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  1. 99% right. Maggie gave out the medals at the 88 cup final which funnily enough Utd also led 1-0 after 75 mins and lost 2-1, im sure you Dundee fans also enjoyed that like I did My poser obviously referred to 1985 cup final and Davie Provan's stunning free kick equaliser Next up?
  2. A bit like the film line quiz Answer the question correctly then set the next question Name the scorer and match....if you want to be a smart arse add the result and even a YouTube clip but when setting next question asterisk obvious spoilers like goalscorers name, teams etc Wee example if I set "Hes got Valdano to his right, Burruchaga to his left, oh but he doesnt need any of them, you have to say thats magnificent" The correct answer would be Maradona 2nd goal v England 1986 Heres your starter "Only twice in the history of the Scottish Cup have goals been scored direct from a free kick, is this a bit of history? IT IS.. ..××××× ××××××"
  3. People who put shite up like that whether they have kids or not should be executed, no trial, pick-axe through the fucking skull
  4. Craig Killie is a decent statto along with HibeeJibee and not deserving of a place on here Decent poster and good c**t Actually just realised in my nominations I ommitted that rocket Sophia, strikes as me as the type who would cut her mans baws off for ogling some bird on Strictly or something similar
  5. 3-30 kick off up here for some odd reason Meaning copious amounts of bevvy and a sickie on monday for me As for the game, RC have been quite brilliant this calender year, staggering turn around from a manager who, after being punted by Dunfermline was tipped to crash and burn here. Fair play he's done some job. 2-1 Celtic. Griffiths (2) & Boyce on the scoresheet
  6. No wonder, all the pelters you get for being a perma raging jakey old fuckwit Just saying eh, dont shoot the messenger and all that
  7. Dont worry about it mate, I've had several vodka and cokes and just heading out for a curry and a bottle of wine with a wee pint of Kingfisher to wash it down Id advise you to do similar, I often do, win lose or draw
  8. Thats a bit like Dawn French calling Vanessa Feltz a fat b*****d Or you calling out 8mile for responding to everything ......while quoting him and responding to him constantly
  9. All the more pleasing. No blowing us kisses and cupping his ear at us today like he was a few weeks ago
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