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  1. Talbot and medda will must hate the site of each senior scottish cup twice in the league south challenge cup potentially the scottish junior cup, would of been some joy if they got each other in the west
  2. He is currently one of the first team coaches at arthurlie just now only joining a couple of months ago I cant seem him leaving this early
  3. Scottish Junior cup shocker Gartcairn 6-0 Beith
  4. Scottish Junior cup Glasgow Perthshire 1-6 Arthurlie
  5. https://twitter.com/BellshillA1903/status/1450919697336217618?s=20
  6. every team bar one will get pumped oot so phone pronto haha
  7. 2 sending off for the challenges, Coach Should get 8-10 football ban, couple of few weeks suspension for each team players
  8. Would like the idea of the old junior had top 2 division non regionalized then 3rd and 4th divison regionalized help the lower down club save money and potential for bigger dates if they are playing more local teams
  9. game between arthurlie and shotts on the 6th of November will be a massive game to decide where the league tittle goes
  10. thought they might have tried playing the 27th and the 3rd since most people will be off and keep it as local as possible like in conference a Johnstone burgh playing arthurlie
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