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  1. This is one of the reasons some businesses fail because there is no consensus. Everyone has different views and different ideas. Things start to fall apart when different factions continually disagree. So it’s important to get behind what the fans group is trying to achieve. The out going BOD have been castigated for their actions over the past number of years and you’d probably find out that they were squabbling over decisions to find the best fit. We are beginning to see on here why things fall apart so easily.
    I’m with the ‘we’re all this together’ camp whether Holt stays or goes. There will always be people who are not happy with decisions, directions but we need to pull together for the greater good…it’s called democracy!

  2. I have a feeling Holt is going nowhere just now but will be interesting to see how he interacts with Rennie. It’s going to be strange if Holt stays and as Rennie is the experienced manager working under the trainee DOF who is still cutting his teeth. Could only happen at FFC…

    Interesting times ahead, maybe the club will redesign Holt’s role as I’d be surprised if Rennie was willing to take orders from him? We need to stop blurring the lines!

  3. Does anyone know if Martin Rennie has actually started yet? If not when is he likely take over?
    I would expect Grainger to exit as the same time?
    We need a new broom to come in sweep clean so that should see Holt’s head disappear through the door, that is what I would expect but I get the feeling he has managed to avoid that hook. I’m hoping I’m wrong!

  4. Why is Grainger in charge for tomorrow. Sounds like Sheerin by proxy. Cove to go 12 points clear.

    From that interview he doesn’t want to be here. Clone of his ex boss and very good friend. He’ll be off when we appoint a new boss. He genuinely looks miserable, how the feck can he motivate a team for tomorrow, the only thing missing was tears 🥲
  5. To me he's a top asst manager but not a number one.  Some are just suited to it and not the top job. Billy brown for instance .

    I posted a link on here the other day re his interview on Football FCB. He clearly states he is first and foremost a coach and was never interested in being a manager. I feel Mr Holt is going nowhere soon…
  6. He talks about Nelson and Jakubiak being there at the same time as Sammut but those 2 had returned to their parent clubs after the previous season had they not. 

    Very enlightening interview. Thanks Shadwell!

    Seems they had no choice in the matter. The difference between signings made in the January were night and day from the one signed in the following summer.
  7. Yes that was Campbell's Brentford Model - sign English lower league & academy players identified by Superscout & sell them on for a big profit. It was a club strategy.
    That Hartley said he hadn't seen them play indicates to me he had little or no say in who was signed.
    If this was Hartley's plan , ask yourself this - why hasn't he done this anywhere else before or after Falkirk   

    I’m sure this must have been forced on him and the club must have paid him a huge gagging fee. When your reputation is shot to bits you would want to sing it from the rooftops but his lips have always been sealed.
  8. I think it’s pretty much a fact that our next manager will be unattached to a club and I personally believe that will be Rice.
    I expect the appointment to happen quickly and be on an initial deal until the summer. What happens after that will obviously depend on how the next 6months go. 

    Surely this can’t happen before our DOF returns from his sick bed?
  9. What is Holts job?
    because the new development team seem to be overachieving as a brand new team.
    If the development, contracts and bringing players through is his major remit, he hasn’t done that badly.
    if it’s all signings and Sheerin just coaches what Holt gives him, then Holt has to go. 

    I was under the impression that Holt was responsible for finding the players that Sheerin required. I know Sheerin came to the table later than we expected but surely a DOF who chose him would not have let him start the season in the state we did - short of 4/5 players Surely Holt should have seen the gaps in the squad and left no stone unturned? He, in my opinion is equally culpable as much as Sheerin. He has to go and take his sarcastic smirk with him back down the A77.
  10. Surely the easiest way out is to make Holt’s job redundant, who the hell need a in a DOF in league one anyway. The unfortunate thing is Sheerin ain’t gonna walk it’s up to the club to terminate his contract and pay what’s due and to be honest it’s the only option.

    I’m still not entirely sure whether Rice and the correct move or not. I’m not convinced that a new manager needs to have a club connection. In saying that Hartley, McKinnon and Sheerin never had so what the hell do I know?

    Roll on the AGM on the 6th and hopefully positive change and some good news.

  11. So, another Monday where the worst manager in our history somehow,  incredibly, remains in place after a humiliation at the weekend.
    What's even the point any more. 
    And it's not his fault either. He's just absolutely inept. He didn't appoint himself and I don't expect him to resign. Must actually be really difficult to come to work every day and try and do a job you have no skills for. Be like asking Boris to do open heart surgery.

    Or Boris to be a Prime Minister?
  12. I actually can't believe the question was put to Sheerin about the January transfer window post match. Surely he doesn't actually believe he's still going to be in charge by then, it simply cannot be allowed to happen. 

    I think his body language says it all. The upbeat manager that came in though the door has gone and his honest and breath of fresh air interviews are now a thing of the past and he looks a beaten man.
    What I would really like to see is an interview with our DOF for him to outline how and what he is going to do to support his appointed first team coach. Surely his rookie appointment needs some indication or some pointers of how to maybe change his approach, formations, style of play? It seems to me as if PS is being left and hung out, quartered and fair game for the vultures to strip bare. After all, our DOF has bags of experience to help him see the woods from the trees or does the word scapegoat spring to mind?

    What are we going to do now Gary???

  13. Because we’re a dogshit League 1 team with f**k all going for us. Absolutely nothing appealing about us at all.

    Also he’s done a great job at Inverness, he stays up there, he had a period of ill health so he’s moved into a director of football role. Why would he want to give all that up and relocate his family to be a part of our shite?

    Didn’t realise he was DOF up there and last he heard he wanted to be back down here
  14. I think some people in our club must be blind. It is plain obvious to me that as many have suggested on here the spine is the problem.
    Most of our leaked goals stem from central defence.
    The midfield although has skill has no dirtiness in it. We have no guts, strength or fight. Look at yesterdays midfield. Telfer, Morrison, McGuffie and Nisbett. Who is going to win the fighting ground only having Hetherington in there to combat the opposition
    Up front. It’s again glaring that Ruth has not developed enough and is not physical and robust to cope with tall uncompromising defenders and Kenna?
    If there was a league table for passing sideways we would be top. But a team that lacks a cutting edge has no chance.
    What we need is a charismatic leader who can through his reputation encourage players to come to us. Forget about all this hierarchy nonsense and throw every are being promoted

    We have been a laughing stalk far too long. It’s time for serious change…again

  15. Ambitions and capabilities springs to mind

    We’ll have a better idea of where we are in terms of league challenge in the next 4 weeks.

    You know I think will do quite well against Raith but that’s the cup. Getting out of this league either by winning it outright or through the play offs is a must.

    If we are still in the mix come beginning January then the transfer window should be interesting.
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