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  1. Pleased to see a majority of FSS voters going against the signing of Goodwillie.

    Cant do any more really.

    So who gets the casting vote then if MR wants him to spearhead his attack?

    This is when polls can cause problems…what happens if another 4 polls say the consensus is to bring him on board?

    This is only a view from a cross section of our overall support.

    Before anyone starts jumping up and down I’m not supporting we sign him.
  2. Chill oot. Some folk take things awfy serious on here at times.

    Talking of being serious. What did you think of the ATS interview on FTV today.
    He was a cross between Rev I M Jolly and the guy who found a fiver but lost a tenner.

    I think he should earn the nickname “Smiler”

    Great to see him score on his debut and he played pretty well into the bargain apart from a slack pass
  3. There's a very important difference.
    McKenna has not been found by any court to have committed a sexual offence.
    Goodwillie has been found by a court, on the balance of probabilities, to have been a vile raping shite-bag.
    If you sign him you will forever be known as the Beast Banter Bairns FC.

    Just F£&@ off!!!
  4. Poll is a good step forward and hopefully one that will be used again if or when there's big issues arise. Irrespective of the Goodwille issue it's really a good move by the FSS and certainly makes me feel more positive about contributing every month and the organisation overall.

    It’s a idea BUT who gets the casting vote? The board, the sponsors, the management team, the FSS, Facebook, the People’s front of Judea or the Judean people’s front?

    Forget about DG in this debate but all these types of polls from will show different results from different angles and may only cause further divide. I think it’s a bit paralysis by analysis and we don’t have time to debate every decision.

    What happened to trusting the new board now that there has been substantial change and the changes that were called for have been acted upon?
  5. That paragraph is explosive. It actually ruined a decent piece of work. However I refuse to get caught up on the DG chat but can sense that it will cause a huge backlash from our fan base and another massive obstacle for our board to try to justify and manoeuvre around.

    I wonder what our club sponsors think?

    This could get from really bad to unbelievably shockingly bad

    F£&@ing hell.

    If they do decide to sign him I hope they are wearing FUCKING BIG JOCK STRAPS!

  6. Goodbye sweet prince, might be skewed by only playing 92 minutes in the league but 5 wins in 5 games for the Albanian Busquets. 
    So who are we going to get from Huddersfield now with this great link we’ve built?

    We are all are a bunch of sarcastic f£&@ers on this forum

    Love it
  7. I think the new BOD have handled the Holt thing very well. They weren't in the door two minutes and had to find a new management team, that was the top priority. Took their time to find out what Holt actually did so that whovever took over those duties had an understanding of what was required. Also took time to get the legalities right on his departure. Good move and decision making imo. We have an opportunity now to move forward. We as fans have to grasp this opportunity. We have to pull together, and can do it by joining the FSS, we cant point the finger at someone else if we dont.

    Great news he’s away but did we actually bin him or did he ask to be let go? If the new board decided enough was enough and made the decision to remove him that would be direct and show real desire for change but on the other hand if he asked if he could leave because he’s been offered a role down Ayrshire way puts a bit of a different slant on the news.

    I suppose it’s immaterial really, the good things is he’s gone!!!

    Thank you for F£&@ all!
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