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  1. Aww naw. Dont you start, I am just beginning to behave myself, I was think of changing my user name to Positive PeterAye right!!!
  2. What about Jason Marr too! Another OF player, he wasn't very good either
  3. Now now dusty bin, don't be sarcastic... After all we are supposed to be on the same side!
  4. I love the idea lol but I'm my eyes Houston will never be Good...oops I put an extra'o' in there in error. I will be the first person on here eating my words if I am wrong, we'll have to wait and see though, the play off position is 35 games away What's the chances of Watson sticking another in the net tomorrow against his old club? These things happen in football, maybe Baird will do the same It's a funny old game sometimes
  5. I agree, can't see a Falkirk win... Draw for me!
  6. What makes you think we should be looking to win the league next season no matter who is in the league? What is the difference between this season and next and what happens if Rangers don't go up this season?
  7. What a load of old tosh... What makes you think we'll actually spend money irrespective of the competition in the league Even if reconstruction comes in were still going to be in an inferior position due to saving our bawbees... I think we are being over confident about being in the top 4... Did we not think that last year before we crumbled at Dumbarton, Livvy and QOS I think you need a reality check!
  8. No but depends on other factors too, injury history, type of player, position etc. The big thing for me here, if he is so good, why has he not been snapped up by other teams. Every team in the league is looking for a quality striker. There is no doubt he was a cracking player a few years ago. However, if he signs, will he be a player or coach or both? I think we have enough coaches at the club, do we really need another? I would like to see investment in a player that will give us a good return in terms goals, workrate, hunger, attitude I don't think Miller will give us what we need as a main striker Just my opinion. I thought the same when Kerr returned and I was surprised by his impact last season. I thought Mark Millar was the better option at the time, I suppose we all don't have a crystal balls
  9. Ha ha LOL Hilarious Just because people don't share yours or some of your fellow posters views? Away and gie yersel peace, I care immensely for this club I've supported with a passion for a number of years. I'm sorry if my posts offend some on here but I consider myself as an ordinary supporter and I am unhappy with the way my club is being run now and for the last few years. What have we to do, put up and shut up? Sometimes just sometimes people can influence change particularly if there is rough with similar views
  10. Shepherd, yes has pace but will he get a gameBaird, as slow as a day in the jail Biabi, off to Swans? McHugh, looks lively enough Never seen much pace on Saturday at Morton, these are the games that count!
  11. Unbelievable F**king Unbelievable, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse! We need pace up front not has beens. This is another half hearted attempt at a signing if true. Well the other 9 teams will be shiting themselves! This really is taking the piss FFS. If this is the best we can do, it's gonna be a long hard season!
  12. Well put that man!We know Rangers and Hibs we cannot compete with financially...but the rest we can... The difference for me here is we are choosing not to. We appear happy to be bumbling along aimlessly like a mid table club with no ambition and no direction
  13. Great chance? Take it you've not watched us recently. I think you are forgetting, we finished 5th last season and arguably we are weaker so far this year... Rangers, Hibs and St Mirren will probably be top 3. Reading between the lines in your post, realistically, are you suggesting that we are hoping QOS are not as good as last year or Raith, Dumbarton or Livvy will be worse than us? If this is your view, how uninspiring is this? 3000 ST holders will not be impressed. Don't you think we should be spending to make sure we reach the play offs instead of hoping teams are not as good as us and we scrape there by default. This strategy is piss poor
  14. Surprise surprise, you are right, we are Shiite... Read my post or posts, I'm not just having a go at Houston, the whole club needs looked at from top to bottom Are you happy with the way things are going? How can we compete when we won't invest?
  15. This has been my point right through pre season, we are short changing our supporters now and have been for a numbers of years. For this reason, I have not bought a ST this season and to be honest, I've gone to the 3 competitive games so far and must say it has been pretty uninspiring so far, particularly against Morton on Saturday. New chairman has publicly stated that promotion is his main objectives, he'd be better to have kept his mouth shut. This manager and team has little chance of getting us up where the supporters want us to be. I think we all need to realise this board will not invest seriously in the team even though we have had some good cash windfalls in the last few seasons... We are happy plodding along in the Championship hopeful of offloading promising talent and the hope of getting another easier cup run to rake some more cash in. We are playing at competing in this league and we are just treading water ads papering over the cracks. Clubs who are progressive make statements of intent but our clubs silence really says it all... It will be interesting to see what actually happens if things go badly wrong this season... Will Houston get the bullet? My view is...he won't! Just wonder what will happen if the supporters start to turn against Houston, IMO this is a distinct possibility!!!
  16. This is what I was talking about in my last post... It does make it bad, we could have been 3 points ahead of them... Have we got to the point now we don't expect to be ahead of bigger teams than us, we need to change this mentality. Already Rangers, QOS, Raith and Dumbarton are already ahead of us and we've only played 90 mins. We need to stop chucking away stupid points like we did last season, we never seem to learn!
  17. Coming out of Cappielow today, I heard one supporter say to another "well at least we never got beat" Is this level we are aspiring to these days? It just goes to show how far we have really fallen if supporters are happy dropping two points on day 1 to a team I reckon could be the favorites for the drop
  18. Thank you very much Trumpet Pants... Big praise indeed! Lol
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