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  1. I think you'll find Woolworths couldn't cope with the world wide web activities of how people now shop.

    I'd be surprised if club shop sales is a major part of the expected budget income of 90 odd % of clubs in Scotland.

    We have over the years had shops in town, then at the tfs shop had staff cuts in that department as it wasn't making money

    Outside a cup final appearance our shop isnt a huge major input to our budget but if unsold stock of pencils, rubbers(handy for doctoring the books) and other tatt that's on the shelves of DAFC float ur boat, I suggest you head of there or Asda/tescos etc.

    You seem happier in that enviroment

    There you go again frightening off the club's supporters. I will be potentionally buying a ST this year again, we have few enough fans committing to the club for 2015/2016 season so stop scaring people off, the club will not thank you for it!

  2. Woolworths were well stocked....what happened to them ?

    Yes Mr Dust, they were mismanaged and didn't invest in the future and found it difficult to compete in a very competitive market. You see they didn't want to be the market leader we they were happy to finish 4th in their own category of shop, they weren't bold enough to get a new decent manager, making sure they had a good grip on the retail sector... Basically weren't interested in competing with the big boys... Sounds familiar to you does it?

    You only get out what you put in!

  3. We should start trying to be like Dunfermline Athletic. They're the best ran club in Scotland at this moment and in the financial peril that we are in we should be doing a lot more.

    Lol, no stop being silly!

    I was merely suggesting their shop was much better stocked than ours and into the bargain the staff were far more friendly.

    We should not over react, sometimes we have to concede that some teams just do things a bit better than us.

    Some, we could learn from.

    That's all I'm saying!

  4. Sack them all. Disgrace of a company. Do you know they were closed on Christmas Day? I'm a man who sometimes forgets to buy my loved ones Christmas presents and has to do it on Christmas Day. WHERE am I suppose to buy cheap and affordable gifts now?

    I love the satire and sarcasm on this site, ha ha it's brilliant.

  5. As far as I'm concerned we have 2 already signed up, Rogers and Muirhead. We saw so little of Muirhead last season.

    I think it's a dangerous assumption that Muirhead will be injury free this term, one wrong turn or awkward fall could undo all the good getting fit... How many players have you heard that are just injured constantly?

    I don't know but you really have to question why our maestro actually bought Muirhead, OTJ and Boulding in the first place FFS, How unlucky can you get 3 signings crocked all at once. Maybe Mr H takes too many wrong types of gambles... Maybe he should be scouring the country (UK) trying to unearth our next gem or... is this too much hard work or too much to ask?

  6. Being closed that Monday is about the attitude and what it says about the club's attitude to retail, not selling the actual merchandise that day.

    IMO the club are actually playing at retail. I have never seen the club shop so sparce as it was last season. I'm not going to claim I know much about stock demand and turnover but I would have thought that every piece of merchandise sold would go towards the bottom line, the balance here is getting the stock levels to meet demand. It probably takes some time to get the right stock in place throughout the season and not just planning for Christmas, so it is not surprising there were low levels of stock pre cup final. It's one of these things the club is damned if they do, damned if they don't. I happened to have the misfortune to be at EEP (my son in law is a pars fan) just prior to our cup final. Their shop is full of replica kits, polo shirts, toys etc...in fact, it puts ours to shame, the staff were really friendly and couldn't have done enough for you, stark comparison to ours, although I was impressed by the stock levels and service I was left scratching my head thinking I thought they were skint so why is all that money tied up in stock when the first team are doing so poorly? I would honestly say their club shop had at least 20 times more stock than ours... That is ok if you are selling it... The point I am making here is DAFC would have made a huge profit if they had reached the cup final.
  7. For the first time in years, we have a relatively settled team with only a few tweaks required.

    I think we need more than a few tweaks and I hope Houstie has some players lined up.

    Last season we conceded 48 goals so I think it's fair to say our defence needs bolstered, I think we need 2 new defenders. The midfield seems solid enough unless we lose Sibbs.

    Upfront is another issue, I like Baird's attitude and workrate but he lacks real pace so we need a forward who can commit defenders and can finish when he gets a chance. How we ended up with Boulding and Morgan defeats me.

