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  1. If anyone's interested I write about games on my website, just did a short piece on my thoughts on the PS5! Would be pretty cool if you check it out and share around (delete if this ain't allowed) https://www.gameduck.org/post/playstation-5-pending
  2. I get that the new Twitter guy is a young lad, and I see what he is trying to do. But f**k me is it awful. The "wowzerooney" line is awful. Also noticed he put it in caps last night to emphasise it after people had digs at him for it on Saturday - not a wise move tbh.
  3. Picked up these last night, Lewandowski bet returned the stake so it was a good night.
  4. Had a scour at some of the pages I follow on Twitter as I was gonna watch the game last night. This guy was the first I seen..
  5. Thank god we never went independent when our whole financial backing was to be supported by the £8 billion oil revenue which has now amassed to a total of what, £600 million..
  6. There isn't improved support for Independence since 2014. The latest election just showed that if anything, by looking at the SNP's votes, they are sitting at roughly 45% of the Scottish vote. Most of their party and support are insufferable c***s. The hospitals and schools are in disarray but no, let's hate the English and be bitter forever. Constantly creating division. "Keep the light on for us". Naw, they'll be reminiscing about that time you held a referendum to leave Britain AND the EU.
  7. Cashed out as Thistle had a corner at the end. Gutted, as my main bet for that game which I stuck on got done out by only having 5 corners in the first half when I needed over 5. Was a sickener when a clear Partick corner was denied at the end of the half.
  8. Very true but we did get rid of the anonymous sand dancer that is Billy King.
  9. I don't usually post rumours unless it is to wind up our fans - who start crying if you post a jokey rumour. Was passed on by an Ayr fan I know, just said it was in the Ayr forum though so nothing concrete.
  10. So we've now removed Welsh(recalled), Dykes and King this window (the latter I imagine was on a decent wage). Surely, we've got at least two coming in. Another defender and a striker would be my priority, although we may need to move Orsi out on a permanent or loan to do so. However, I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't bother..
  11. Wouldn't mind Todd, scores a few goals and gives us a better option than Orsi tbh. Could see Tidser go to Dee in a swap deal with Falkirk though?
  12. Daz McKinnon has relegation written all over it. But I'm in it for the banter.
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