beers, what’s not to like!? [emoji846]
  4. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    ‘Not much more than superficial need for Soldier leniency’!? Hmmm, I’m not so sure!! Reckon there is still a sense of deep frustration that the work of the now disbanded HET centred on the pursuit of security personnel and concerns over expediency and parity are justified. Rightly or wrongly this case will only add to that anger.
  5. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    Soldier F admitted his involvement in the shootings at the beginning of the enquiry? I’m just unsure how anyone at this stage can prove his motivations or what threat he believed he was under (or otherwise) amidst all the other contributing factors that afternoon in the Bogside, let alone uncover the forensic evidence to support a conviction. It hasn’t been forthcoming to date, the albeit genuine desire for some sort of justice alone cannot be allowed to dismiss this even after 47 years. (ETA, apologies, meant to be in reply to Ali91’s post above, Cheers.)
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    As previously stated, the courts must then test his assertion without prejudice or influence, is this really plausible? The pressure to appease is so desperately heightened in this case. How can this guy who is nothing but a scapegoat possibly receive a fair trial?
  7. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    In the context of the present Inquiry, there is no question of the Tribunal having any power to remove or diminish the rights, liberties or freedoms of anyone. It is not the function of an Inquiry of the present kind to determine rights and obligations of any nature. Its task, set by Parliament, is to inquire into and report upon the events on Sunday 30th January 1972 which led to loss of life in connection with the procession in Londonderry on that day, taking account of any new information relevant to events on that day. The Inquiry cannot be categorized as a trial of any description. Unlike the courts it cannot decide the guilt (or innocence) of any individual or make any order in its report. Our task is to investigate the events of Bloody Sunday, to do our best to discover what happened on that day and to report the results of our investigations. It accordingly follows that the considerations that led the courts in the cases cited to require proof to a very high standard before making orders that affected the rights, liberties and freedoms of individuals are no guide to the task entrusted to the Tribunal. His words not mine.
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    And Soldier F is at the centre of both these accusations? The ballistics of over a hundred rounds discharged from multiple weapons will prove this? This evidence has only just become available? How?
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    In which case the evidence against this former soldier must be tested fairly and without prejudice if that’s possible after all this time, such exposure and political involvement. It’s impossibly unfair however to think that a young squaddie isn’t just as prone to error or a lack of judgement, just as human and imperfect as his neighbour based on his choice of ‘career’ alone . That he wears a uniform, makes him a legitimate target yet he must uphold the highest standard of lawful behaviour in return irrespective of the circumstances and challenges he is surrounded by. He must be above and beyond reproach always! It’s a tough ask, especially given the unique conditions of the troubles in Northern Ireland. There were certainly enough common criminals who were released early under the guise of their ‘paramilitary’ connections. Why were they afforded such special treatment, if not an attempt to draw a line under all of the convictions secured amidst the troubles. Perhaps in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, could the Individual involved admit his guilt, be charged, convicted and then immediately pardoned? Would this satisfy and appease those who still seek prosecution. Thousands of other families have been asked to consider and accept exactly the same.
  10. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    Despite the misgivings of some into certain parts of the report, the Saville enquiry was pretty clear in where the overall responsibility should lie, it wasn’t on the shoulders of one single squaddie sent in to quell a riot.
  11. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    Indeed, ONE young low ranking soldier to be charged from the mayhem and catastrophic consequences of that day 47 years ago. Who knows what was going through the mind of Soldier F, or what pressure he was under and what orders he might have been following? Did he just lose control and panic or did he deliberately open fire on stone throwing protesters amidst the intense rioting that afternoon? Did he truthfully and purposefully take aim at unarmed non-combatants? Was he deliberately guided in the submission of his evidence and the justification of opening fire? We don’t know, and probably never will. But so long as some ‘Fuckwit’ (your unhelpful suggestion) carries the can it will suffice. The families demand justice, but this isn’t it by some distance, not for the protagonists on either side of those actually involved.
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday.

  13. Bob Mortimer

    Superb! Gets Dundee mixed up with Dumfries though but isn’t picked up on it. ‘The Owl sanctuary’ and the ‘Hair Cut for an Egg sandwich’ at the 82 World Cup are equally funny as f*ck on WILTY.
  14. Question Time

    Ain’t a fan of Blackford who is usually just another insufferable windbag when he gets this gig. Thought he was calm and measured last night however and spoke more sense than the rest of the panel put together (no disrespect to the European Law expert, to his left). Beginning to agree more and more that audience is rigged though and that Fiona Bruce after a decent start is getting dragged into presenting some sort of freak-games show.