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  1. Time to empty and start again. 2 up at HT and should really have been 3 but squandered by a manager scared of his own shadow. Anyone watching knew that if Raith scored then we would be hanging on and in the end we were lucky to draw. What an off the line clearance by Doyle. The manager is clueless I’m afraid - benefit of doubt long gone.
  2. Seriously who really gives a f**k here? 1700 decided to go and I was one of them!! I support my team through thick and thin. Anyone who thinks by not going your gonna change the world then think again Can't believe getting slagged going to support my team... What a fucking fan base we have[emoji23]
  3. Allegedly...No? We know nothing about this guy so I don't know why anyone even comments good or bad. What I do know is the amount of guff spouted on here by people who claim/think they know or by never to be known untrue claims by the SUN newspaper (so it must be true) If MC has any sense he will GTF as quickly as he can and leave us alone, then what happens? Everyone these days appears to be a lawyer clued up on how the American judicial system operates when in real terms I think in most cases what is not known is "guessed at" at best. Everyone is so happy to dish the dirt, talk about a kangaroo court (Defintion below) Let's wait to see what happens as we know F£&@ all!!! kangaroo court noun noun: kangaroo court; plural noun: kangaroo courts an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanour.
  4. I remember a quote from an old guy who sits next to me as we brought Haber as a sub. He leant over and said to me “he’s the only guy I know who jumps down the way” thinking back he was spot on !
  5. This estimate is pure speculation. No one knows how many ST we will sell if no major changes are made. As unhappy as I feel just now I will still buy mine. I know the thoughts of many on here and that is their prerogative but I'll still follow my team through thick and thin and hope next season us back in on track irrespective of who is running the club. I see little point of hurting the club any more than it is right now at this lowest point. Onwards and Upwards #COYB
  6. Sorry no room for sentiment., they had their chance time to move on. Cannot fault both during their careers although they struggled towards the end of their time with us, what makes anyone think that it will be any different now with Baird 2 years older and Grant not being able to tie down any type of contract with anyone? I think there is a clue there. We need to hit the ground running, be ruthless and start winning games, nothing else will do. We need to be convincing, mediocre pish will cause a frenzy! Let’s not f**k about
  7. What a shite strategy this is. We should be going out to win the league in style. look what happened this year with just trying to get by, this attitude gives me the fear
  8. I thought we were hoping to get out of league one next season? Deluded here, Duffy, Baird and McHugh, real Falkirk men? Change needed mate
  9. Maybe you guys have a lifeline with Dundee being relegated but I'm sure they'll be a few chairmen shiting themselves as Falkirk have been a cash cow for this league for so long. But hey if you are happy with the support Arbroath brings to the league then jog on. You'll be welcoming the Bairns next year with opened arms... Unless you are missing us on the way down, fingers crossed
  10. Anyone thinking of demonstrating tomorow are wasting their time... Not buying season tickets will be the biggest protest. This will force the current board out. Sad day for Scottish football to see the Bairns relegated to division one but at FFC we need to accept and get on with it. We cannot expect anything else other from this clusterfuck of a season. Let's not hide or kid ourselves, we are where we are and deservedly so. We have no choice other than to accept it and move on. We have a close season to find a way to build a new vision to get us back up to the championship, steady the ship and beyond.. IMO McKinnon cannot escape this mess either, he had shit the bed too much for me and we need to make this change sooner rather than later, for us to have our own destiny in our own hands and then blow it, he is culpable for me, no excuses. All the best to Alloa Athletic and Jim Goodwin, you deserve to stay up, if we had the ambition, fight and belief we'd have been safe over a month ago. The bottom line for me is when struggling teams need to win, they simply win. Aside from Dunfermline away we have shown little appetite for the fight as went out with a whimper Bucket and spades at the ready I'm afraid.
  11. I think we will need players will Paton's digs and experience. If he keeps fit and out of trouble he will be a big player for us in the run in. He has improved big time in the last 2 months as he has got fitter. He will not be a bench filler and I think Summut will
  12. That's fair enough but I think Ray may use him as a squad player.
  13. Really? I bet you he still plays every week with Ray's new signings coming in Let's see how shit he is
  14. I'm not saying the guy is a world beater, however it stands to reason that young players flourish when they have an experienced Pro at their side. Of course he may be at the wrong club, sometimes that happens to players they just don't settle in and it takes longer. I think the guy has been unlucky that he has landed with the worst Falkirk team I can ever recall. Maybe if Ray keeps him for the rest of the season he may be better in the second half with hopefully better players around him. Another thing, sometimes players take time to settle. Look at the shit Paul Paton got on here for months... He's now been our best player over the last 6 weeks or so making some experts in here eating their words and sorely missed v. Dunfermline Let's get behind the team for the second half of the season whoever they are!
  15. Well at least he will be on MOTD and that is a better standard than our championship[emoji106]
  16. I have sympathy with Sammat too and agree that he would have been better being used as a firstly as a sub into a successful team and then building. Can't believe that some folk on here would think a young Chelsea graduate and captain at that would be so poor and I do not believe for one minute Chelsea thought they were loaning a player to a team that were bottom of the Scottish championship, this move probably set the lad backwards and done more bad than good for the parent club. The lad would have benefited from an old head like Latapy who would have taken through games offering guidance and support. Never mind, we may see him soon on MOTD in a couple of years time. I hope we keep the lad to the end of the season and use him the was he should have been used. Probably Irving came into the same category but he's away now. Too much to expect from young lads playing men's football. Happy new year lads
  17. I think some of these players were told prior to today that they'd be leaving the club. Over the past few weeks we managed to shape our team in 5-3-2 formation making us difficult for teams to break us down, why the fcuk did we think we could go 4-4-2 and expect to win the game I started listing the emptiees then I thought be easier to list the ones who we can keep Mitchell McGhee Brough Robson Petra Paton Rudden I know we want to play with wingers and to play on the front foot but for me we need to start with keeping the ball out of our own net. I'm worrying now that McKinnon will not be able to keep us in this league, he talks a good game but like Hartley last season we're putting all our hope and faith in a manager that struggled to motivate a DU team with a decent budget and ultimately paid the price for his failure. None of us believed that Hartley would have failed so spectacularly, what makes us believe McKinnon can lead us to safely? Over the last few weeks I feel he has made some mistakes himself... Alloa at home, 2 up against a PT team and we shat it. Today, changed our best shape and got pumped again. Here's hoping 2019 ends up a happy new year for all Bairns alike.
  18. Like me I once got caught for spraying Domestos on boxes outside a fruit shop, I got done with Bleach of the Peach. 🤣🤣
  19. [emoji23] Nothing to deal wi mate... Just supporting every player in the navy blue each week
  20. Deadly serious btw We need every player playing out their skins to keep us as close to Alloa or next above. Well, answer me this then. As a support we all appear to be happy with Ray McKinnon yes? If he has confidence in him, why slaughter him every week, what good does that do?
  21. Paton is the type of player we really need, his job is to break play up put in the odd crunching tackle in . He adds physically to the middle of the park, one thing I noticed was his fitness levels than other night. Remember this guy was out the game for a while and only now his fitness levels are improving...not claiming he's a world beater but if he does the job he's meant to do he may be very effective. Do you honestly think Ray would play him if he did not trust him or had someone who could do his role better? Be interested to see how we cope on Saturday without him. I say let's all give the guy a break and see if he can produce the form that he has done in the past. The guys confidence must be rock bottom hearing some of the vile abuse aimed at him every week. Yes I can understand how everyone feels he has not been as good are we expected but then again who has? The signs are he's improving...i think he's carried the scapegoat tag enough. Time to get off the guys back.
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