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  1. Football Manager 2019

    Perfect, thanks man.
  2. Football Manager 2019

    Any help with downloading the pyramid system? It's stating I have to run it through the editor first?
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    Am I the only one spending countless hours exploring? I think after getting down from the mountain I've done maybe 5/6 missions? And they still seem like missions showing the player the ropes (pardon the pun)..
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    Seeing people who have over 40% completion saying that they've not had a duplicate 'random event' happen is frankly ridiculous.
  5. Red Dead Redemption

    I cannot wait until 12am, I'm like a kid at Christmas. The idea of getting lost in this world is exciting.
  6. Red Dead Redemption

    I had the special edition (physical) pre ordered but after hearing about the install I cancelled it. Its my day off on Friday and the last thing I want is to wait until around 2pm for it to be delivered and then install it for however long. If I buy it through PSN it should be ready to go at midnight thanks to the install beforehand. Worth the extra few quid to buy digitally for me personally.
  7. General nonsense gaming edition.

    Downloaded COD last minute Thursday night in a sort of impulse fashion. I'm finding the online multiplayer rather difficult, usually I'm a pretty assured COD player but it seems I land 8 shots and I get killed with 3..(typical eh). Enjoying Blackout though, only played a few games but finished 4th, looks to be a good addition to the game.
  8. PES 2019

    When playing divisions is there anyway to play against teams of similar level? I hate playing as the best teams in the game and went Fulham there, got matched against Barca, Madrid, PSG over and over..
  9. PES 2019

    Would be interesting if we could create our own via Pie and Bovril users, I'd be quite happy to edit the Morton players too.
  10. PES 2019

    I don't think this has been announced unless you mean a created by the community option file?
  11. PES 2019

    Noticed this the other night when playing with my pal, exact same situation. Still both being fairly new to the recent installments of the game we were unsure if you could but I think there's an option to tap R1 and it's more of a standing dummy compared to running onto the ball. I may be wrong however.
  12. Dead Cells

    Anyone played this? It's received rave reviews, and one very controversial (see IGN). I believe it was on Switch and PC but noticed on PSN today that it was on sale for £15, however I'm debating getting the physical for a tenner more.
  13. Marvel's Spider-Man

    Been working all weekend so got a few hours in on Friday and Saturday night. Was a great intro, the swinging is fantastic and after a few fights I'm getting used to the fighting mechanics now. Playing it on hard, almost like any new game I've played recently, so if you get shot one or twice there's a strong chance a weak thug will kill you with a punch but overall I'm enjoying and looking forward playing further. PS, gotta stop swinging about for hours on end.
  14. I hope this legal case puts the final nail in that diddy club's coffin.