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  1. For me, I can only see a Falkirk win on Friday night, FWIW, I don't think Hibs can play much better than they did during the first 30 mins of the second half and I know Falkirk cannot play worse than Tuesday, we were disappointing. Expect the unexpected!
  2. Fair play to the Hibees fans for joining in to the Chris Mitchell tribute
  3. So sad to hear about Chris, must be dreadful for his family, friends and all connected with football that knew him. It again brings to the fore the sadness mental illness can bring and all its extremities. Lots of genuine heartfelt tributes to a lad who passed too soon I know the press sell papers based on shocking stories most of the time but sometimes little coverage is enough... Sad sad times, puts events like this Tuesday and Friday into perspective. RIP Chris Mitchell
  4. Lol😀I don't see it that way in any shape or form. I went this game last night as a neutral and have to say I thought Hibs were by far the better team and Rovers took their only real chance, I have a feeling Hibs will turn this around at ER. They look to me a team with bags of energy, I didn't feel they were any way fatigued, thought they were strong all over the park except up front where they looked as they could still be playing tonight and still not scored. I've was hoping Falkirk would benefit too from the extra 2 games but they have such a strong depth of squad. We will need to play well to beat them as I'm not sure they will be so charity minded up front if they manage to see off the Rovers on Saturday. By the way, Rovers had no water hot or cold in the toilets in the home end... What's that all about? Manky buggers 😄 £20 for that? I thought I'd get a game at that price, robbing manky buggers come to think of it too!! 😄😄
  5. Aye fair enough, you've got a point!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳
  6. Piss off, you are as embarrassing as your clubs manager!!!
  7. The main concern for me is I feel Morton will score at least one goal... What do we do here, Go for goals or try to keep them out and not concede?
  8. Yeah fair points and all valid. Morton are stuffy opposition and will be no pushovers. They are a typical mid table team who score as many goals as they concede.We may get by with one nil but we'll need to see what we have to do, we will know better tomorrow. Like most I suspect we will need to win, I don't think Hibs will slip up but equally I don't think they will reduce the GD but stranger things have happened...i think I'll take a spare pair of pants on Sunday😄
  9. I would keep Taiwo where he belongs as a terrier in the middle of the park, I don't think he is pacey enough and does not has the energy to bomb forward add an attacking option. I think we have to trust Houston to deliver and if he thinks our best option is to play Alston at RB then so be it. The only other natural option we have is Maybury. Depending on the Hibs score on Wednesday, well have a rough idea what is needed, if we need to win, I'd go all guns blazing early and try to make sure we nick an early goal and then go for a second to give us some breathing space. The worst thing for me is to either play the tippy tappy not panic type of game and hope to make the breakthrough or go a goal up and sit back and invite Morton onto us, that would be a recipe for disaster. Whatever happens we need to trust the manager, he has done so well for us this year. I'm sure he will not let us down!
  10. It's all about the dosh... A business has to survive, simple really, what Scottish club is going to turn down potential 30k because it would inconvenience some home supporters. These supporters who have bought ST should understand that the club needs the money. I'd rather see people with blue or green scarves rather than black, white or even red plastic seats? Smell the coffee moment for me!
  11. It's not that scary really, coz it ain't gonna happen, you can always dream though😄
  12. Lol, no shit Sherlock Can't believe Alston's position for their second...Vaulks is much quicker and defends well. What a waste of Alston's creativity. Another thing, no-one can criticise Alston for that error as he has been immense all season Chin up Blair!
  13. How Shite were Rangers tonight, awful... But I suppose in football the team that needed the result got the result. Falkirk now need to get a result at Raith and this will be difficult. The ascendency now rests with Hibs, the only consolation tonight was they only managed to claw back one goal, surprising that when you have a goalkeeper chucking the ball into the net, f®¥%ing unbelievable!!!
