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  1. That I’m sure was the Dryburgh Cup Just continued reading the bread and the answer was in already…duh! [emoji23]
  2. Not forgetting he’s another 4/5 years older
  3. It’s a disgrace and the powers that be have made it that the lowly Championship clubs are jumping though hoops to gain promotion. It’s all part of looking after No 1’s. Poor ICT looked totally fucked whereas St J can rest all their players from nothingness fixtures. It’s about time we got the 4 playoff teams and had a straight Semi Final/Final and stop this ridiculous charade.
  4. Thought the interview was a bit of a ramble tbh. It’s obvious to me that camera or public speaking is not his forte. However that aside I do not give a flying f£ck as long as he shows an improvement in the football, the mentality and most of all desire and fight. His interview was the usual play on advertising ST sales, blowing smoke, rah rah rah etc. I think some of his charismatic deficiencies can be overlooked as he is our experienced FOOTBALL MANAGER and I wish him the best for a good season ahead and hope the fans stay with him, give him a chance to get his feet under the table and reinstate his own culture and belief into our club. Welcome John MyGlynn.
  5. Simon Murray in Bold????? Could be a hero after his exploits on Saturday [emoji23]
  6. Unfortunately not the type of player needed in this league but will probably go up to the championship next season and do well. Wrong club at wrong time, best of luck to him!
  7. Cost Us No Trophy Get him to Feck!!!
  8. Gaz I take it this is a cut and paste from around 12 years ago? This has been aired every time we need a new manager or even a new defender. You’d shit yourself if your many time premonition actually came true [emoji23] Keep taking the meds [emoji106]
  9. Pot turning the Kettle black me thinks
  10. Sorry Blair Alston #SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAY!! Where was that fucking hunger and desire?
  11. I fucking hate Kilmarnock ever since relegation day..#SEEYOUNEXTTUESDAYS!!!
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/kenny-miller-wants-falkirk-job-26738388 Thoughts??
  13. Bollocks. He was told to follow the Brentford model by our BOD, he did and was sacked. Great interview by Gordon Young on FCB podcast
  14. The trouble is he played for Celtic too and many other teams. When he uses the word ‘we’ who is he referring to?[emoji23]
  15. A great point and one I never considered. A try before you buy? Maybe there was a thought in their minds that this on paper was going to be a scoosh and maybe how could we fail? It may be both walk at the end of season and on to venture new but whatever happens their reputations will be tarnished unless things change before the seasons end.
  16. Cheers to all who replied. Must be a broadband issue luckily[emoji3]
  17. Anyone have connection issues with the live stream today?
  18. That was a damning afternoon and we were firmly put in our place by a good well organised team that knew their roles individually and collectively. I think Airdrie will get the play off spot and if any championship team thinks they’ll be able to take them lightly, be it at their peril. For me I’m totally fed up and feel like I’m wasting my time, effort and money following this half arsed team that totally incapable of putting themselves in the firing line, rolling over like a puppy have a tummy tickle. No desire, no ambition, no direction, gutless, clueless and that is only the team. The manager also talks absolute tosh treating us like imbeciles listening to his positive spin shit makes me really unhappy and annoyed. So, the team I have supported for a very long time will be missing another supporter who refuses to waste more time on a club full of imposters making a living on the backs of the very supporters that deserve much much better. I would need to see real meaningful change before I’m prepared to go back. I have had the impression for years that we have been playing at it fooling fans along the way. Take Killie for example, struggling in the championship - they make the necessary changes appoint a decent manager who in turns buys effective players and guess what? Yip they’re back at the top of the league whilst we muddle around becoming a bigger laughing stock that I thought imaginable. We are where we deserve to be despite new boards, fan investment and making the same mistakes over and over again - It’s madness! I’ve had enough. Just sat yesterday watching the contrast between the teams, when we lost possession we ambled about the park looking busy but when Airdrie lost the ball they were like swarms of flies around the proverbial and that was a very simple basic observation. Rant over and hopefully back at TFS when I see some genuine improvement instead of a multitude of false dawns. The product we’re are watching now and over the last 5 seasons is and has been utter pathetic. [emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959][emoji2959]
  19. I’m sure we have a very long lease that Houdini would have trouble escaping from. We’d need to go bankrupt to tear up that contract….oh wait a minute [emoji23]
  20. Only Kelty Hearts and Edinburgh City for me
  21. I think tbf few expected the social and media backlash to the extent it generated but so glad we never.
  22. Looking at the weather up north today. Surely tomorrow must be in serious doubt? Hopefully an announcement will be made soon so us travelling fans can make plans one way or the other.
  23. The point about being successful is I think the real underlying issue. My take on this is there have been some good positive changes over the past couple of months but the whole place lacks any ‘feel good factor’ and the point of being a competitive entity on the park has and is still doing is no favours as we still languish and struggle to show any real tangible pointers of real change in league status. The word I would use is momentum…and on the park we have suffered one too many false dawns. Football is all about success and the FSS membership will surge as the team shows real intention. Most people like to be part or feel like part of a success story. One of the best examples in my mind is Aberdeen FC. I know and have known many people who were hooked on their success in the early to mid eighties when they were really successful and to this day they are still supported by those people even though the live in here in the Central region and that was approx 40 years ago. Success means everything, get a bit of genuine glory on the pitch and watch the whole thing fall into place.
  24. Not too sure about that these days. Many of the kids I see seem to be sporting EPL or European tops. Rangers and Celtic tops are way down the pecking order in my experience.
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