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  1. Agreed and worse that people are speculating about how much individuals are being paid. I’m sure much of this appears pure guesswork, we need to work on facts. I do tend to agree that we are top heavy in non playing staff and I’ve felt for some time that we could remove’ unnecessary’ costs and focus on first team matters. If and when we do get out of this hell house of a league we can then build the structure and strategy to consolidate and move forward. It’s seems we are putting the cart before the horse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Binning Holt would be a reasonable option and use the 50k to strengthen the team and give Sheerin the time to get his feet firmly under the table and stand or fall by his own decisions - This could be a better option. After all , It’s all about opinions and we are all on the same side!
  3. Shagger G are you having a laugh here? Sammy before Ruth? You’d be as well putting Wilson in for Keena too. I thought Ruth had his best game for us yesterday and has been given very little credit for his performance. I don’t like to criticise players but apart from a couple of first half runs against Dumbarton I haven’t seen much fromSammy to justify his must play status next week. Add to this - he is still injured is he not?
  4. I can’t see him getting sacked anytime soon and after such a short period. Just imagine how that would look when the club has put a infrastructure in place to vastly improve our fortunes moving forward. IMO the only way he’ll walk if HE decides he’s had enough of the pressure gets too much. I cannot see the club derail its plans because of an indifferent start. The good thing here it’s not even October yet so still time to turn it around.
  5. I accept we’ve not won in the last 4 league games. So apart from the Alloa game where we deserved nothing. Can you honestly say we deserved 0 points from Queens Park and Dumbarton and only 1 point from today? i think we should be happy that we found a bit of fight to come back to score 2 late goals to stop the rot and save another defeat. From a game we should have won we managed to salvage a point. I think scraping a point is an exaggeration. On another day the game would have been out of sight
  6. What absolute bollocks. I’m not saying I’m happy with this season s performance but I think we need to give people time to find their feet. 8 league games and you want change? i can assure you I’m no happy clapper as you insinuate but more realistic and balanced. We are where we are and this is not down to Sheerin. He needs time to find his best team and system. when has this guy had a chance to field a full team without injuries suspensions etc.
  7. The knicker-wetters are out in full force tonight, I could fully understand this if we were well beaten over the last few games. Alloa apart we should have won the games against QP, Dumbarton and again today. I think what’s happened here is that in many fans eyes Sheerin has just turned to shit overnight and cannot do much right with him being stubborn, loyal to ‘his’ players or ridiculed. I agree to a point there have been some strange decisions but very little concessions given in respect of injuries, new players settling or now interviews being targeted by the very ones on here 6 weeks ago saying how refreshing it was to hear a manager give an open and honest opinion of a game win or lose. The fans seem to have turned their backs on him very quickly - the guy has only had 8 games in the league FFS and some of the abuse posted on here tonight is unwarranted and while I’m on the subject some of the actions from some fans today was extremely embarrassing. We need to make our minds up who is to blame here - is it the manager or DOF? The lines are blurred. As a support we are sometimes all sugar or all shite - there is no in between. All it takes sometimes is a wee bit of belief and as McDaid said in his interview this may be the result that kick starts our season - when was the last time we came back from 2 down and rescue a point from a game? That tells me the players have not chucked it like some of the fans on here! We are undoubtedly a fickle bunch at times. Win our next 4 games against East Fife home, Airdrie home, Peterhead and Clyde away and we won’t be that far away from top of the league -it’s big ask given injuries etc but not impossible. The club has been riddled and in chaos with uncertainty since Houston departed. Who knows what this season will bring? It may well be we don’t win the league or go up in the play offs but IMO we cannot sack everyone when things don’t go as we expect, maybe the management team may need a wee bit longer and a wee bit more encouragement.
