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  1. If Hopkin comes in and we resign Tidser, I'd already be more optimistic than I was at the start of last season.
  2. Greg Kiltie [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  3. Falkirk v Morton

    It's that poetic they should place it in the renovated Notre Dame.
  4. Falkirk v Morton

    Still absolutely delighted. No club deserves relegation more.
  5. Falkirk v Morton

    I fucking hate Zak Rudden, what a fucking c**t. Mon the fucking ton.
  6. Falkirk v Morton

    Do Falkirk count students as a concession? Different depending where you go. And if so, are they usually c***s asking for verification?
  7. Falkirk v Morton

    For games of this calibre Morton fans (as much as we can't be arsed) tend to show up for these. However, with recent going ons at Cappielow I'm not so sure. I'm justifying it to myself.
  8. Falkirk v Morton

    Many does that hold?
  9. Falkirk v Morton

    What's the deal with admission for away fans? Pay at the gate? Presume we have the away end too?
  10. Falkirk v Morton

    Scenes when Tidser scores the winner for Morton, whips out his Falkirk contract from his sock and burns it alongside a handsculpted effigy of King Snake.
  11. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    If someone could clarify, I've read various different things about it. Stuck the £20 on the first race yesterday, and by luck I won. Can I still do this bet up to £20 returned every day or is it only once?
  12. Win Counter

    Won £4.50 in the Morton game from a quid on a red card. Turned that into £115 today.
  13. It's hard to not want to support your team, but here is me thinking the only solution for us as fans is just now to go to games. It's the only thing that'll make the board notice that we are not happy.
  14. Weekend Betting

    Getting in my Scottish Cup bet early. Was tempted to touch the Morton game but shat out it, quite happy with this.
  15. Best striker in the Dumbarton area IMO