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  1. Simply not good enough. Don’t know why we don’t start the game at a faster pace and go hell for leather for an early goal and get on the front foot. Serious question marks on the whole management team. I can’t see how the extra expense of a DOF can be justified. I feel we stroll around the field thinking we are better than we are. We never fail to surprise, when we need to up the ante and show we are serious contenders we fail miserably. Just look at the comparison to Raith Rovers tonight... we’ve got to ask the questions, are we motivated? I don’t see it! Another missed opportunity I’m afraid.
  2. This is the same situation for Arbroath. It is as important for them to remain in the championship like us trying to get out of the L1 but I can’t see Arbroath fielding a weaker team. Football is all about competing I think it is more to do about the fear of going to Celtic Park and getting 6-0 (or more)or more embarrassment. Do you think we would have fielded a weaker team if we were drawn against a championship team in the next round? We should be able to compete on all fronts.
  3. For me the strongest 11 v. Arbroath. The SC is a major tournament with a good draw next round. All our players need game time and may give us an indication of a potential opponent in the play offs. No weakened side for me that why we have a squad to cope with injuries. Forfar and Dumbarton next 2 league games so should be able to cope injury wise It’s all about opinions.
  4. That would be a smashing appointment but I wonder if the opposition will be able to see right through his tactics if he gets the job
  5. Watched the highlights of the EF game again. Thinking back to the start of the season we were aiming to play fast flowing attacking style football with energy and pressing teams with tempo high up the park to retrieve the ball when we lost it. What on earth has happened? We really looked well beaten down without a fight, we were slow, lethargic and disjointed even looked like the part time team. How have we got to this point? what has changed that our managers don’t seem to be able to motivate? Is it possible they are beginning to think that because of the league position and the potential huge gap over our rival sides that they are becoming too cocky beginning to believe their own press and starting to experiment with changing personnel? I have never seen so many changes either starting or substitutions during matches since we played Rangers in the Bet Fred. Maybe need to get back to basics and get a settled best 11 on the park and build from there. We have an interesting cup tie coming up against a team struggling in the Championship and this will give us an idea if we are able to step up to the plate. The next 2 league games are massive but I fear if we do find ourselves off top spot in the league I don’t think we’ve got the guile or bottle to recover and this will inevitably lead to change. I also don’t get this ex player love in with some fans. Mark Kerr really? Look through most of all Scottish leagues and it’s not a necessity... many teams are managed by individuals who are not connected to their current clubs. I am fed up hearing about playing the game the Falkirk way, the news is it’s not working so maybe we need to change this thinking if we are changing the management team.
  6. I agree that we cannot allow much more time for M&M to start getting results or it’ll be the play offs. The concern for me is that if any team were to go on a decent run I fear we would be left behind, one of the main reasons we are top now is more down to the inconsistent form of Thistle, Airdrie and Cove but I feel these teams are now beginning to fire whereas we are sputtering all over the park. For me next 2 league games are crucial. Drop any points and we make change it’s as simple as that. We need to show some intent, desire and make up for the catastrophic f**k up of the last 3 games. I know a lot of us on here are sceptical of the dual manger set up. So hypothetically, If the board were to decide to end that agreement and go to a single manager and remove one from the position (similar to Ross County before Kettlewell was sacked), who would be the best option to take the role? You never know that could help solve the problem.
  7. He doesn’t have the legs or any presence going forward. He is, at best is a holding midfielder breaking up play but he has been poor this season. I listened to a LMs interview on FTV. I’m convinced he watches different games from me. I am not having any of the bad weather pish. The weather was bad for Cove, Airdrie and every other team in Scotland that won today-look at Hearts and Raith... it’s time for honestly and stop trying to kid the fans or himself. I know that if anyone has told us we’d be 4 points clear before New Year we’d have be delighted but the way it’s is unfolding it’s s really concerning. Big improvements needed and soon as this duo won’t escape failure this season and I’m pretty sure of that.
  8. I think comments made re Dowds are harsh. I know my opinion is a minority view on this on this forum but feel the guy needs more time and developing. His work rate is second to none. Think we all need to get off his back and give the guy a break. I’m sure he will come good, first season as a full time player.
  9. I think to be fair. Rangers IMO took the foot off the pedal. When you consider the main changes they made combined by subbing players and bringing on kids. It’s hard to get a real measure how good or how well we really competed and to compare that game to any SPL fixture would be totally wrong. I am sure M&M knew the score was never in any doubt and there would only be one outcome. The bigger picture for is is how we bounce back and ensure our confidence is where it should be. We are top of the league and I expect us to remain there. As many on here will remember when we were sitting top of the league and going to Celtic Park and being totally thumped 8-1 and we went on to win the league comfortably that season. It is up to the management duo to lift the team spirit and keep it there and do what we NEED to do this season.
  10. What happened to replay? Come on Sons TV[emoji23]
  11. Absolute shite... I love watching the EPL does that make me a less of a Falkirk fan? Incidents like watching all Scottish teams in Europe and hope they all do well? Me bad FFS
  12. I feel we hardly cope with bog standard league games. I think the FTV box would just explode [emoji23]
  13. You know something I thought the presentation from Dumbarton wasn’t too bad to be fair apart from some ball following issues. The young lad you’re referring to was IMO fairly informed and decent enough compared with some of the slavering pish we have to endure on FTV. Credit to the Sons!!!
  14. McManus sending off, is it a one or two match ban?
  15. We’ll get behind the team and cheer them on... you never know!!
  16. Gaz I was beside the directors box at Dumbarton and boy did they get serious abuse. Some of the protests were warranted and delivered in an acceptable manner...Other stuff was personal and to be honest an embarrassment to the good name of Falkirk FC. Some of the abusive comments were nothing to do with RMcK or even football related and as an ordinary FFC supporter, a line was crossed that day, some of the Dumbarton supporters appeared genuinely horrified too - they seemed disgusted. I can understand why the new chairman mentioned it. I like most on here has been frustrated with what has gone on with the club over the past few years and I feel the only way to succeed is with everyone facing the same direction. Before anyone starts making sarcastic comments I have no affiliation to the FFC board or any of its member present or future and never have had.
  17. The FSA also run a bus leaving from Carronshore..easy to get to from the M9, well run bus too!
  18. Yes I've heard this 100 times from various FFC fan BUTb would you really? It is fair that any businessman would want some return for a massive investment. 2m is a huge amount of cash in anyone's book. I think people expect far too much and no I'm not Edibairn etc... Just adding some reality into the situation. It is easy to say I would do this, do that etc. It's all too easy to SAY!!!
  19. That comes across as a bit bitter tbh Remember this guy put his money where his mouth was at the time where other didn't or wouldn't. I know he is being paid for it due in installments, but really how many of us would really be prepared to do that? Just also consider how much the club have benefited from during this time?
  20. Right... That's that done and dusted. Time now to focus on the park and make sure the heat is firmly turned up on our under achieving manager, there are no distractions nor hiding places now. Simple plan really, start playing as expected or GHTF, no room for messing about... starting tomorrow[emoji106]
  21. Time to empty and start again. 2 up at HT and should really have been 3 but squandered by a manager scared of his own shadow. Anyone watching knew that if Raith scored then we would be hanging on and in the end we were lucky to draw. What an off the line clearance by Doyle. The manager is clueless I’m afraid - benefit of doubt long gone.
  22. Seriously who really gives a f**k here? 1700 decided to go and I was one of them!! I support my team through thick and thin. Anyone who thinks by not going your gonna change the world then think again Can't believe getting slagged going to support my team... What a fucking fan base we have[emoji23]
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