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  1. Coefficientwatch

    europa qr3 would be something
  2. Coefficientwatch

    What does being 19th (or hopefully higher) really mean?
  3. Stephen Ireland to score the winner in the semi!
  4. Rodgers will be away to the first EPL job going. whomever is bottom around october/november
  5. even though they held on to Boyata and signed an international centre back? They know the price and are out of the reckoning
  6. no Gauld or Christie. Gauld moving to lower leagues in Portugal and Christie will either stay at Celtic or move to Hibs
  7. Apparently Celtic won't be selling anyone today and majority of the players are in the huff about it.
  8. Dons updated for Lowe signing
  9. Not sure if you're having a laugh here, but Lowe was given the 22 shirt and training kit including jacket etc. and then 5 minutes before the press shoot got changed to 29. Kit man looks a bit silly as he is not wearing matching kit in some of the photos
  10. Quite possible that we have moved to front of queue for Christie and had only been progressing Gauld as a backup? who knows but I think DM will fill the 22 shirt this week
  11. Whats the Lowe down on Pittodrie bound Max? #intoon
  12. anyway who knows if it'll come off but confirmed in Portugese media that Dons have submitted an offer to loan Gauld for the season
  13. Where do you think they'll end up? Gauld is not registered for Sporting so he needs to go somewhere tomorrow or Friday. Christie is out of contract in May so almost last chance for them to get a fee for him. Retaining him for the last year of his deal would cost them upwards of £200k. They'd need to use him occasionally to justify that.
  14. Id be surprised if we dont sign one of Christie or Gauld
  15. Agree with this. It's difficult to see how a specialist full back would even fit in. Any games that are beyond tough - McInnes would favour Consi for his strength/set pieces unless the player was a huge upgrade (almost you'd say has to be international class). Any games that are shootey in against a diddy team - McInnes would favour Shinnie to get more attacking players on the pitch That doesn't leave many oppportunties for a left back and signing a right back would be even more baffling