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  1. Feeling more confident than normal for Dons in this one so that probably means conceeding in the first 5-10 minutes
  2. Its hard to understand what the motive to move on three players tonight if it wasnt to make space for fresh blood
  3. Anderson to Dunfermline surely means we have another forward coming in?
  4. McInnes will get a portion of the fee. Added to yearly budget for three years
  5. Broken leg and two years older so no he wont be in top 5 players in league kind of status he was when he left. He'll still be better than a lot of players in our league though.
  6. A dundee super team would be the biggest side in the country. No brainer
  7. Very possible that Wright goes out this week
  8. Anyone got the postponement and replay dates for the three games this week?
  9. Personally I dont believe there is any truth in Celtic following up their interest in Celtic but if there was then interesting to see if they make another move this month rather than compete in the summer when AFC will likely be actively touting him down in England.
  10. Scott Wright needs a loan move to give him any chance of making it as a regular at any top flight team (see Cammy Smith career otherwise). Easy to add 2+2 and guess interest in Cadden and to a lesser extent Turnbull. Reynolds calling it a day would seem a surprise at this point, only 32 at the end of his contract.
  11. no sign of Wilson tonight? ill/injured or on the way out?
  12. Another wide forward signing for Celtic. Surely Hayes, Allan and Morgan are on their way out.
  13. It was a sudden death. He was also living away from his daughter and partner. Circumstances that don't help when you are struggling to get up to the pace and demands of Scottish Football/AFC.
  14. Dons will probably be pushing for a pre-contract in January and cheeky deadline day bid. In saying that we'd need to move a defender or two on at same time