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  1. If that was the list then you are hoping for Macedonia or Ukraine at Hampden followed by a home tie avoiding Italy/Portugal. Even away to some of the teams is not much different to drawing Serbia away. Hopefully ladyluck shines and we don't even play any seeded teams. The likes of Czech or Poland could very easily take a scalp in the first game.
  2. As we are out of Europe and the League Cup it's 18 men squads and only 3 subs from here on in. Senior squad is 26 Lewis, Woods (2) Ramsay, Gurr (2) Bates, Gallagher, McCrorie, Devlin, Considine (5) Mackenzie, Hayes (2) Brown, Ferguson, Campbell, Ojo, McGeouch, Jenks, Longstaff (7) McLennan, Kennedy, Hedges, McGinn, Watkins (5) Ramirez, JET, Samuels (3) Not including Ruth, Ngwenya and Hancock etc. So you've got 6 of them not stripped every week and 12 of them not playing every week. Should be well covered to absorb 3-4 injuries every game.
  3. I wouldn't read anything in to the lack of photos of Ferguson. It seemed like there has only been photos of a handful of the squad. Maybe 5? Less than 10 anyway?
  4. Cosgrove and McInnes didn't speak after he turned down the France move. Big Sam and Logan will be about the only two ex players Derek does not try to re-sign when he gets his next job.
  5. Not like Scott Burns to be beaten to the punch by Sky Sports News and the Iceman.
  6. I'd suspect Ramsay and Mackenzie will be in the u21's when the call offs start rolling in
  7. The pitch will hinder Qarabag more than us I think. Fingers crossed for a shitfest.
  8. He'll be on a fair whack now so fair play to him. The Dons have been played here. We'll go hide in the corner now.
  9. Not clear if it's going to be them clawing some of the £2M back that they put in previously but he is only on loan. So a permanent transfer will need done at some point. I don't think he'll be back providing he stays in the team and presuming there is no dramatic change in the exec management at Atlanta.
  10. Atlanta could make a quick buck here as they owe us £850k for Hernandez in January.
  11. Cool story that one. He won't be signing a new contract unless Hibs do something stupid like make him their best paid player in the last 20 years
  12. He is keen on the move, and it's been discussed for a long time
  13. I'm sure we'll know before too long if the deal is a no go this month as Hibs will come out and confirm as much. If they avoid saying anything then maybe it is a go-er? I'm sure we'd have something to say if Dundee Utd bid £500k for Ramirez or Ramsay.
  14. No word on tv? I see Premier have announced the St Johnstone first leg and Celtic second leg but no news on any of the other ties as of yet?
  15. I think you would be outvoted by the fans who would take a punt on Boyle.
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