    Hopefully Houstie has learned from his first season where the team only won 14 from 36 games which equates to less than 40%. I am sure the supporters will be looking for a big improvement. Think the honeymoon period is well and truly over.

  8. Was browsing through some other team's websites and came across this and I thought what a great idea...A ST counter to keep the fans informed.

    Would this be a good idea for our club to take on board and put on put on our club post-55267-14354031079298_thumb.jpgwebsite?

    I read comments on forums from FFC fans wondering how the ST's are shaping up

  9. Massive overreaction IMO

    Shut up and put up with it

    We'll sign folk stop whinging

    f**k up or go support one of the Ugly sisters xx

    Now you are winding me up... Why should we shut up or put up with it? I think this is one of the problems we have shut up far too long. This is nothing to do with signing players, it's about communication with the fans... Maybe you should read the thread before you come in here dishing out your unsavoury comments...i have no desire to support any other team but should have the right to pass comment when I am not happy regarding certain issues.. So as Houstie had said in the past 'deal with it'

  10. The club isn't going to say anything till a contract's been signed, they aren't in the business of passing on rumours about confidential assessments and negotiations, that's why they don't usually name trialists on team sheets. You're whining about the club behaving professionally.

    Yes again I take your point. You must admit the club's website needs to be better. The info coming out from the club is desperately slow. Supporters rely on club communication so they know what is happening on all fronts. I've said on here before, supporters will be more interested in theme days, merchandise, corporate events etc but first and always foremost you can never take away the importance of the actual team on the park. Get the combination right and supporters will back the club to the hilt, may even have more money plus more supporters. I know there is a need for marketing it's just our club could be much better at it. You also mention the club acting professionally... Have a look at some other club websites, you will notice some of these are also run'professionally'

    So you can have both!

  11. Away and support the old firm you miserable b*****d.

    Ha ha love your passion... You have your opinion and I'll have mine. I don't think the club would want you scaring away their ST holders. Just for the record, I'm not miserable just pissed off about the way my club is being run. It should be better so toddle on!

  12. calm down ya radge!! what a completely toys out the pram post.

    Radge... Lol

    It's not toys out the pram it's let's gets the communication channels sorted and tell the punters what's going on... Look at the big splash last year unveiling 5 players at once... Why can't be proactive early to get punters buying ST's?

  13. What makes Falkirk fans think that the club have a duty to tell the public who they're trying to sign and were they are with negotiations for players. What a load of nonsense.

    How many other clubs practice this?

    I take your point however the point I'm trying to make here is why do we find out most of our info from social media. We are hearing that FFC have signed a goalkeeper on loan from Aberdeen why does the website not confirm? That's all I'm saying... The website should be the first for breaking news

  14. What is the script with info in our club? Supporters seem to be the last to know or on a need to know basis. I have never seen the likes before. You would have thought a football team would like to keep their customers up to speed. Wish they'd stop pissing about in the website advertising this n that and tell the people who incidentally fund the club what the hell is happening. Usual Falkirk Football Club...treating supporters like shit!

    When are they gonna wake up and realise our supporters deserve much better. Still not bought my ST and refuse to part with my cash until I see what new players purchased for next season, I will not be conned again!

  15. Cannot remember much about this keeper from last season and I watched the 4 encounters v. Dumbarton. Nice to see sons fans on here giving him plaudits.

    Although I would prefer us to have our own keeper, I think the defence needs to settle with a regular between the sticks, my point here is the back four will find out how this guy performs and the suddenly Aberdeen have a keeper crisis and he's off... We need our own No 1

  16. Hope he buys some decent players for a change and not turn the clock back.

    There is too much talk about returning players, get them to f#!&... They left for a reason and the likelihood of them coming back is because they're either past it or have few options, that tells its own story so no to Hill, Miller (Lee), Stewart, Barr, Craig, Scobbie, El Aligui, Higgenbotham.

    We need new blood not jersey fillers like last year's although I'm afraid I wouldn't trust Houston with any of the club's money. Maybe we should use some of the money to get a decent manager? Just putting it out there

  17. The only thing I remember about Holt's time in charge was his lack of emotion, passion and even communication. He was like a cardboard cut out at the side of the park. To me he lacked personality, charisma and a presence.

    I think that showed on and off the park, needless to say I wasn't unhappy to see him go!

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