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  1. Had Beware the Bear e/w today, 5 places, returned 33 at 28s. Sake race I had a few 50p comb FC, one of which paid £54 quid. Also lost my fucking shit as I did the same with a combination tricast with the eventual top 3, checked it on the app and the race had just started and I didn't get it on. £1 paid £1500....
  2. Anyone see any value this weekend? Lack of games..
  3. Got mine today. Butterly smooth to operate. Astro's Playroom is a delight.
  4. Spunked away quite a bit yesterday bored in work so was a good day returning to winning ways!
  5. Slovakia win seems the obvious one today..
  6. If I hadn't already subscribed I wouldn't bother watching this now. That team selection is horrific from Hopkin. Both teams playing a back 5, or in our case a back 8. Players like Muirhead should never grace our hoops again, never mind in a derby game.
  7. I managed to get 15/8 on PP for over 30 booking points around half hour ago, market seems to have been removed.
  8. Can't this be posted in the lowlands forum or something? There's a real game tonight
  9. Let's not jinx it, eh? But I'm going to go ahead and say this is a winner..
  10. Not sure if it's the bias in my but seeing Morton as far as 5/1 today. We aren't great but neither is that St.Mirren team. Was hovering over Morton DNB at 4s earlier on. However I've backed these tonight. My idea is that if one comes in, there's a good chance there's a bit of a dominoes effect. The 12/1 being the best value for money personally. BTTS in the last 9/9. Madden the ref too, loves a card and Morton do love picking them up this year.
  11. There's been at least one red card in every league game this season for us. Don't see why the biggest derby in the country would be any different.
  12. Wasn't for much and only a free bet but f**k Paul Hartley's hammer throwers.
  13. Hope Raith follow through with the "2 nil down and playing shite?" refund policy.
  14. If I sign up for the live stream is it possible to share the pass with others?
  15. Decent weekend so far.
  16. Two Ajax corners off £30 tonight. Thought they were woeful. Away/so-called weaker sides over 3.5/4.5 corners are always a decent shout. Over 3.5 corners for Atletico was 7/5 tonight.
  17. 4/1 Annan or Draw on PP. Back it in a double with Queens Park or Draw.
  18. Won the two football bets, the double was a nice HT in play bet. Thought f**k it, play a wee fiver on a slots game since I'm up a bit. Rolled 50p, got a bunch of free spins on the mini game and hit £90.
  19. Anyone got any tips today? Boy in work keeps tipping Salford.
  20. Any chance of getting The Championship on PS4 to replace one of the shite leagues?
  21. Forgotten Morton XI Alan Combe Alan Reid - Frank McKeown - Stefan Milojevic - Jordan Halsman Sean Fitzharris - Kyle Thomson - Michel Habai - Joel Kasubandi Jonathan Toto - David Wittiveen Some remembered better than others and probably some better options out there.
  22. Same here. I have Bloodborne, I want to like it but I am ultimately just shite at the games. Same with Sekiro. Demon Souls on PS5 looks enticing.
  23. Been some weekend for me, winners all over the joint.
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