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  1. Yes I tend to agree your take on Pressley, although remember he had a purple patch for around 6 months too. I know there is much animosity towards Houston but if I am honest I think much of the dismay is down to disappointment more than wanting to see him sacked. I for one was delighted when Houston was appointed but things have not worked out as well as planned and it surprises me that he is not stronger at persuading the board to give him some extra funds to build a competitive side because at the end of the day it's his own reputation that's at stake.
  2. With this in mind, what is our objective as a football team, is it merely to exist? If so, what about all the supporters out there that are unhappy with the way their club is being run? Do the BOD honestly believe that our fan base is happy with mediocrity in the second tier. No wonder our supporters numbers are reducing, let's make sure we stay in the championship but we're not bold enough to give our honest supporters a modicum of belief that we genuinely want out this league, it appears to me we are happy to roll over and have our tummies tickled by the big boys. I am aware we cannot compete financially with two of the teams in this league but we could certainly be making more of a fist and building a team by getting in some better signings if indeed many of you are predicting we spend, spend, spend next season. Building a team takes some time and we need to start now.
  3. No but it makes you confident when we play Rangers, Hibs, Queens etc, we will be able to compete. I suppose we won't know this until we face them.
  4. Who are you trying to kid, yourself? Yes we may be 3rd after tomorrow but how long for? It's not as if we've swept teams aside, we haven't played any of the big teams yet. We have been far from convincing in the opening 3 games and I know some of the P & B stalwarts will point towards 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I think Meatloaf once sang about that Let's wait to see where we are after the first round of games before we get the fanfares organised.
  5. Great to the both full backs grabbing the goals, it's all about team Thought this was the worst I've ever seen Livi, they were awful. Pass marks again for Smith, although Alston and Sibbs are flattering to deceive. 2-1 was a poor reflection but we need to start putting teams away. Taiwo and Kerr both put in a decent shift and Luke Leahy, what a strike. Partick in midweek now that will be a test!
  6. I think Smith has been much better this year and with confidence can only get better. IMO he's the best option for that position and tbf the guy is giving 100% now. All I ever ask of a player is to give his all and I feel he has done that this season... There is defo a player in there somewhere and let's hope it comes out this season
  7. I'm in your camp too about having optimism for spending next year because there will always be teams willing to invest more heavily than us.I've not seen anything that would lead me to believe that we have a planned strategy to keep all our money in the bank and then we'll go for it when the timing is right, I guess you could understand more if you thought that was the case. Even if there was a restructure, I think we would struggle to spend to ensure we get into the top league, when a club has a mentality like ours (thrifty, frugal etc) as we have just now, we would only see a change of direction if there were wholesale changes at the top and there is no guarantee that would happen anytime soon. There is a big difference between not having the funds to invest and choosing not to do so...
  8. We know we can't compete with Rangers and Hibs but we should be able to compete with every other team in the league inc. St Mirren, they will still have players on premier league salaries so they HAVE and will have to continue downsizing to face life in the championship
  9. Agree, the only thing he lacked was pace but made up for it through his reading of the game
  10. I am well aware no-one is forcing me to watch Falkirk, however as a long time supporter, I expect much better. I could watch paint dry, in fact I think I did at Morton and against Raith but listen, you seem to have an issue with people who have an opposing view to that of yourself. I thought this was an open fans forum where fans could come on and give praise if deserved or not as the case may be. You seem to think you are some sort of authority on here trying to start campaigns to get others banned from p&b I have my views the same as you have yours, let's get on with it and we'll see whose got it right or wrong this season. The difference with me is I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong. It is all about opinions.
  11. Absolute bollocks. Take it you weren't at the RR game last Saturday... We were utter gash, we scraped through only when we got the man advantage. On another day we could have been well beat You may be in the Houston fan club??? I think you will be in a minority soon as our play off place does not materialise. Dissenting voices, better prepare yourself, your ears will be getting it soon as well your eyes on this forum. I don't know if I've communicated my message clear enough... THE SOONER HOUSTON IS OUT THE DOOR THE BETTER, IT CAN'T COME QUICK ENOUGH!
  12. Read the post before you comment! McDairmid 2005?and Almondvale 2012? when we won both games, of course maybe you weren't there...
