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  1. I think his body language says it all. The upbeat manager that came in though the door has gone and his honest and breath of fresh air interviews are now a thing of the past and he looks a beaten man. What I would really like to see is an interview with our DOF for him to outline how and what he is going to do to support his appointed first team coach. Surely his rookie appointment needs some indication or some pointers of how to maybe change his approach, formations, style of play? It seems to me as if PS is being left and hung out, quartered and fair game for the vultures to strip bare. After all, our DOF has bags of experience to help him see the woods from the trees or does the word scapegoat spring to mind? What are we going to do now Gary???
  2. Didn’t realise he was DOF up there and last he heard he wanted to be back down here
  3. I think some people in our club must be blind. It is plain obvious to me that as many have suggested on here the spine is the problem. Most of our leaked goals stem from central defence. The midfield although has skill has no dirtiness in it. We have no guts, strength or fight. Look at yesterdays midfield. Telfer, Morrison, McGuffie and Nisbett. Who is going to win the fighting ground only having Hetherington in there to combat the opposition Up front. It’s again glaring that Ruth has not developed enough and is not physical and robust to cope with tall uncompromising defenders and Kenna? If there was a league table for passing sideways we would be top. But a team that lacks a cutting edge has no chance. What we need is a charismatic leader who can through his reputation encourage players to come to us. Forget about all this hierarchy nonsense and throw every are being promoted We have been a laughing stalk far too long. It’s time for serious change…again
  4. We have a team of smallish players yet we continue to play high balls into the box. Frustrating [emoji2959]
  5. All this goalkeeping chat and not a mention of Daniel Mallo Castro - Now he was a class keeper. Another one of Yogi’s finds. I can’t believe he only played 15 times for us. He obviously made a big impression on me!!!
  6. We’ll have a better idea of where we are in terms of league challenge in the next 4 weeks. You know I think will do quite well against Raith but that’s the cup. Getting out of this league either by winning it outright or through the play offs is a must. If we are still in the mix come beginning January then the transfer window should be interesting.
  7. Oi Shagger. I live in Clackmannanshire and very close to Fife. Enough of that!!![emoji3]
  8. Aye. Just watched his interview on Pars TV. Been away 12 years, still rambling on the same pish only with a different badge in the background. Best of luck to him though [emoji23]
  9. I think we need consistency of selection. We’ve chipped and changed all season and keeping the same side may yield positives. I know we’ve been playing the bottom two sides last couple of weeks but I feel we’ve been more driven and a bit of determination. All about Saturday now and let’s see if there’s a difference against a stuffy Alloa team.
  10. And, why should we not? I don’t think he’s as bad as many on here make out. I think he has improved recently and is becoming better. As Sheerin says he’s a vital component of our team and I hope his suspension is overturned Just my opinion!
  11. I think it’s fair to have a cross section of business skills to get the best out of any management team. I think Shadwell is correct on this one. We’re all moaning like f&£@ on this and quite rightly so. So how to we generate all these views into meaningful action. We could type all day till our fingers bleed?
  12. I only hope someone managed to record it on audio before it gets ‘cleaned up’ and the denials begin.
  13. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Did we expect anything less??
  15. Probably the reason Thistle let him leave
  16. Yip spot on. Different types of players. Miller won fouls from aerial battles with him flailing around if an opponent sneezed at him. Ruth is more on the ground type, running around defenders where refs have been well trained looking for simulation.
  17. Lee Miller done it for years and he was a club hero!
  18. Aye it’s all about confidence and supporters, well…supporting him, giving him lots of encouragement. You may find through playing together they form a natural strong partnership. I suppose this’ll depend on Sheerin playing them at the same time and both staying clear of injuries. The only way we are gonna find out is to try it. 4 goals in less than 90 mins is well worth a punt. Let’s make it so.
  19. Seems like a good run out for the lad. Hope he’s not picked up any injuries. Lucky that we’re on a wee break I suppose with another game under his belt
  20. It seems like people are changing their opinion on Ruth on here? I hope so!
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