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  1. When will indyref2 happen?

    My generation did ok Pep, surely the responsibility now lies in trying to ensure that those who follow get the same chance.
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    Recall saying this on the night of the EU Ref result, and given the current disarray at Westminster, there’s no way a 2nd IndyRef could be contested within the next 3 years at least. It pains me to say it, but the damage that will inevitably ensue, will provide the biggest impetus in reversing the 2014 vote. Those in favour of an Independent Scotland will just have to sit tight until they are handed it on a plate. Can Scotland withstand the pain in the meantime? I think the pragmatic answer to that is becoming increasingly clear. Does the Union in its current guise (following Brexit) offer the best chance of prosperity for the next generation in Scotland? Sadly, I feel that it doesn’t.
  3. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Think that’s perhaps how I might have felt asking for one tbh. A little rude and intrusive to take one without asking perhaps, she was in a Portaloo at the time! [emoji46]
  4. Tidy Scottish Newsreaders

    Eilidh Barbour looking tremendous at Gullane earlier today! No pics I’m afraid![emoji853]
  5. Sold out at Schomberg![emoji6]
  6. Question Time

    I think I posted previously that just because Scotland voted to remain within the UK in 2014, it didn’t allow the UK Government a free run on ignoring the overwhelming view of Scots to remain in the EU. We were assured that the safest way to secure continued membership was to remain within the Union. Instead we are being dragged out of it. It’s a massive game changer for me and one of the conditions that would justify a 2nd Ref. It’s impossible to argue against it. I couldn’t support the likes of Ian Blackford and the SNP leading us into Independence but that’s not to say they will continue to hold sway at Holyrood, if that day eventually arrives does it? The ‘Unionists’ who support Brexit are the ones who will ultimately be responsible for the break up of the UK. It’s baffling that most of them still can’t see that, or perhaps they just don’t give a shite. Either way, the current circus at Westminster benefits no one in Scotland, I would understand completely if a 2nd Ref returned a Yes vote JLD.
  7. Aye, it seems there are those who will stop at nothing to bring mayhem and violence back onto the streets, thankfully their numbers do appear to be small. Detection, conviction & incarceration to follow hopefully.
  8. Aye, I guess you’re right, there’s plenty of small steps that can be taken in the meantime though, Stormont might be in disarray but perhaps it’s a chance to fill in the gaps.
  9. Wish they’d ALL pack it in JG, there’s still plenty of room for manoeuvre and balance. No one I know back over the water, wants to return to what you’ve had in recent generations in Northern Ireland.
  10. Yes of course JG, but the implication being that this incident was a direct result of the OO marching season and that those culpable are one and the same, it just isn’t true. Perhaps in the same way that most Nationalists would roundly condemn the reckless sectarian disorder, that has seen successive nights of petrol bomb attacks and stoning of the Fountain in Derry. The Tar brush has many bristles on here.
  11. In what way was it connected to the Orange Order JacksGranda?
  12. Aye I read that (start of this month?) terrible, and pure scum who were involved, I assumed the above poster was talking about the parades yesterday.
  13. Of course, where and when did this happen!?[emoji47]
  14. Just giving my own perspective on yesterday’s parade(s), but I guess if you have something else to offer, seems you have a captive audience to share it with. Go for it?
  15. A wonderful carnival was enjoyed by all those who attended in Ballyclare thanks. Elsewhere, seems Brian O’Driscoll enjoyed the Lambegs in Loughall and Brendan Griffin TD was warmly welcomed at the start of the main Belfast Parade too! Things seem to be moving on step by step eh?