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  1. Deadly serious btw We need every player playing out their skins to keep us as close to Alloa or next above. Well, answer me this then. As a support we all appear to be happy with Ray McKinnon yes? If he has confidence in him, why slaughter him every week, what good does that do?
  2. Paton is the type of player we really need, his job is to break play up put in the odd crunching tackle in . He adds physically to the middle of the park, one thing I noticed was his fitness levels than other night. Remember this guy was out the game for a while and only now his fitness levels are improving...not claiming he's a world beater but if he does the job he's meant to do he may be very effective. Do you honestly think Ray would play him if he did not trust him or had someone who could do his role better? Be interested to see how we cope on Saturday without him. I say let's all give the guy a break and see if he can produce the form that he has done in the past. The guys confidence must be rock bottom hearing some of the vile abuse aimed at him every week. Yes I can understand how everyone feels he has not been as good are we expected but then again who has? The signs are he's improving...i think he's carried the scapegoat tag enough. Time to get off the guys back.
  3. I think we need to give some credit when it's due, apart from his miss just before HT. I thought Paton done well, he was all over the park, broke up play, never scared to get stuck in and looked much fitter than he's been, still closing people down and charging all over the park right up to the final whistle I know the boo boys will not like this but I'm sure that's the player McKinnon plays every week as he knows his capabilities. Well done, maybe give his confidence a boost. Showed some heart and passion, pretty awful miss though...
  4. It's amazing how our fortunes have changed. Just looked at the league fixtures and in the past you'd have not feared anyone but I'm really struggling to find games where we can get 3 points. McKinnon needs to either work miracles or get some players in before January. I think the gap will be too much if we can't pick up around 9 or 10 points pre new year. I think Godwin and co will be out of sight and remember they'll be able to strengthen too. I think we better look out them buckets and spades and conserve cash for next season. What a mess, I remember posting not that long ago that I hoped to [email protected]$& Hartley knew what he was doing? [email protected]$&ing criminal what's happened to us and been allowed to happen
  5. A simple no would have been sufficient here.
  6. The pressure pot is boiling Red card for Ray FFS
  7. A big difference today all over the park, shape, confidence, belief. The trouble is we lost a silly goal 3 mins into the second half then the confidence evaporated, we lost our shape and lost the match A blind man could see the difference in our team since we dispatched Hartley. Rudden made such a difference mobility up front and Petra looked up for it. Paton was solid and really looked decent BUT we have too many players who weren't up for the fight when the going got tough, McKee, Kidd, Irving, Heber and Lewis. Rudden showed more than I have seen all season from Lewis, Heber and Mackin. I believe that MacKinnon has enough about him to get a tune out of Hartley's mess. Goalkeeper had a howler too and I'm sure he'll be changed first option becomes available. If we're going to be in a relegation scrap then we need players that will battle in the trenches, sadly some of then were MIA today. I'm sure MacK doesn't need me to tell him that. Feeling a bit more positive tonight let's wait and see. We are Falkirk!!!
  8. How many chances does Joe Shitebag McKee get? Fucking imposter of a player [emoji107]
  9. These things happen in football and we all need to move on. If it happened the other way round what would we think? What it does do is should make us wary if someone else comes in, is he likely to do the same, first decent offer? Let's hope our board have learned and have a bullet proof contract [emoji481] Right that's that sorted. Onwards and Upwards COYB [emoji23]
  10. I don't believe it now matters who comes in as manager, as supporters we have no choice but to get behind them for the rest of the season and hope that it all works out and we remain in the championship to fight again next season. If that doesn't work out then... We need to start again from the beginning next year, let's face it none of us are going to jump ship.
  11. Why? He wouldn't know anyone in Scottish football these days
  12. I'm sure it was 10k when we starting to build the main stand but it dropped to 6k the year after allowing to join the big boys in 2005/06 What's happened to all the optimism on here, this thread is getting worse than OneF and COYB Facebook sites combined. Only 2 league games played and 36 to go!! Keep taking the pills [emoji381]
  13. I would hope he is learning too! I know we were awful in the LC but the two last second half displays were encouraging. I know we never played well in the first half yesterday but we did come close a few times in the second half and on another day we may have scored 3 goals. Reality is we lost 2 games by a goal in each, it's not as if we were scudded in both. I know our fan base is fickle like most, we are either heroes or zeroes!
  14. Yes I agree but we are only 5% through the season, beat QOS in two weeks time and it will look a lot better I'm sure Long long way to go
  15. Paul Hartley needs to be given time, anyone who thought we were going to win the league this year were extremely positive or dare I say delusional? 17 players signed and the majority on here expect to gel within 6 weeks. I agree that some of the players signed do not look capable but they need to be given time to sample, adjust and experience the Scottish game. It comes as no surprise to me that Andrew Irving is the stand out as he knows what to expect on the field re physicality/tempo etc. I'm sure all the players signed will not be duds but one thing is for sure, if they keep reading half the slaughtering and negativity on here and other social media sites the little confidence that they may have will only get worse, how is this productive? We all had a great summer filled with signings and optimism.. Add great banter into the mix and maybe we just got carried away a wee bit. Two league games down and already the knives are out? It is a little embarrassing. Almost everyone on here applauded Hartley's refreshing strategy getting rid of the abject failures from last season. Don't you think he deserves time to learn about the players strengths and weaknesses? Do you also think that Hartley is enjoying seeing his team bottom of the league with his managerial reputation on the line? Time to cool it and get off his back as show the guy some support. Before anyone suggests I'm not a 'happy clapper' just a guy who thinks that Rome wasn't built in a day! #COYB
  16. I'd love to share your opinion and optimism. I don't know how anyone can come to this conclusion. We have lost a goal in every game with the exception of Forfar who should have had the game sewn up at HT at TFS. We lost another tonight but we know nothing about how good or indeed how bad St Johnstone are this season. It's the same with the new lad Greenwood... I've never heard of him and I'm sure neither has 99.9% of all the FFC P&B football manager tacticians, yet he finds a place on the park with many of the 'best formations' maestros. [emoji23] How do we know that he's any better than Harris, Shepherd or even Loy? I think we presume to much, let's just wait and see what happens regarding an almost solid unit etc. It's a long session ahead
  17. I don't think we'll need to wait for the first quarter to see how it unfolds, we'll know after 5 games, Christ we've already been boooooooed of the park this season already [emoji102] We cannot afford to be cut adrift of the top 4 at an early stage. A poor first quarter will spell meltdown on here from everyone
  18. Even Willie Miller was board to death on Radio Scotland ffs[emoji23] We must be pish!
  19. Love the positivity here. You obviously saw things I failed to see yesterday. I saw a disjointed team with no pace, urgency or direction with not many winners on show. All I kept thinking to myself was I hope Hartley knows the fcuk what he is doing or we're in deep shit here. We've have nailed our colours to the mast due to the changes made, contracts offered etc. I don't think we'll have much left to come in unless we get some late deals on loan players. Really don't want to come across as negative but for me it's me pants please! Remember we got beat off Peterhead 2/3 seasons ago and we had a good session after that, that year. I thought when we bought Lewis we would have pace up front, we look way short upfront with O'Hara not the answer... Sorry. I hope PH has options up top or we'll struggle to score many goals and could be a another long session ahead #onlysaying
  20. Real LOL material [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  21. Must say the banter on here has been brilliant lads... Keep it up [emoji121]
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