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  1. I take your point however the point I'm trying to make here is why do we find out most of our info from social media. We are hearing that FFC have signed a goalkeeper on loan from Aberdeen why does the website not confirm? That's all I'm saying... The website should be the first for breaking news
  2. What is the script with info in our club? Supporters seem to be the last to know or on a need to know basis. I have never seen the likes before. You would have thought a football team would like to keep their customers up to speed. Wish they'd stop pissing about in the website advertising this n that and tell the people who incidentally fund the club what the hell is happening. Usual Falkirk Football Club...treating supporters like shit! When are they gonna wake up and realise our supporters deserve much better. Still not bought my ST and refuse to part with my cash until I see what new players purchased for next season, I will not be conned again!
  3. Depends on age and condition but I will pay a good price
  4. Depends on age and condition but I will pay a good price
  5. Cannot remember much about this keeper from last season and I watched the 4 encounters v. Dumbarton. Nice to see sons fans on here giving him plaudits. Although I would prefer us to have our own keeper, I think the defence needs to settle with a regular between the sticks, my point here is the back four will find out how this guy performs and the suddenly Aberdeen have a keeper crisis and he's off... We need our own No 1
  6. Hope he buys some decent players for a change and not turn the clock back. There is too much talk about returning players, get them to f#!&... They left for a reason and the likelihood of them coming back is because they're either past it or have few options, that tells its own story so no to Hill, Miller (Lee), Stewart, Barr, Craig, Scobbie, El Aligui, Higgenbotham. We need new blood not jersey fillers like last year's although I'm afraid I wouldn't trust Houston with any of the club's money. Maybe we should use some of the money to get a decent manager? Just putting it out there
  7. I am looking for some old sons home tops, Large... Have you any you wish to sell me? Email me please [email protected] Thanks
  8. The only thing I remember about Holt's time in charge was his lack of emotion, passion and even communication. He was like a cardboard cut out at the side of the park. To me he lacked personality, charisma and a presence. I think that showed on and off the park, needless to say I wasn't unhappy to see him go!
  9. Is Mark Miller totally out the reckoning? Would be a great shame if so. Was so inspirational last season and knows the culture of our club. I know him and Taiwo are similar but I think they'd be strong together and give us some steel in the middle of the park
  10. Yeah Danni Mallo was a class act there's no doubt about that. But in my opinion even he was not as good as Michael McGovern who I rated better than Krul, Schmeichel and Mallo. He is the best I can ever remember in a Falkirk goalies jersey.
  11. Yes I know but there are players who are out of contact from other clubs. .. Mark Miller etc. Just thought he'd move sooner before other clubs come in and make an offer. The early bird etc! !
  12. Was hoping to see some activity by Houston in the transfer market by now. .. disappointed that nothing is happening. The earlier we get players on board the quicker the team will gel?
  13. Let's hope it IS Houstie and NOT COLIN CAMERON... GIVE US A BREAK FFS
  14. It would be good to get an experienced manager for a change. ..4 rookies in a row FFS. ..hope not! !
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