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  1. Had 10 EW on the winner, nice wee win.
  2. Late Christmas present this. Forgot I put it on as I got caught up in the football on the telly.
  3. Bagged these two last night. The Cavani SoT came in around 20 minutes in. Had to wait for injury time for the cards in the other.
  4. Where did you get this? Only 3/1 on PP.
  5. Finished this last night. Not much of a side missions guy but once they roll out the PS5 patch I'll more than happily go back and do a different ay through. I enjoyed it thoroughly, bugs and crashes aside. I got what's considered the shite ending but I thought it was a really good way to end the game for me personally, quite an emotional one too.
  6. The "runaway champions" versus the biggest shithousers in the league. Morton 6, Hearts 2. Edit: Muirhead with 4.
  7. Nearly bit on Bayern's odds tonight until realising that they're missing a bunch of big players. Really liking Borussia Gladbach to beat Inter, around 2/1.
  8. Had Beware the Bear e/w today, 5 places, returned 33 at 28s. Sake race I had a few 50p comb FC, one of which paid £54 quid. Also lost my fucking shit as I did the same with a combination tricast with the eventual top 3, checked it on the app and the race had just started and I didn't get it on. £1 paid £1500....
  9. Anyone see any value this weekend? Lack of games..
  10. Got mine today. Butterly smooth to operate. Astro's Playroom is a delight.
  11. Spunked away quite a bit yesterday bored in work so was a good day returning to winning ways!
  12. Slovakia win seems the obvious one today..
  13. If I hadn't already subscribed I wouldn't bother watching this now. That team selection is horrific from Hopkin. Both teams playing a back 5, or in our case a back 8. Players like Muirhead should never grace our hoops again, never mind in a derby game.
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