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  1. No problem with my ST purchase. Only 1 transaction
  2. So does that mean if you renewed from the South Stand/Kevin McAllister Stand you’ll use your old card from last year as an activated card or will the club issue a new plastic card? Seems a waste of resources and unnecessary costs if a new card is indeed issued?
  3. Far too sensible for on here[emoji23]
  4. Pretty quiet on here just now. I was just thinking (Dangerous I know) The CI guys have done a brilliant job with the renaming of the south stand. Just for fun and looking to the future, who would be the next deserving former bairn for the renaming of our north stand? What about the Russell Latapy Stand? Any better ideas?
  5. Possibly in a player/coach capacity? Looks done but great experience and he as aspirations of staying in the game. Another one bites the dust [emoji23]
  6. Yes the last 5 seasons have been a financial abyss so it is/was a matter of time before the funds dried up. It really wasn’t rocket science that we had to throw the kitchen sink (Like Killie did this season) should have been our only objective instead of kidding ourselves that we are a big club who wastes money every season on misguided clap like an infrastructure that required a DOF with coaches coming out of our backside and other drains in cash…In League One FSS. No wonder the shit is hitting the fan now the only surprise is that it’s taken so long!
  7. Main thing for me was something I’ve said for years even before our slump was the main focus being on the playing field. That cannot be understated, it’s great doing all the fancy dancy community/ethical stuff etc as that sure helps to bring in some income but we should NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE MAIN FOCUS OF ANY FOOTBALL TEAM SHOULD BE A COMPETITIVE TEAM THAT WINS ON A SATURDAY AND FOR TOO LONG THIS HAS BEEN MISPLACED BY THIS CLUB AS IF THIS WAS A SECONDARY SIDESHOW. Good interview he came across really well and gives us some hope for the future. Over to you John McGlynn!
  8. I’ll tell you must have a thick skin. Jesus, the amount of abuse you get on here is ridiculous whether it’s liking watching Scottish teams in Europe or your political beliefs. I don’t know why you even bother commenting on here. It’s a bit out of order tbh. Everybody is welcome to their opinions and deserve some respect. Give DPB a break!!
  9. That I’m sure was the Dryburgh Cup Just continued reading the bread and the answer was in already…duh! [emoji23]
  10. Not forgetting he’s another 4/5 years older
  11. It’s a disgrace and the powers that be have made it that the lowly Championship clubs are jumping though hoops to gain promotion. It’s all part of looking after No 1’s. Poor ICT looked totally fucked whereas St J can rest all their players from nothingness fixtures. It’s about time we got the 4 playoff teams and had a straight Semi Final/Final and stop this ridiculous charade.
  12. Thought the interview was a bit of a ramble tbh. It’s obvious to me that camera or public speaking is not his forte. However that aside I do not give a flying f£ck as long as he shows an improvement in the football, the mentality and most of all desire and fight. His interview was the usual play on advertising ST sales, blowing smoke, rah rah rah etc. I think some of his charismatic deficiencies can be overlooked as he is our experienced FOOTBALL MANAGER and I wish him the best for a good season ahead and hope the fans stay with him, give him a chance to get his feet under the table and reinstate his own culture and belief into our club. Welcome John MyGlynn.
  13. Simon Murray in Bold????? Could be a hero after his exploits on Saturday [emoji23]
  14. Unfortunately not the type of player needed in this league but will probably go up to the championship next season and do well. Wrong club at wrong time, best of luck to him!
  15. Cost Us No Trophy Get him to Feck!!!
  16. Gaz I take it this is a cut and paste from around 12 years ago? This has been aired every time we need a new manager or even a new defender. You’d shit yourself if your many time premonition actually came true [emoji23] Keep taking the meds [emoji106]
  17. Pot turning the Kettle black me thinks
  18. Sorry Blair Alston #SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAY!! Where was that fucking hunger and desire?
  19. I fucking hate Kilmarnock ever since relegation day..#SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAYS!!!
  20. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/kenny-miller-wants-falkirk-job-26738388 Thoughts??
  21. Bollocks. He was told to follow the Brentford model by our BOD, he did and was sacked. Great interview by Gordon Young on FCB podcast
  22. The trouble is he played for Celtic too and many other teams. When he uses the word ‘we’ who is he referring to?[emoji23]
  23. A great point and one I never considered. A try before you buy? Maybe there was a thought in their minds that this on paper was going to be a scoosh and maybe how could we fail? It may be both walk at the end of season and on to venture new but whatever happens their reputations will be tarnished unless things change before the seasons end.
  24. Cheers to all who replied. Must be a broadband issue luckily[emoji3]
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