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  1. 3 nil Pars against a patheticly put together Morton side. It'll probably piss down since non-season ticket holders can't get in the Shed amongst The Elite either. Pumped, pishing and pissed. Classic Morton.
  2. Opted for a few outsiders EW with Dunfermline, Alloa and Stirling. I think the Pars have an awful good chance at going up this year, seem to have crafted a good side. Alloa and Stirling I'm hoping are going to upset the apple cart a bit.
  3. Giving Ally Love a deserved bout of abuse was the highlight of the day. Boy was absolutely rumbled after getting pelters for feigning a headbutt. Think you'll find a good few players this season not enjoying fans being back.
  4. He was absolutely awful in the play off final games.
  5. My mate works with his mother in law. He's in Greenock for the next 2 weeks 'visiting'...and he hates Nottingham. Let's bring in Erik Paartalu on a loan deal too whilst we are at it.
  6. The only Bethesda gamed that get pass marks from me is the Wolfenstein series (bar Cyber Pilot and Young Blood)
  7. I also think the club are deliberately not tackling this debate because it would be an acknowledgment in public and bringing it to attention. I mean, just look at some of the frothing at the mouth going on here. Some of our fans are acting like they work on behalf of the 'this is my full time job' virtue signalling Beast Hunters. A horrific lot really. And as I said previous, if he scored a goal or kept one out off the line to send us up, all would be forgiven. And for what? Because he got our team promoted? That's a fairly low bar for forgetting about someone's past.
  8. I personally think its quality business we've made with Lithgow. His past is his past. He's obviously made a questionable decision in getting his cock out unsolicited but also in 11 years there has been no repeat offences. Which as a fan of the team he now is employed by is good enough for me. Plenty of footballers have escaped rape accusations and still managed to play at a professional level. If he fired a header home moving us into the SPL I don't think there'd be many complaints then.
  9. Tri-TON


    Got the Ton up in my second season, first one losing out on promotion via a last minute play off final goal... The board gave me f**k all, playing with mainly Championship players and in the first half of the season I got SQUASHED. Celtic scored 7 against me in the first game of the season, all from range. And this become a theme game after game after game, I couldn't understand how to stop conceding long range pearlers. I lost every game until the 31st December bar two. At the turn of the year I got a few results but now my team can't hold onto leads; cost me 9 points from 12 and now I'm marooned at the bottom to County by 3 and Motherwell by 5 with an embarrassingly high negative GD. I thought about resigning but what's the point? I reckon they'll still keep me on when I go down.
  10. It's quite embarassing that little Ayr think they're going to amount to anything with Hopkin in charge. Be good to ignite an old flame with Morton/Killie though. I still remember that 3-1 night about 14 years ago! In other news, my pal works with Luke McCowan's burd, nothing given away but suggesting Killie or Livi. Ayr fans would be distraught.
  11. Unlikely but could McInnes be tempted by the new regime? Not like money is really a big deal for him. Well liked ex player etc. I mean, it's pie in the sky thinking but I wouldn't say we could write it off completely.
  12. With Petrie looking like he's heading to the Pars I wonder who will be taking the reigns next season. Is Darren Young still doing alright? He was tipped a wee while back.
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