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  1. This is one of the problems with FFC, we are far too eager to part with our young players far too easily. I would like us to tell them thanks but no thanks and I'm sure we get a better offer after the player has forged his way into the first team. A team that parts with potential young talent in comparison to signing the likes of Heffernan is a team that lacks ambition. Has Houston ever came out and told everyone what is his actual long term plan is? I know the new chairman spouted out about returning to the top flight and finishing off the stadium, so far, I have seen little evidence of this and I see no ambition or imagination to make this happen, words are cheap it's not as if we are skint! Just saying
  2. You are 100% right here, it seems every player we give a trial to eventually signs anyway, Boulding and Taylor spring to mind. I hope McHugh if he signs, works out to be a good acquisition, Houston will not be allowed to make the same mistakes this season as he did last. If he can get it wrong with Boulding AND Taylor, what is the point? Does anyone know about Sibbald and Leahy, are there still rumours circulating?
  3. I wouldn't put money on it. I think we'll get more interest just before the season kicks off. I am sure there are players out there who have had offers and are weighing them up hoping for a bigger and better deal somewhere else. Most of the agents will be encouraging them to hold out til the last minute.I must say I'm disappointed so far, was expecting better activity like most real fans.
  4. How you doing Senor? Hope your not noising or winding people up?
  5. Ha ha ha ha...pot and kettle comes to mind!
  6. Another thing, we did have Rory Loy!Aaaaarrrrgh I bit Damn!
  7. I'm not biting lol It's Friday, it's the weekend you can't even begin to wind me up lol Go and troll elsewhere x
  8. Baird is a good option but not as first choice, he will score goals here and there and does hit a cracking penalty. For me he lacks pace and looks a bit overweight. One thing he definitely needs is good support and will be interesting to see who the maestro has up his sleeve to partner him ( hopefully)
  9. Yes I was there... Phil Roberts played a blinder
  10. I know but is it really? It would've probably suited us to play there instead of Firs We played them there last season, it shouldn't make any difference where we play them They'll only be one outcome!
  11. That's a new one, never heard that one before, come on guys it's getting tedious and childish boo hoo boo hoo
  12. Aye I do but that's because my son in law is a ST holder lolI can assure you I'm blue/white to the core so don't give it any of that shit mate Onwards and upwards and it's bejazz, thought I'd spell do you don't make the same mistake next time COYB
  13. Ok... Let's wait and see, as usual it will be lastminutepanic.com
  14. Fucking hell, you've gone green FFS. Need to speak to your doctor mate!
  15. Really, have we only signed one player? Oh well, that's good but then again we don't need too many. So it's win win...ya fud!
  16. Ha ha, you are obviously deluded! Keep taking your tablets
  17. To be fair I think everyone was expecting better. A few on here are suggesting we don't need many changes, I don't see it like that. Yes we reached the SC final but we were awful to watch in the league at times. We finished 5th, lost as many goals as we scored. Basically got rid of the younger player strategy and brought in some'experienced' players plus a some truly uninspiring signings. So far this season, we are continuing in the same vein, we have not seen Rogers, McHugh or Heffernan (if they sign), so how do we know how good they'll be? For a club that have money in the bank, we continually appear to be penny pinching and shopping in the bargain basement even considering we have lost McDonald, Loy and constant rumors surrounding Vaulks, Sibbald, and Leahy. My reflection so far is really one of disappointment and very similar to last season when we waited far too long to react and basically run out of time to find the players required to compete. I know there is time before the season starts but I'm not sure I trust Houston to deliver the goods. His record so far is not great in the transfer market. Are we thinking this season we ain't gonna get promoted so why spend decent money? I think our supporters deserve better than they are getting at this time.
  18. Extract from WikiIt was reported that he was asking for £1,600 per week, which would have made him the third highest earner at the club.[10] Several clubs, including Rangers, Celtic and Newcastle United, expressed an interest in signing Allan.[11] As a result of rejecting a new contract, Allan fell out with Manager Peter Houston.[12] Mark Millar never got any second chance... So is this a credible story?
  19. I couldn't agree more, never got a real chance under Hughes when he was here, At Saints he was fantastic (I'm actually surprised they are not back in for him). He struggled at Hibs and maybe that was down to his Billy Bigtime attitude and maybe too much pressure on him, he was released by Butcher and then re-signed by Stubbs, what does that do for confidence etc...Hibs made him captain so that was a bit of an honour for him. I have to be honest here, his attitude on the last game if the season soured my view on him. The last thing I want to see in navy blue every week is a petulant, moaning faced git being over the top with referees
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