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  1. Lewis Ferguson

    Is it true that Hamilton are due £500k when Docherty plays 15 games for Rangers? Is that why they've been dragging their heels over that 15th game?
  2. Lewis Ferguson

    We still discussing the £400k suggestion? No way that's true and the dons will be expecting it to be less at the end not part of the process.
  3. new bid in for Lafferty. would Rangers fans expect to sign two strikers before the deadline? would you be hoping for better quality than Lafferty. Good striker and great goal at the weekend but not someone that is going to have the other teams quaking in their boots (cue signs on Friday and hatrick on Sunday).
  4. Lewis Ferguson

    Docherty played 100 games, scored numerous goals and presumably went on a big wage. Ferguson complete opposite
  5. Lewis Ferguson

    I would not be surprised if the Dons had acquired the details of the Docherty transfer as part of our evidence.Scratch an agent's back in return for a favour elsewhere. Also the Kenny McLean transfer (both from St Mirren and to Norwich), Charlie Telfer tribunal and anything else to help benchmark against.Obviously our main piece of evidence will be the formula for if this was an international transfer which is presumably where the £110k comes from.
  6. Lewis Ferguson

    Will be interesting to see what happens on the 21st and before then. I'd be surprised if Hamilton aren't keen to do some negotiating themselves as there will be no % sell on, extra for a scotland cap etc if it goes to tribunal.
  7. Lewis Ferguson

    They have to pay over the majority of their best bid. I.e Aberdeen have said they have bid over £100k so they'll already have given Hamilton around £100k
  8. Lewis Ferguson

    I would be surprised if Aberdeen have offered anything like £400,000 as they have to lodge a very high percentage (90%?) of their highest bid with the selling club.
  9. Aberdeen page brought up to date. No sign of the Dons moving Tansey on at the moment. Aberdeen have left 22 spare which is the shirt Ryan Christie wore last season
  10. Interesting to see what happens but as things stand I would say more likely he ends up spl/league1 for 2019/20 than epl/championship. We pay our senior players far more than that but thats a moot point
  11. He is a long long long long way from proving he is better than Salford for next season. £30k/week is pie in the sky for his next contract short of him scoring over 30 goals this season. He has scored 9 goals to date....
  12. Gauld and Christie would be very nice indeed. Apparently we were pushing for Gauld on a permanent transfer but Sporting keen on loan. As ever with these rumours even if it is true you dont know if its become out of date with for instance Christie becoming available
  13. James Wilson... pleased with the signing and although DM made the right noises today about getting him firing and back to Man Utd I'm sure he'll be hoping he is released by Man U for us to sign on a free transfer with minimal competition.
  14. Unpopular opinion but I'd take another striker if possible and loan out Anderson. Christie on a permanent transfer long contract. Winger - cheapo if needs be but another body required Unless we are flush with cash i'd not bother with the defence as think we are well placed once everyone returns to fitness even accounting for Reynolds being out for 6-12 months