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  1. So much of a cup boycott. ... Mind you , Im sure after that pumping the players may have wished they had....
  2. Unfortunately for you Mr O'connor has shred most of the weight. Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. 1st question is who is to blame for non payment. The gaffer for offering them daft contracts that the top teams wouldnt pay or the club. A lot of average players thinking they are big time signing unrealistic contracts that will never be paid.
  3. Which players?? Can't see that being the case EVER
  4. SBKD


    Rumour has it that Steve Forrest has lost his full back room staff and player unrest has started already. season still 2weeks away. Any truth in this??
  5. Have to agree, but for a club like hutchie ,they should have Had their house in order years ago with licence and Ground at a higher standard. They've let average clubs take over them and need to get back to the top. This famous club must have produced more players than any academy in Scotland and now need to step up.
  6. Interesting. ...where is Steve forrest moving to?
  7. 20s league is a great thing to develop future 1st team players. Don't agree with a Friday night tho. If having it as a development league it needs to be played at the start of the week so promising talent can step up to 1st team if needed.
  8. Them being steve forrest or selkirk? No chance the 1st licenced club in borders would give up LL to join a mickey mouse run EOS league that refused them entry last season for a reserve team.
  9. I'll retract my last statement. ...Selkirk pumped 7-0. 10 players started the game, one of them being their assistant manager!!! Finished the game with 9 players due to injury of a player in 1st half. Any one know what's going on?
  10. If true they must have been left with a decent squad as the drew 1-1 with the Spartans.
  11. The EKFC TV lad is a genius. ...turned around in less than 48hours. this time. Hats off to you sir! !!
  12. Looks like 60 hours was long enough. Very professional from Ekfc TV. ...
  13. Was there any need to act like a twat ? Simple not yet would do.... Tbh not like you need to up load many highlights as you have 6 goals from the game.
  14. Nothing from the midweek game ?6-0?
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