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  1. The cash out was for the full returns, just incase the 94th minute bet winner was chopped off - better safe than sorry!
  2. Can't complain. Cashed out on the first just for a nice profit, only down £6. Withnthe second I cashed out as soon as Hibs equalised as Hearts were on a 'dangerous atrack'. That one was only worth £114 so wasn't complaining too much cashing out.
  3. Shat it when Blackpool got the 98th penalty and took the cash out. Was only £77 if they scored (which they did). I've been on the receiving end of not taking the cash out in those situations and they usually miss..
  4. Won another £100 on Thursday night too.
  5. Imagine getting beat off a team that conceded 6 at Tannadice.
  6. Struggling to decide between the standard Switch (or the new better life one) or the completley portable LITE version. The LITE seems to be cheaper and that's about it really? Obviously playing with the girlfriend or pals is the main advantage of the standard edition without them also needing the console.
  7. Just had a quick glance. Galatasaray have had a bit of a slow start to the league and have brought in a bunch of players. BTTS seems to be not bad shout though. BTTS Brugge - 5/2 BTTS Galatasaray - 7/1
  8. Mine too. Bit of a thug from what I remember, kind've what we need, but also kind've what we don't either.
  9. Missed out on Caddis according to the guy at the Tele. Seemed as if the deal was on too, wouldn't be surprised if he watched Friday's game and though "f**k that".
  10. I'd say probably but I don't think the goals in our matches will stop anytime soon.
  11. Good to see Freddy Kruger still in the heads of the Ayr United defence!
  12. £5 on over 3 goals, over 11 corners and BTTS pays nearly £50.
  13. I just hope to god we sort out the defence. Some strong rumours suggesting we are signing Paul Caddis, which would fit considering he played for Bradford under Hopkin and Tumilty has went out on loan. Over 3.5 goals again. 2-2. I expect ICT to be a lot better than Partick, they're fucking woeful.
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