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  1. I'd love to share your opinion and optimism. I don't know how anyone can come to this conclusion. We have lost a goal in every game with the exception of Forfar who should have had the game sewn up at HT at TFS. We lost another tonight but we know nothing about how good or indeed how bad St Johnstone are this season. It's the same with the new lad Greenwood... I've never heard of him and I'm sure neither has 99.9% of all the FFC P&B football manager tacticians, yet he finds a place on the park with many of the 'best formations' maestros. [emoji23] How do we know that he's any better than Harris, Shepherd or even Loy? I think we presume to much, let's just wait and see what happens regarding an almost solid unit etc. It's a long session ahead
  2. I don't think we'll need to wait for the first quarter to see how it unfolds, we'll know after 5 games, Christ we've already been boooooooed of the park this season already [emoji102] We cannot afford to be cut adrift of the top 4 at an early stage. A poor first quarter will spell meltdown on here from everyone
  3. Even Willie Miller was board to death on Radio Scotland ffs[emoji23] We must be pish!
  4. Love the positivity here. You obviously saw things I failed to see yesterday. I saw a disjointed team with no pace, urgency or direction with not many winners on show. All I kept thinking to myself was I hope Hartley knows the fcuk what he is doing or we're in deep shit here. We've have nailed our colours to the mast due to the changes made, contracts offered etc. I don't think we'll have much left to come in unless we get some late deals on loan players. Really don't want to come across as negative but for me it's me pants please! Remember we got beat off Peterhead 2/3 seasons ago and we had a good session after that, that year. I thought when we bought Lewis we would have pace up front, we look way short upfront with O'Hara not the answer... Sorry. I hope PH has options up top or we'll struggle to score many goals and could be a another long session ahead #onlysaying
  5. Real LOL material [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Must say the banter on here has been brilliant lads... Keep it up [emoji121]
  7. I can't believe anyone on here is unhappy with any signings of Hartleys considering the absolute Shite that has been dished up by the club over the last 3 years. What Hartley is trying to do deserves praise as he is having a genuine attempt to put a team together to give us hope and ambition of winning this league and not plumping for the safe option of the play offs. I think the fans will buy into this vision and the ST will take flight. Well done Mr H!
  8. So, are we saying Tom Taiwo is not a legend then? [emoji12][emoji12][emoji12]
  9. If we had a team full of Tom Taiwos. Do you honestly believe we'd finished 8th? The guy played with his heart on his sleeve week in week out, not many can boast about that last season. Injury prone? Maybe...but then again if he had decent help in that midfield maybe he wouldn't have been injured as much - he sometimes had to cover and played like 2 men on the park with a heart of 10. He never shirked a tackle coz he was hard as f**k! Falkirk legend for me!!!
  10. Great news for the wee man. Well deserved. Now he can kick fcuk out of the top division. Just shows you what other clubs think... We have discarded him and he jumps into the top league...i sincerely hope PH has got this right [emoji15]
  11. Best of luck wee man! Your goals against QOS and Hibs were absolute magic, THAT goal against the Jambos was sublime...one goal that will live in my memory forever #oneofourown
  12. Agree to a point but you need a team capable of scoring on the park. It's maybe nothing to do with the stadium atmosphere maybe it's our support who don't get involved the way they should. I bet the Dunfermline supporters thought there was little wrong with the atmosphere at the TFS on Saturday, they looked as if they were having a great time. Maybe we are just a very hard support to please... There was nothing wrong with the stadium atmosphere the night we beat Hibs in the play offs but that atmosphere was generated by the excitement of the team on the park's Remembering the SPL years, our supporters were fairly quiet then too. We never really raised the roof then. The marketing people do a great job, the young team do their best to get the songs going etc to try to lift the stadium mood but I feel the feel good factor for me is winning games and playing well.
  13. You know, I struggle to understand people logic on this forum. Like me, I'm sure many on here follow FFC on away days etc... I find it hard to believe that as supporters we are complaining about the state of our stadium, really? Scottish football is littered with... Well, shitehole stadiums. It's unbelievable that we should be complaining about the state of ours when others would love to have a stadium like it, sure it's not perfect but IMO much of the atmosphere is generated by the excitement on the pitch and this is were we fall short. 4th stand, standing area is all well but don't waste any more money except the first team squad.
  14. Back to football please I cannot believe the reaction from some of our fans regarding our 3 new players FFS, it was their first game. Do you not think we should be giving new players some time before slaughtering them. Maybe we’ve been watching poor fayre this year but I don’t think we played as bad as our support were suggesting? I thought in patches we played some really nice football and were up against a goalkeeper in inspired form I for one took great heart from that performance, on another day we would have got a result. It was unfortunate that our young keeper had his worst game for us. I’m still remain positive and have confidence in Hartley The only negative for me was his choice of subs although Loy looked more lively of late. I thought Sibbald was immense. The only way is up!!
  15. Happy New Year to all Bairns all over the world. [emoji288] Let's hope 2018 is the start of something special [emoji460] #COYB
  16. Aye just that, I was at the game too and was so shocked that we won I forgot to go into the shop to buy my ticket for EEP. Does anyone know where I can get one now?[emoji7][emoji102][emoji782]
  17. It's all about opinions and Hartley will have his. He sees players train daily, their attitudes, their efforts. Yes, I believe Austin showed signs of potential last season but he had regressed not only under Hartley but Houston as well. You can work with a player to make them fitter, sharper, better techniques etc, the one thing you can't do it teach them drive, hunger and their desire to be the best as that comes from within the individual. There must be a flaw somewhere within Austin's make up, you would not expect Hartley to get rid of if he was showing the potential that you suggest. I feel we have waited long enough for certain players to fulfill their potential and look where that has got us... Dire straits... Money for nothing, that was quite good [emoji4] Seriously, waiting on potential... The players listed below have shown potential in the past Hippolyte Loy Craigen Gallagher Sibbald Shepherd O'Hara Austin Harris Football is a results based business, waiting on potential may get you relegated and sacked. We've waited long enough. We need to back the manager here. Potential does not get 3 points every week
  18. WTF are you people on here all about? Austin has been utter drivel this season, remind me how many goals he has scored? He dives all over the place, I'm for one thinks that Hartley has got this spot on... Get shot, both him and Hippo their attitudes look stinking. Body language tells all for me for both players. Loy is another who needs a move. The returning Messiah has not managed to score yet and we are almost at New Year...fcuk sakes Hartley needs to do something and fast or Div One play offs here we come. I don't get where the soft spots are for strikers that cannot score goals??? They can all GTF as far as I'm concerned, they've had their chance and it time to replace. I honestly don't understand this Love in pish for Austin and the patter he'll come back to haunt us? The only way he'll do this if we slip down to the seaside league, in reality that's his level IMO. Time to move on.
  19. Away to the shops, pub, swimming pool for diving lessons? Where then? [emoji101]
  20. Yes me too it was absolutely honking... But you know what? I have faith that PH and the rest of the team have enough about them to get us out of this hole we're in. This is maybe a boldish Pressley type comment but here goes... Falkirk FC will not be in the relegation play offs this year and before any smart arse comments, no, we won't be automatically relegated either!!! OUR TIME will come. #Justsaying Come on ye Bairns!!
  21. I think he pressed the 1 key twice too much [emoji38]Even the 3k is questionable
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