  14. Yes hands up, I was a doubter, both he and Miller, the 2 have been fantastic. Fair play to Houston!
  15. Great game of football on show tonight, honestly didn't really see why the Hibs fans were upset by some of our "animal" challenges. Football is a contact sport and I thought it was fiesty out there, with tempers fraying on both sides. Yes there were some naughty challenges from some in navy blue but then again Hibs were no angels either. A great battling performance from Falkirk, well deserved point and great to see Houston celebrating at the end of the game, shame after being two goals down with a man less too, he had the cheek to celebrate, after all celebrations are for the end of the season and not the end of a match lol. Stubbs is a total embarrassment of a man. I better not see a hint of celebration at the weekend if and a BIg if Hibs beat DU to get through to the final... I'll be watching! What a season for the bairns, never know when to give up, just keep going with a never say die attitude. Lee Miller was fantastic when he came on, he gave us a new dimension and caused chaos in opponents defence, they just couldn't cope. He just lifted the whole team and lifted the mood of our fans. Proud to be a bairn!
  16. Laughed at that too... What an irritating p***k, girfryðŸ˜
  17. Looks like Peter H has listened... What a guy😃😃😃
  18. Need to get big Lee here, crying out for a target man to link up. Let's get him on early before we lose another. COYB!
  19. Yes, our squad is pretty thin, midfield in particular. I thought that playing with 5 in the middle yesterday was a necessity. However, it is difficult to do due to McGrandles injury. We only really have 5 recognizable midfielders Taiwo, Kerr, Vaulks, Sibbald, Alston. That leaves no room for substitutions in the late stages of games except inexperienced youngsters. Fair play to Queens, two down, nothing to play for but kept going and got their rewards. It's another two valuable points dropped but we keep doing it, imagine what could have been if we were able to shut the doors at the back and were also able to find a system to cope with playing against 10 men. FWIW I think Muirhead is beginning to show the potential the Thistle fans were raving about, thought he was good yesterday at RB and the middle of defence - he looked more natural there, some of his forward passes to Leahy in particular gave us another dimension moving forward. A good versatile player with a 100% attitude and commitment.
  20. I thought we played well today but it's never good trying to hold on to a single goal lead after the game should have been dead and buried. When Lyle scored I felt another one would follow and it did. The question I need to ask is, why when we are winning in games do we sit deep and let teams come as us? I feel and have felt this for a while, I don't think we are good enough at the back, inviting teams to have a go is a recipe for disaster yet we do it repeatedly. We have lost far too many late goals this season, how to we stop this from happening?
  21. It looked like a penalty kick to me too, every single day of the week!
  22. What am I on...JD and coke in a Sunday is not a good combination... Not too many options in midfield now that Kerrs evil twin is not available. Looks like Vaulks needs to return beside Taiwo pushing Kerr between Alston and Hippolyte . Rogers McCann Watson Muirhead Leahy . Vaulks Taiwo . Kerr . Alston. Hippolyte . Baird Two Mark Kerr's would be a bonus! What a numpty LOL
  23. A difficult place to win and we have struggled over the last 2/3 years, not the best surface either. Queens have nothing to play for really but that could make them a little more dangerous, the pressure is all in Falkirk to perform. For this one, I'd give Will Vaulks a break and replace with Taiwo, Sibbald is another who looks like he needs a rest, I am not sure whether Hippo could play in Sibbald's position however we need more pace moving forward from midfield, I feel both Vaulks and Sibbald have struggled since the transfer window. Rogers McCann Watson Muirhead Leahy Kerr Taiwo Alston Kerr Hippolyte Baird Not pretty to watch one up front but I believe we'll need to dig a result out here. Alston and Hippo supporting Baird up front with a bit of place on both sides That would give us Miller, McHugh, Vaulks and Sibbald if need be. I'd take a 1-0 right now
  24. Can't disagree with your any of your post but at least the guy had the balls to step up to be fair. A bad day for him and us alike
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