  8. Great battling performance today coming back from 2 goals down. Yes we hit the woodwork 3 times Yes we missed some golden chances Yes we had selection problems due to injuries to key players a really poor goal but…This was a performance that we would have not got over the last few seasons and to come back and nearly snatch it at the end was testimony to the efforts of the players and their desire to put things right and battle for their boss. This may be the kick start we need to show some togetherness as a club, after all we cannot keep sacking managers and rebuilding from scratch again. I’m still happy to give Sheerin more time. oh I forgot to add #COYB
  9. Still think it is too early to bin Sheerin. I know results have been disappointing but should we direct our torrents of anger at the tier above manager who has failed to produce the players required as part of his remit? I’ve said before that we should solely spending all our budget in getting out of this league instead of fanciful folly and the laughing stock with our multi tier management strategy and big ideas. For me, bin it all and fully concentrate our effort and all investment into funding the players required instead of doing it on the cheap. I just wonder how good Sheerin would be if he was allowed to be his own man and not handicapped by the limitations of the group that employed him. Still willing to give him a chance as it’s early days. I’m expecting pelters for this opinion. I’m not too sure Aberdeen would had kept him in his role had he failed miserably. After all we are only 3 points off the top. There is plenty of time to build super club structures when the time is right to do so.
  10. Probably not formalised yet. Only reported in local paper?
  11. I know the last couple of league games have had disappointing outcomes but I am still well and truly behind Sheerin and what he’s trying to do. Maybe 5 minutes is not long enough to sort out a deep rooted clusterfuck…it’s early doors and a long long way to go. Give the guy and his management team some support please!!
  12. I was in the main stand and Holt was no where to be seen. He certainly was not in the directors box along with Deans & Co.
  13. It says on the email that you would see a holding graphic till just before ko
  14. Some very reflective comments today on here by all and very hard to argue with. My worry was finding the key to unlocking teams through other means than going through Morrison. Like last year teams had us sussed and QP had 3 players on him and nullified our threat, we need to explore other avenues. We need to take this defeat on the chin and learn but bottom line is I’m still scratching my head wondering how we managed to lose that game! Could have been worse had Cove and Montrose won. Need to keep the chin up and hope we get a striker in before Tuesday. The 2 brought on were very ineffective, I’ve still to see what Sheerin sees in them both. Disappointing!
  15. It’s horses for courses. Maybe Hetheringtons grit and guts will be needed at times as Ernie’s silky skills may be deployed in other games
  16. Love the positivity here. Although I thought the fans were brilliant today again. Really backed the team!
  17. A good fighting performance today and scraping a win with bags of grit and character. Was surprised Hetherington was not hooked after the challenge just outside the box maybe 15 minutes before he saw red. The ref had no option. I would also like to see McCann stepping forward into left mid as there is no way this guy an accomplished LB. Airdrie continuously targeted his weakness and were very successful and at times unlucky not get something. His lack of height is alarming and I can see a target on his back as other teams figure how to break us down.
  18. Look who is on ATV tomorrow. The one and only Alan Gow
  19. Totally agree. Not talking right now but after positive start and if continuing then we need to make that decision. Right now I feel really optimistic re Sheerin what he appears to be trying to do and it’s the best and most positive feeling I’ve had for quite a long time.
  20. I suppose it’s really up to us to make sure we tie him into a decent contract so it makes it more difficult for clubs to take him without paying decent compensation.
  21. Does anyone know if this still be live screened as restrictions have almost been completely lifted as of yesterday?
  22. A good performance today and credit must go to Sheerin and his team. Pleased to see us trying to play football it was refreshing to see. Two things for me, we need some firepower up front as we’ve all mentioned for weeks, the other is I think we need to play a bit more through the left hand side of the park, Morrison had a really good game but like last season I think we can’t afford to be over reliant on him as opponent defences will suss us out and nullify his threat, we need to vary our attacking options. A huge change from the dross served up over the last few seasons and feel it can only get better.
  23. Correct. And the sad thing is it won’t take that much to get most disgruntled fans back on board. We’ve been starved of quality and hope for such a long time that with a modicum of genuine improvement we’ll be world beaters again and Holt will be the saviour Aye right!
  24. I think that too but I’d far sooner see him as his own man making decisions for himself instead of being Holts whipping boy when things go wrong. Get Holt so far fucking away from this club ASAP and get back to basics. Maybe think about DOF when the club are knocking on the top league door. Short sighted? Maybe…but get every available penny on the right players on that football field to give us the best chance of winning this league this season, this should be the number one priority. I also think the ST sales would increase significantly.
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