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  1. Not been on here for a while. Interested to know if we have been linked with any players for loan deals?
  2. We need a player who can play left back and left mid who will put pressure on Hammy and Linn to get the best out of them. Hammy can be a back up for centre defence so this player could slot into left back if Hammy was needed to move position. Also need a Striker. Not sure who is available but need a really good goal poacher / target man with pace and an eye for goal. A Centre midfielder is needed who can command the centre of the park. I can see McKenna being used as a Striker again until we sign another striker. Even though I think he is a fantastic player he doesn't score enough. Its simple as that, we need more goals. McGuigan could be a good shout. Aside from that, I am not sure who there is but it will probably be a loan deal. As long as it is not a failing like the wee guy we got from Dumbarton a couple seasons ago. Know of any players who would be a good shout to get on loan?
  3. Need cover for LB and LM, another striker or 2 and maybe cover for CB too.
  4. When you get married and football chants take over the wedding reception! VID_25100410_064455_086.mp4 VID_25100410_010203_669.mp4 VID_25100409_180638_461.mp4
  5. Tbh he does need a kick to the bawz Harsh! Trouten is an attacking midfielder though.
  6. Wouldnt mind seeing Trouten sign for us. He scrores a lot for being a midfielder. Doubt he'll leave Alloa though.
  7. Wallace has said he doesnt know where these rumours are coming from. He said he is still under contract.
  8. Danny Denholm has left Arbroath and joined East Fife.
  9. I believe we tried to sign McGuigan in January so there is a possibility. Nathan Austin from Inverness has been linked but full time football may persuade him. Don't know if he is good enough either as I do not know much about him.
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