  13. It was a weakened team there is no doubt, although saying that it's not as if we had 4 our 5 kids out there. Diddy cup comments to me are not valid, who the hell do we think we are? We are simply not good enough to play a weakened team against lesser opposition? Fair play to Peterhead, well played and well done, here's us looking for a striker and here you have a part time player who rattles in 5 goals right under our noses... Ironic really! We should be playing every game toi win and let's not kid ourselves here...this is the only thing we are likely to win. You will remember 2 fairly recent fantastic days in the sun at McDairmid and more recently at Almondvale so I'm sure our supporters will not belittle the competition. I think the whole night was an embarrassment for all connected at FFC and maybe I would not have been concerned if this was a one off result, I've seen every competitive game this season and we are awful to watch, lack urgency and clueless when it comes to tactical know how we are lost. We are relying more on set pieces, as we don't have the creativity to break down defences. In my opinion what we are seeing is totally unacceptable, How long will this be allowed to continue?
  14. Would you prefer I told it like it is then? Were you at the game tonight?
  15. What's wrong trumpet pants? Spat your dummy out of the pram? You criticised me last time for being negative so tried to put a different slant on it and you're still not happy. Geez, Sometimes you just can't please people Dear oh dear
  16. You have got to have a sense of humour somewhere along the way
  17. FALKIRK 3 PETERS' HEAD 5 Right let's keep this positive. The lads never played so badly, it was just these guys from up north were really rough, tough and got stuck right in. I was really impressed by our teams second half showing, when we stopped trying to play through the creative midfield and tippy tappy football and resorted to that famous Houston/DU tactic, the hoof! After all, it was a diddy cup competition and tbf, it was Watson's, McCracken's and Bowman's first start so these lads would need time to gel. It was also pleasing to get LM his first 90 mins and he was desperately unlucky to see his 4 yards out shot scrape the top of the... stand behind the goal, almost a dream start! Peter will no doubt reflect and keep it real and give praise on FTV to Peters' head for their lucky win and Rory McAlister's 5 fortunate strikes. (five) It was also nice to hear the 50 or so fans who made the long trip down the road chanting old favorites like we want six, easy easy and that old haunting melody... Championship? Yer having a laugh... But let's not fret, there were some real positives tonight... We won't have to watch any more Petrofac Training cup ties, after all, we don't appear to need the £60k or so winning prize money as we seem to be well off these days given the amount of money the club have raked in over the past few seasons and decided just to...just keep it... Roll on Livingston on Saturday, league games are far more important.
  18. Wonder if they'll still be chucking the ball into the stands like last time and rolling about feigning injuries at over the place A fucking disgrace of a football team last time taking football to a new low. No wonder people are finding something else to do on a Saturday afternoon... Let's hope we give them a good solid humping this time!!!
  19. For God sake don't shout NOOOO.They need encouragement to shoot from outside the box, a bit like Arsenal... Can't believe I'm thinking Falkirk and mentioning Arsenal in the same instance ....HELP!!!!
  20. It's all about opinions.I thought Vaulks mind was elsewhere today, thought his body language was not his usual, maybe he prefers the middle of the park, who knows. The goalie looks decent to be fair, Grant and Watson look to have a good understanding. No one can fault the effort Baird puts in but he is not the answer, McHugh looks to be fighting the cause. Also thought Kerr was inspirational even taking the goal out of the equasion. A pretty flat stadium given it was the first league game of the season. Good to get the 3 points but we need to get about the park quicker and need to up the ante performance-wise ...Finishing in the top 4 is anything but a gimme this season with the super sons setting the pace and QOS carrying on from last session on a positive vein
  21. What can you say about that? A win is a win I suppose. Thought some of our players were right off the boil, Vaulks, Sibbald, Alston, Smith (tried like a beat though) and Baird... Even Leahy was not his usual. Is there still transfer talks affecting some? Thought Rovers had a bit of swagger about them and look already better than last year... The lad McCord in the middle never wasted a pass all day, he was very good at Alloa too. Shows how badly we need a striker, Scott Shepherd was so ineffective and his best asset, pace, where has it gone? We already look a slow predictable team, no pace lacking ideas although they did stuck at it and got a result!
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