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  1. I agree, don't know how anyone can refer to Craigen as journeyman. I think he will be a great signing when he settles in Rankin for me is the worry, 33 years old with nothing to pride and similar to Kerr... Do we need 2 players like that? A wage wasted for me but then again I said the same about Kerr and Miller, what do I know[emoji3]
  2. Remember last year I was getting pelters because I was spouting the same. Last year everyone mentioned about spending money due to Rangers and Hibs being in the championship... What's the club's excuse now? Surely it's not DU, Hibs and the Pars are in this league. If this is the mindset, we'll never spend to get promoted. Where are all the physical players Houstie bleated on about after Kilmarnock... We should have more money than ever yet we still try to get there on the cheap Some things never change!
  3. No arguments for the first 2 but if the 3rd is a penalty when clearly both players are holding each other off...i expect to see a record number of penalties this season. What's the difference between holding an attacker off and coming through an attacker from the back? The ref is a joke, feel sorry for all the fans from Falkirk who wasted their Saturday afternoon watching this game from 2 perspectives, obviously Madden and Houston's shitebag tactics. One upfront against St Johnstone, what chance do we have. The words from Houston last season after our Mauling at Kilmarnock re physique were only that... Words, embarrassed[emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️[emoji5]️
  4. Agree. This would be bad news. After our spectacular demise at Kilmarnock. Houstie spoke about needing more physical players to compete this season. So far, his signings don't show that and if Vaulks is away right enough, we'll need better than another over the hill player to give us any real chance of competing to win this league or are we just kidding ourselves on? I'm beginning to wonder if we're happy where we are stuck in the second tier with no ambition. Everyone is suggesting we have the money, when do we not show our intent or are we trying to do things on the cheap, no surprise there!
  5. I was expecting some brute force and muscle after the mauling we got at Killie, I remember Houstie's interview after that game and he spoke about the need for a more physical squad moving forward for this season. I'm not sure the players he has signed so far come into the physical bracket category. How do we get out team capable of competing to win the league or get through another potential play off campaign? I think we are still a bit on the light side unless anyone has any info on potential signings.
  6. Joe 60 minutes Cardle? He has nickname of hook because he gets subbed every game 😄
  7. Bollocks... It was not for the want of trying, both tried their best TBF 😄
  8. Got to agree, I thought he was immense too. Hibs would be lucky to get him on loan again, if Rodgers doesn't see his worth I'd be surprised. Great player, great attitude and makes things happen!
  9. I think we won't see Grant back to his old form until after the new year. Another thing is, I heard September as an expected comeback date but it may take longer. It could be Grant may not feature much during the whole season. I think we need to get more cover for this position
  10. There's a thought, What about Yogi back at Hibs spouting the same old pish that he done when he was with us all these years ago? Maybe that's the masterplan, Stubbs making way for the return of the messiah
  11. I know, you'd think he'd have bitten her hand off if Hibs were lucky enough to land Houstie... Must be the green eyed monster in him! It's like an unhealthy obsession for these P&B Hibees fans viewing the Bairns forum looking for ideas how to reshape their club, be successful and live within their means.
  12. That's laughable, you took Alan Stubbs FFS😃
  13. Now the season has finished and it's been a great season to be a Bairn. How long will it take for the supposed ITK rumour mongerers to start claiming all the fantasy stories regarding who we are interested in and who is singing and more importantly who is heading for the exit door for a six figure sum. Well done Houstie for Ladbrokes Manager of the year, glad to be proved wrong, well deserved!
  14. BBC Alba should stick to the Shinty FFS... The crowds are already dire and their showing Dumbarton v. Whoever at 5.30 on a Saturday night with an attendance of under 800. Whit a load of shite, I've no sympathy for people who can't make it, you know the fixtures well in advance. Gaelic commentary too! Keep the fitba real!
