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  1. The pitch was awful but then again it's never has been great but that's no excuse, it's the same for both teams
  2. You are having a laugh right? I could moan till the cows came home, however I chose not to for the time being.
  3. It's all about opinions. The game is Scotland is crying out for investment and excitement. Hamilton and Ross County are great examples of teams that bring little to the Premier League. Both have a really low fan base and are punching above their weight but how long for? How can they sustain top flight expenses without building up debt long term. Look at some of the attendances in the top flight, less than 3k? How can that be good advert for the game? Stadia is also high on my agenda for a good match experience. How many people enjoyed going to Cowdenbeath to watch championship football? Another good example last season of a team in the wrong league.
  4. Ha ha ha. Fantastic, I'm never one to be contentious on here
  5. Guys guys guys. Bottom line is, the ground is better than it used to be but really poor in terms a decent football ground. It really is a third rate ground little better than some of the junior grounds.. It's another example of how the game in Scotland is going, too many teams in the wrong divisions. Hamilton, Ross County, Rangers, Hibs, Alloa, Livingston, Dunfermline, etc. IMO these teams either need to be up one or down one Hopefully through time normal service will be resumed Just putting it out there
  6. Thought Craig Sibbald put in a decent shift today his best this season. Our shooting was abysmal today, how many shots ended out of the park today? Vaulks (2), Baird, Miller, Leahy. Huge question mark over the keeper, how can any defence have confidence when you look at the howlers at Livingston, St Mirren and today? The trouble is we have no real competition in that area and that is a worry. Two poor points dropped today, can't believe we threw that lead away. One up away from home, minute to go, not needing to chase the game and... So disappointing!
  7. I've not been on here singing the praises when we've started well this season so I ain't going to give pelters now... One word... Unfortunate!
  8. I'm sure this is year 5 since relegation and in that time we've never even looked interested in going back up with the exception of one season. I think you'll find the buddies will be down here in the championship for some time unless there is league reconstruction.
  9. Never seen that coming at half time but wow what a great end to the game, great celebrations after the goal. Only worry for me was how bad we were first half, we looked clueless and lost BUT credit to Houston who made the change at half time. That was our first big league test of the season and we came through it but we have to stop giving away stupid goals particularly against some of the better teams in the league Well done bairns...a great Saturday night feeling!
  10. £20 is mental but I follow my team so it is £20 then! I doubt if they made it £15 it would make little difference... Real fans would probably pay £25! #ripoffb*****ds
  11. Put a decent competing team on the park and we may get closer to filling the stadium even with 4 stands!
  12. I've got to agree, he certainly hadn't impressed since the QOS play off, he is far too lightweight
  13. Great piece of business by the club, like a terrier in the middle of the park
  14. We had a great 5 month spell that season but faltered badly after Christmas
  15. Ironic driving all that distance then crashing when you got home! At least we won, it could have been worse lol
  16. Remember the Scottish Cup replay with Alan Gow netting the winner after a 0-0 draw at TFS...I think that was a Tuesday night too. Was that not the last time we won up there?
  17. It's no surprise that Holts season was the best since relegation. We were so unlucky that season not to win the league. Roberts being sent off at Alloa helped put the tin lid on that. Anyway I enjoyed watching Gary Holt's Falkirk!
  18. What would be good is a standing area that fills the whole gap between the two stands behind the goals. A stand that encompasses where the corner pods should be... That would create a brilliant atmosphere... Trouble is I think everyone would want to be there and the other 2 stands for home fans would be empty
  19. You are right but it's really shit to watch. Football is about excitement, Although I liked Pressley as a person, the football on display sometimes was awful and would not doubt scare more punters away.Maybe I'm wrong, but I think supporters like to see good flowing fast paced football, not a team sitting in, counter attacking and nicking in and scoring a goal...
  20. Credit where credit's due... Brilliant performance tonight with Houston getting his tactics spot on. Not a failure on the park, Baird and Taiwo immense, also thought Kerr put in a decent shift. Peter Grant, how long will we be able to keep him. That was a really inspiring performance and a great support who were very vocal throughout. Happy days, gritty performance with everyone playing their part, a good solid physical contest. Well done! That's more like it!
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