  15. I watched Raith Rovers 5 times last season, 4 of these against us, got to be honest never really noticed him except after after he signed his PCA...he played right mid against us at Starks Park and again was on the right when I took in the RR v. Hibs semi final play off. I must add that I wasn't overly impressed by him, thought he lacked pace and was quiet both games, in fact come to think of it he was hooked in both games after 60 mins or so. Looked a bit lightweight
  16. In a nutshell, Killie were far too strong, even at TFS on Thursday they were faster, stronger over the park and more physical. We just could not compete. The big no 4 won everything all over the park all day, cleared out everything in front of him including anybody in his range be it a Falkirk or even a Kilmarnock player! He may have been a wee bit slower on the ground but I felt we never had any genuine pace up front apart from McHugh who never seemed to get any service where the ball was played in front of him, it seemed to be played to his feet most of the day. To be 2 down after 8 minutes really left us with an uphill struggle, I don't honestly think I've seen the whole team look so disjointed and fragmented. Aaron Muirhead must have had his worst game for us, his distribution was very poor all over the park, felt we could have had a penalty when McCracken was pushed at 2-0 but I suppose we cannot complain as we have been on the right side of some really dubious decision over the last 3 games I cannot believe that Kilmarnock team finished 11th in the premier. I suppose in football terms, the team that needed it more, won it...they were up for it right from square one whereas we looked slow and nervous. TBF, we have not played at our best for some time now, we looked dead on our feet. As others have said, a game to far. Having said that its been a brilliant season for the Bairns and Houston has to take all the plaudits with his tactical know how when he's been alert and knowledgable enough to look at games and make more often than not the changes to deliver the results. Be interesting to see what happens during the summer in and out. Rogers will be back to Aberdeen, Alston looks like played his last game, Vaulks, Sibbald, Leahy, we'll have to wait and see? I know we have 2 signings coming in Craigen and Austin...Craigen looks to me like an Alston replacement and Austin is untried at this level. I think we need. GK, LB, RB, CB and potential midfielders depending on who leaves the club. More importantly for me is we need to be far more physical, we are too lightweight in key areas over the park. I would like to see Luke Leahy go to left mid and get a strong proper LB with a physical presence, I'm sure Luke would give us a good attacking option moving forward. I know we have not spent any real money to try to get out of this league with Rangers in it. However, Anyone who thinks this season will be any easier needs to think again. IMO this season will be the hardest championship ever and it will take a strong good physical team with a big squad of players to win it and be ahead of Hibs and DU. Maybe this season will be another play off target...Do we have the belief and the bottle to go for it? The summer signings will answer these questions.
  17. I'm sure I'll pick one up somewhere, it great the whole town is buzzing but where are all these fans EVERY week? I feel a rant coming on! My own stupid fault😡
  18. Desparate stuff right enough... Don't think I could trust myself when we scored... And we will!
  19. Anyone in the know have any idea if any tickets are available for Thursday's game I could not make the stadium over the weekend and now I can't buy online, I've only missed 4 games this season and now it looks like this may be 5th Desperately needing help here!!!
  20. Hibs ripped us apart on Tuesday and got little, tonight they were just as Shiite as us and got two soft goals. I said we couldn't play any worse pfffft, how wrong can I be? Started well scored and then didn't capitalise on our play and paid the penalty big timex literally! What a shit time to put together 2 inept performances in a row. We look the tired team, standing admiring the tippy tappy Brazilian type football😄 need to get tighter and get stuck in. We've rolled over to easily first half, need to believe we can do this, it's not going to just happen, don't think Hibs will tire out second half, glad to see McGeoch off. We need to get the ball down and play football, what's this tactic lumping the ball forward to 5ft Baird? If we need to do this get Lee on, otherwise I don't see it paying off. Come on Peter Houston, we are better than this!
  21. Absolutely, now it re established. Let's hope the SPFL will have a look to stop this endurance contest for 3rd and 4th place finishers
  22. Think at the time we would have voted for anything just to make the change. Now everyone is complaining about the tough schedule for the 3rd and 4th teams, surely it's only a matter of time before the play offs become a straight semi final and then final... Surely?
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